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"Goku vs. Tenshinhan, Part 2" (スピード Supīdo, lit. "Speed") is the one hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku and Tien Shinhan locked in a battle.



Goku vs. Tenshinhan

Tien Shinhan is impressed with Goku's progress, but says he will win this match with speed. He comes at Goku and vanishes, and then Goku vanishes as well. They are up in the air, and Goku is frantically kicking at Tien. Tien then comes back into view and compliments Goku's eyes, and he asks what happens when he can not see him with his eyes. Tien Shinhan then gets above Goku and elbows him down toward the ring. Goku lands safely and flips backwards, elbowing a Tien's afterimage. Goku prepares to move again, but then Tien comes back into view and kicks Goku out of the ring. Goku spins like a tornado back into the ring, and he compliments Tien Shinhan's speed. Tien says with his speed, he is sure to win, and Goku asks for a minute to change his clothes.

Goku pulls down his top, takes off his undershirt, and throws it to the ground with a big thud. Tien Shinhan picks up his shirt and sees that it is really heavy. Goku explains that the weighted clothing are part of Kamis training. Even with Kame-Sennin he wore heavy Turtle Shells. Tenshinhan then sees that Goku's shoes and wrist guards are all heavy, too. Krillin and Yamcha come in the ring to take Goku's shoes and stuff backstage, and are surprised when they notice how heavy they are. Tien Shinhan says altogether that stuff is more than a hundred kilograms, and the announcer and the audience are surprised too.

Goku then jumps up and down, feeling light now, and so they will get back to the fight. Tien Shinhan rushes at Goku, but Goku vanishes. Tien Shinhan spots him and comes at him with an elbow, but Goku blocks it. They stop, and Tien Shinhan says that Goku's speed is not much after all. But then, Goku shows he has Tien Shinhan's obi (the sash he wears around his waist) and Tien Shinhan's pants fall down.




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