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"Goku at the Plate!" (孫悟空見参 Son Gokū Kenzan, lit. "Son Goku Steps Up") is the one hundred second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku standing, ready for battle. Fortuneteller Baba is seen floating behind him.


Yamcha surrenders

Yamcha surrenders

Yamcha crouches, exhausted by the speed of Bandages the Mummy, who taunts him. The others cheer him on, and he attempts to use the Rouga Whowhoken on Bandages, who easily dodges it. Bandages kicks Yamcha's feet out from under him, and jumps on him. It seems as though Yamcha has lost, but then Yamcha throws Bandages off of him and the mummy falls. Yamcha thinks he has defeated the mummy, but then Bandages uses his bandages to catch hold of one of the tongues of the stone demons and swings himself back up. He taunts the stunned Yamcha before hitting him and kneeing him in the stomach. Bandages tells Yamcha to give up or he will drop him into the poison swamp below. Yamcha finally surrenders.

Yamcha reunites with the others, panting, and he apologizes to Goku for being unable to defeat Bandages. Fortuneteller Baba asks who the last of the fighters in Goku's group is, and Goku eagerly points out that it is his turn. Upa tells Goku to stop, fearful that he will die, but Goku insists on fighting and runs down to the arena. Baba announces the start of the match, and Bandages seems confident he will win, but notices that Goku's stance, though casual, conveys that he has no openings.




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