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Golden Metal Supernova (ゴールデンメタルスーパーノヴァ Gōruden Metaru Sūpānova) is the most powerful variation of the Supernova used by Meta-Cooler in his Golden Meta-Cooler form.


In both the anime and video game, similar to his own Supernova, Cooler raises his right hand and gathers energy, creating 3 giant yellow-orange, sun-looking energy spheres. Once it is ready, Meta-Cooler launches it at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

In the manga, Meta-Cooler created 4 Golden Supernovas instead of 3.

Usage and Power

In both the anime and manga, Meta-Cooler used it against Cumber. In the anime, the attack successfully hits Cumber. In the manga, Cumber was able to disperse the attack by transforming into a Super Saiyan 3, however, the result was the same, with Cumber falling unconscious and Cooler overheating after the attack.

Video Game Appearances

The technique was named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Golden Meta-Cooler's Special Attack.

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