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"Goku Vs. Granolah" (くうVSブイエスグラノラ Gokū Buiesu Guranora) is the 73rd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Goku dodges Granolah's blasts

The fearsome battle on Planet Cereal continues with renewed intensity, as Goku, now in his Super Saiyan Blue form, closes the distance on Granolah, evading a torrent of blasts and flying at Granolah with a kick. Granolah evades and flies into a forested area, dodging blast and blow alike before swinging around a tree by his scarf to deliver a flying kick to Goku in turn. Goku recovers and stands his ground against the Cerealian's heavy blows, before finally sending Granolah flying with a blow to the face. Granolah counters with another kick, but Goku lets out a mighty roar and his aura swells into a raging inferno that obliterates the surrounding trees and sends debris soaring high above the treetops.

Upon recovering from the shockwave, Granolah sees that Goku's stance has changed, and notes with his evolved right eye that the flow of blood and movement of cells within Goku's body have altered also; Goku has combined Ultra Instinct with the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form. Granolah is unmoved, claiming to have learned the movement patterns and openings of the state when Goku used it with Super Saiyan God earlier. Goku begins to move around Granolah at incredible speed, evading the Cerealian's sniper blasts and throwing him off balance before rushing in to fire a powerful Kamehameha at point-blank range. Granolah, however, is still able to land his pressure point attack at a vital point in Goku's neck as he is hit by the wave. The shockwave from Kamehameha sends Oil flying.

As the dust clears, Granolah is mildly damaged and winded, but Goku is much worse for wear; the pressure point attack has once again dropped him down to his base form as he coughs up blood. Granolah confidently claims that even the faster movement and stronger attacks of Ultra Instinct will fail, as his right eye can lock onto pressure points without fail; even with Super Saiyan transformations sharpening his reflexes yet further, no fighter has truly zero openings. Goku remains unshaken in his faith that a true practitioner of Ultra Instinct should have no weak points, and that his training must be lacking.

Granolah says that he will never have time to complete his training, as the Saiyan line will end here at his hand, before causing the ground beneath Goku's feet to swell and explode upwards with a fearsome energy that Goku struggles to counter as he is blasted upwards into a huge mushroom cloud. This huge explosion further alarms the Sugarians, who move to evacuate their colony. Goku desperately escapes with Instant Transmission and lands by Vegeta, noting that Granolah's technique is similar to Moro's magical ability to use a planet's life energy as a weapon.

Goku kicks Granolah

Vegeta uses the lull in the battle to inform Goku about his discoveries in the city ruins: the Cerealians were a race of people that used their Evolved Right Eyes for long-range attacks, but were wiped out by the Saiyans under Frieza's command long ago. The Saiyan pair finally realize that Granolah is the last surviving Cerealian out for revenge, and that the Heeters lied to them about his villainy. Oil overhears this conversation with a nearby drone, but smirks and says that there's no turning back with their plan now. Reasoning that nothing less than beating him will allow them to convince Granolah that the Saiyans are no longer his enemies, Goku claims to still have hope of victory, as he has saved his most powerful iteration of Ultra Instinct for last. Granolah turns to face the Saiyan once more as he approaches for battle, now with silver hair. He introduces the form as Perfected Ultra Instinct, as Granolah reels with shock; he cannot detect any pressure points in Goku's ascended state.

Goku attacks once again, only this time, Granolah is unable to perceive his movements as the Saiyan launches a lightning-fast assault that tears off his sniping goggles and knocks him around the forest. Goku pauses to try and reason with the vengeful warrior, but Granolah is unmoved and attacks Goku viciously. He is unable to penetrate the Saiyan's autonomous defence in his Perfected Ultra Instinct form, and finds his blow halted by Goku's telekinesis, before being lifted into the air and punched by a ki blast to the stomach. Goku follows up with a series of blows that create air pressure shockwaves that strike Granolah repeatedly. Vegeta believes the battle is won, but notices that Granolah's energy has not dropped as much as it should. He then detects Granolah's power coming from elsewhere.

Granolah defeats Goku

Granolah expresses surprise at the strength of the Saiyans, which Goku reciprocates. However, Granolah may have underestimated Goku, but he has not lost yet. He explains to a confused Goku that the Granolah he is facing is not his true self; he split his power apart at the start of the battle, taking some of the power of his true body and creating an illusion clone to fight. Vegeta finds the true Granolah, sitting in his spaceship, and alerts Goku as the clone vanishes into thin air. But as Vegeta turns back to the ship, the true Granolah teleports to Goku's location and strikes a pressure point directly over his heart that briefly stops it, causing him to drop out of Perfected Ultra Instinct. A final, devastating blow sends Goku crashing through miles of forest, leaving him on the brink of death. Granolah says that he wanted to save his true strength for Frieza, but having Goku fight a clone first worked to his advantage as the accuracy of his Perfected Ultra Instinct only drops over time. He then mocks Goku for falling for his trick and prepares to kill him with a ki blast, only to be interrupted by Vegeta, who is impressed by Granolah's abilities. Vegeta has no interest in trying to reason with Granolah and states to go all-out, proclaiming that Granolah will soon be joining the rest of his people in Hell.


  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Granolah






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