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"Goku or Ginyu?!" (悟空か!?ギニューか!? Gokū ka!? Ginyū ka!?, lit. "Goku or Ginyu?!") is the ninety fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and two hundred eighty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features the vision Gohan has of him riding the Flying Nimbus with his father Goku trapped in Captain Ginyu's body, wearing his typical orange gi, and carrying the Power Pole on his back.


Captain Ginyu (in Goku's body) and Jeice land at Frieza's spaceship. They are surprised to see the Dragon Balls in the open, and wonder how someone knew where they were buried. Krillin emerges from behind a rock and, thinking Ginyu is Goku, asks if Jeice joined their side after Ginyu was defeated. After Ginyu asks Krillin if it was him who dug up the balls and if they got their wish, Krillin asks why Ginyu is wearing a scouter. Ginyu asks if Krillin really wants to know, and Gohan yells to Krillin that it is not really Goku.

Ginyu punches Krillin in the face, which leaves him confused. Gohan again tells him that it is not Goku. Ginyu confirms this, and reveals his identity, while leaving Gohan and Krillin stunned. Ginyu plans to test his new strength, while Krillin refuses to believe that it is not really Goku. Meanwhile, the injured Goku flies along, upset that his new body feels strange. He then realizes that Ginyu will have the same problem with his body.

Ginyu furiously attacks both Krillin and Gohan at once, but Jeice quickly notices Goku arriving at the scene. Upon landing, Goku confirms that he and Ginyu switched bodies. Ginyu is surprised that Goku even made it there with his injuries. Goku claims that Ginyu will not be able to use the Kaio-ken, and proceeds to power up. However, he and Jeice are unpleasantly surprised when his power level reads only 23,000. Krillin says that they can win this, and Ginyu tells Jeice to fight as well. However, Vegeta appears behind him and says that it is him who he will have to fight.





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