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"Goku vs. Tenshinhan" (孫悟空VS天津飯 Son Gokū Bāsesu Tenshinhan, lit. "Son Goku vs Tenshinhan") is the one hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover is Goku and Tien Shinhan together in a friendly pose in the World Martial Arts Tournament arena.


The World Tournament Announcer states it is finally time to begin to begin the semi-finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament. He also states there's never been fighters quite as strong as these four ever before, and Master Roshi adds the fact that they are most likely the strongest four people on the Earth.

The first fight of the semi-finals features Goku fighting Tien Shinhan. The two promise each other to go all out from the start, absolutely no holding back. Everyone is excited to see this, curious of Goku's true strength. Piccolo also sees this as a great way to observe the fighters, and study their fighting styles.

The two fighters flip into the arena and the match begins. The fight begins with the two clashing, Tien Shinhan's elbow clashing with Goku's knee. Tien then attempts his Machine Gun Punch technique on Goku, but he quickly evades, jumping into the air. Tien Shinhan still pursues Goku, attempting to hit him with a Ki Blasts, which Goku quickly deflects back to him, and Tien Shinhan smacks it to the ground. The two then collide in the air, rapidly throwing punches and kicks at each other, while slowly working their way to the ground. The two finally float back down to the arena, and land on different sides. Once again, they jump at each other, this time grabbing each other's hands. The two begin to struggle back and forth, neither having a big advantage in strength. Goku then quickly leans backwards, throwing Tien Shinhan off his balance, then kicking him in the air. Tien Shinhan then chases Goku, and throws a punch. It is then seen Tien Shinhan had not hit Goku, but instead punched an afterimage of Goku. Goku then taunts Tien Shinhan for falling for such an old trick. It is then seen that Tien Shinhan is out of breath, and Goku is perfectly fine. The fight continues in the next chapter.





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