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Goku vs. Vegeta (てんちょうけっせん!! Tenkawakeme no Chō-Kessen!!, lit. "A Fateful Super Decisive Battle!!") is the twentieth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It was released on January 10, 1990 in Japan, and in March, 2003 for the English version. It has been released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume four, with the chapter count restarting back to one.

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image

"I have this habit where, if I want something, I’ll keep drawing it until I either get it or lose interest. When I was a kid, I wanted a horse, so every day I drew nothing but horses. Of course, I gave up on a horse, and next, I kept drawing pictures of monkeys. After that, I drew bicycles; just like that, I kept on drawing and drawing. Thanks to that, even though I was a naughty child, I at least got good at making pictures. That habit continues even now that drawing pictures has become my job."


Vegeta employs his Power Ball technique to transform into a giant ape. Goku tries to gather enough energy for a Genki-Dama, but fails. Yajirobe slices off Vegeta’s tail, returning him to normal. Gohan bounces back the Genki-Dama that Goku gave to Kuririn and sends Vegeta flying into space.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
(DBZ 35)
"The Decisive Battle at Last!"
The Decisive Battle at Last.jpg
(DBZ 36)
"Too Much Power?"
Too Much Power.jpg
(DBZ 37)
"Battle in the Red Zone!!"
Battle in the Red Zone.jpg
(DBZ 38)
"The Moon"
The Moon.jpg
(DBZ 39)
"The Energy Sphere"
The Energy Sphere.jpg
(DBZ 40)
"All That Power..."
All That Power....jpg
(DBZ 41)
"The Last Heartbeat"
The Last Heartbeat.jpg
(DBZ 42)
"Least Resistance"
Least Resistance.jpg
(DBZ 43)
"One More... the Sphere!"
One More... the Sphere!.jpg
(DBZ 44)
"The Hopes of a Planet"
The Hopes of a Planet.jpg
(DBZ 45)
"The Worn-Out Warriors"
The Worn-Out Warriors.jpg
(DBZ 46)
"Monkey in the Moon"
Monkey in the Moon.jpg


  • Goku vs. Vegeta (Base/Great Ape)
  • Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobe vs. Vegeta (Great Ape)
  • Gohan vs. Vegeta
  • Goku, Krillin, & Gohan vs. Vegeta
  • Yajirobe vs. Vegeta
  • Gohan (Great Ape) vs. Vegeta

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