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Goku vs. Piccolo (りゅうあいつ! Ryūko Aiutsu!, lit. "The Dragon and Tiger Mutually Strike!") is the sixteenth volume to the original Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It was released on February 10, 1989 in Japan and on August 3, 2004 for the English version. It concludes the Piccolo Jr. Saga. This is the final volume titled under "Dragon Ball" in North America. Every volume after this one is titled as Dragon Ball Z in the North American release.


Goku vs. Piccolo

As the "Strongest Under the Heavens" martial arts tournament draws to a close, only Goku, Piccolo, and Shen—the disguised Kami-sama—remain! But even a god is no match for Piccolo's new powers, and soon Goku finds himself fighting… alone… in a battle which will decide not just who is strongest, but who or what will rule the world! The audience flees for their lives as the struggle shakes the heavens apart in the gripping conclusion of Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball!"[1]


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Legend says whoever gathers the seven magical "Dragon Balls" will be granted any one wish. Son Goku, a powerful martial artist, first started his adventures by searching for them. As he grew older, he competed in the "Tenka'ichi Budôkai" ("Strongest Under the Heavens") fighting tournament, winning second place two times in a row. When the Great Demon King tried to conquer the world, only Goku was strong enough to defeat him. But Piccolo used his used his dying power to create a clone of himself, vowing that the clone would return to get revenge. Now three years later, Piccolo has challenged the world's strongest fighters at the "Tenka'ichi Budôkai". In the final rounds, only three challengers—Goku, Piccolo and Kami-sama—are left![1]

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama[]


Toriyama illustrating himself with a cold and an injured finger.

"Wow! Ta-daa! I got a 20-day vacation!! This is awesome! Whoa!! This is how I feel when I start my vacation, but then I caught a cold and had to stay in bed. A few days later I had gotten better and was going to take the car out to run some errands. Then, on my way home, I slammed my finger in the car door and broke it. And in the middle on my pain, my cold came back! Thank you, God, for my wonderful vacation."[1]



Info below is retrieved from Viz Media.[1]

  • Son Goku - Monkey-tailed young Goku has always been stronger than normal. His grandfather Gohan gave him the nyoibō, a magic staff and Kame-Sen'nin gave him the kinto'un, a magic flying cloud. He has spent three years training with Kami-sama.
  • Tenshinhan - A martial artist who trained under Tsuru-Sen'nin, brother of the assassin Taopaipai. Tenshinhan renounced his path of evil and narrowly beat Goku at the last Tenka'ichi Budôkai
  • Yamcha - A student of Kame-Sen'nin and Bulma's on-off boyfriend.
  • Bulma - A genius inventor, Bulma met Goku on her quest for the seven magical Dragon Balls.
  • Kuririn - Goku's former martial arts schoolmate.
  • Kami-sama - The deity who created the Dragon Balls. He possessed Shen, an ordinary human, in order to fight Piccolo.
  • Piccolo - Created from the sinful thoughts cast off by the divine Kami-sama when he ascended to godhood, Piccolo is evil incarnate. Their lives are linked, so if Piccolo dies, so will Kami-sama will die too (or vice versa). He has entered the tournament under the name "Demon Junior".
  • Kame-Sen'nin (The "Turtle Hermit") - A lecherous but powerful old man martial artist master. He trained Goku, Kuririn and Yamcha.



Chapter # Title
181 "God's Miscalculation"
God's Miscalculation
  • Original Title: かみさん Kami no Gosan, lit. "God's Miscalculation"
182 "The Fated Showdown!"
The Fated Showdown
  • Original Title: いんねんたいけつくうたいピッコロ Innen no Taiketsu! Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro, lit. "The Fated Showdown! Son Goku vs Piccolo"
183 "Testing the Waters"
Testing the Waters
  • Original Title: 調しらKote Shirabe, lit. "A Light Warm-Up"
184 "The Real Fight"
The Real Fight
  • Original Title: りょうしゃしんけんしょう Ryōsha Shinken Shōbu, lit. "Both Sides Go All-Out"
185 "The Super Kamehameha"
The Super Kamehameha
  • Original Title: ちょうかめはめ Chōkamehameha, lit. "The Super Kamehameha"
186 "Panic at the Tenkaichi Budokai!"
Panic at the Tenkaichi Budokai
  • Original Title: どうかいじょうそうねん!! Budōkaijō Sōzen!!; lit. "Confusion at the Tournament Grounds!!"
187 "Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell"
Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell
  • Original Title: ピッコロおうちょうきょしんじゅつ Pikkoro Daimaō Chōkyoshinjutsu, lit. "Piccolo Daimaō’s Super Giant-Form Technique"
188 "Goku's Fight"
Goku's Fight
  • Original Title: そんくうあい Son Gokū no Shiai, lit. "Son Goku's Match"
189 "The Demon King's Final Gamble"
The Demon King's Final Gamble
  • Original Title: だいおうさいけ!! Daimaō Saigo no Kake!!, lit. "The Great Demon King's Final Gamble!!"
190 "Piccolo Destroys Everything!"
Piccolo Destroys Everything
  • Original Title: ふんばれ!!そんくう, Funbare!! Son Gokū; lit. "Stand Firm, Son Goku!!"
191 "The 10 Count"
The 10 Count
  • Original Title: 10カウント Ten Kaunto, lit. "The Tem Count"
192 "The Last Gasp!"
The Last Gasp
  • Original Title: ばんきゅうす!! Banji Kyūsu!!, lit. "It's All Over!!"
193 "The Fate of the Strongest"
The Fate of the Strongest
  • Original Title: てんいちどうかいちょうてん!! Tenkaichi Budōkai no Chōten!!, lit. "The Tenka'ichi Budôkai's Climax!!"
194 "The Gift of the Dragon Balls"
The Fate of the Dragon Balls
  • Original Title: ドラゴンボールのおくりもの Doragon Booru no Okurimono, lit. "The Gift of the Dragon Balls"


  • Piccolo Jr. vs. Hero
  • Goku vs. Piccolo Jr.


  • Launch makes her final appearance in this volume.
  • Chapters 193 and 194, which are in the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball volume 17, were moved to this Volume in the English version, as it treats Dragon Ball Z as its own title. The English version of these chapters were originally released as monthly comics starting in 1998.


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