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This article is about the character portrayed in live action by Justin Chatwin. For the original character, see Goku.

"I am Goku. I am Oozaru. To be at one with myself, I must be two. I must have faith in who I am."
— Goku in "Dragonball Evolution"

Goku (悟空 Gokū) is a fictional character in the 2009 film Dragonball Evolution. He is an adaptation of Goku, the main protagonist of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise and is portrayed by Justin Chatwin.


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Goku wearing the Turtle School uniform and holding a Dragon Ball

After Lord Piccolo was sealed away by the Mafuba, Oozaru escaped to Earth as a human infant. He was found and raised by Gohan, who gave him the name "Goku". According to a prophecy, on Goku's eighteenth birthday, he would be reborn as Oozaru.

When he is introduced in the movie, Goku is a regular teenager attending high school and has trouble fitting in, having difficulties holding back his inner strength against bullies, who he has to deal with often. He is also infatuated with the school's most popular girl, Chi-Chi. Although he has been trained in the way of martial arts by his grandfather, he opts not to fight back or abuse the skills he has been taught. When Goku turns eighteen years old, Grandpa Gohan gives him the Four-Star Dragon Ball, shortly before being confronted by Piccolo. Goku decides to go to Chi-Chi's party one night, while Fuller's gang does not let him in, leaving Goku to fight. After Goku defeats Fuller's boys, Fuller grabs a piece of metal to attack Goku with. Goku jumps onto Fuller's car, making Fuller miss him and take off his own side view mirror. "Nice swing, good form!" Goku taunts. While making Fuller miss every swing and making him trash his car instead, Goku continues to taunt by saying "Close one!", "Doing good!", "Hey Fuller!", and "You got a couple of dings there you might wanna try buffing out."


Goku with Bulma Briefs

After having the chilling feeling that his grandfather is in danger, he retreats back to his home. Once there, he finds it has been completely demolished, and discovers his grandfather's body under the rubble. His grandfather informs Goku with his dying breath that the evil Lord Piccolo has returned and will look for the Dragon Balls to fulfill his evil desires. After the death of his grandfather, Goku embarks on a journey with Bulma Brief, to locate the seven Dragon Balls before Piccolo, who plans to destroy the world using the artifacts. Goku finds Master Roshi's house, and he joins the journey. He also encounters Yamcha along the way, a desert bandit who joins the team. As Oozaru, he kills Master Roshi, but manages to gain control of himself and finally masters the Kamehameha attack which he'd been having trouble with. With that, he defeats Piccolo and uses the Dragon Balls to revive Master Roshi. Afterwards, he starts a relationship with Chi-Chi.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]


Goku uses the Kamehameha to defeat Piccolo




Oozaru Goku

Goku's original form, a large and powerful primate which he is destined to transform back into during a solar eclipse. While the Oozaru is in control, Goku is forced to help Lord Piccolo by attacking his friends, but Goku is able to take back control of his body and return to normal.

Actor's insight[]

  • "First of all, it's an honor to play Goku, because he is a very important and epic character. He is always seeing the positive side of things, does good things, and always tries to help and take care of the weak, not only pursuing his power. He is a dependable and loving man as well as a boy. So I like Goku. In preparation for the role, of course I read the original manga (all of it), in addition, I read Journey to the West a little, because Dragonball is based on Journey to the West. And during the break time of shooting, I got into Goku's character, telling jokes with other cast in search of the real communication which can be used in acting. This is the most interesting movie for me. Because I have never fought with anyone though, I trained martial arts and acrobat, and then we shot it. That's fun as well as challenging. Fighting with Eriko (Tamura), she punched me in the face, actually she intended to hit lightly, but... it was a clean hit (laugh) She said "I'm sorry!" and apologized to me, but thanks to her, we could shoot very powerful action scenes. Through this work, I think I could learn a lot of things."[2]

Comparison to the manga character[]


  • He has a bigger appetite than an average human, which is briefly shown in the film.
  • He performs a downgraded version of the Kamehameha seconds after watching Master Roshi do it; however, in the manga, it is more powerful and does not fall apart in the air.
  • His first encounter with Bulma Briefs is a hostile one based on misunderstanding.
  • He is raised by Grandpa Gohan.
  • He wears a blue gi before switching to a orange one.
  • He is trained by Master Roshi.
  • He is naïve.
  • He has spiky hair, that most likely resembles his son Gohan in the manga.
  • Chi Chi challenges him to fight as a means of strengthening their relationship.

Differences to the manga[]

  • Goku lives in the mountains, but (in the film) migrates into town very frequently.
  • In the manga, he was isolated from modern civilization for most of his childhood. In the film, Goku bares far more resemblance to his son Gohan during the 20th volume of the Dragon Ball Z manga as a high school student who interacts with his peers frequently, uses electronic devices, pursues a classmate girlfriend and occasionally deals with bullies.
  • The romantic relationship between Goku and Chi Chi is reversed; Goku (in the film) has had a crush on Chi-Chi for some time, whereas in the manga, Chi Chi fell in love with Goku first and persuaded Goku to promise her marriage when they met again.
  • In the manga, Bulma is the first female he meets, and second human being, whereas in the film he knows many females and sees people a lot, long before meeting Bulma.
  • In the manga, he gets his light-blue gi from Grandpa Gohan, and is never seen wearing anything else until Master Roshi gives him his trademark dark-orange gi. In the film, he wears regular clothes, and Master Roshi gives him his dark-blue gi. He finds the light-orange gi early in the film, supposedly taking it with him to put it on just in time for the final battle.
  • Goku's signature gi is all orange in the manga, except for a black and white "turtle" symbol, and in the anime, it is predominantly orange with minor dark blue accents. In the film, it has navy blue pants, and undershirt with an orange vest worn on top. In addition, Goku's wristbands, and belt, which were blue and supposedly cloth in the manga, are black leather in the film, and his boots are much smaller.
  • When Goku is first introduced in the manga, he is 12 years of age; in the film he is 18 just as how he was in the 14th volume of the manga.
  • In the film, Goku transforms into his Oozaru (Great Ape) state during a solar eclipse, while this occurred by staring at a full moon in the manga and anime.
    • In the manga, Oozaru, otherwise known as the Great Ape, is a Saiyan trait, as all Saiyans have the ability to transform into them. In the film, Oozaru was an ancient god who helped Piccolo destroy the earth, and is being reborn in Goku (as an adaptation of the notorious full moon transformation from the series) for unknown reasons.
      • In the video game adaptation though, Oozaru is still referred to as "Oozaru the Destroyer", but is once again a Saiyan trait, as when Goku reverts to normal, Piccolo declares the act to be impossible stating that "No Saiyan has ever reverted to human form!"
  • Goku's traditional, happy attitude is downplayed in the film. Instead, he questions his belonging on the Earth and wants to fit in, while in the manga, he never really cares to wonder who he was. Albeit, he retains his tendency to taunt enemies, but in the manga they were more innocent and pointing out the obvious where in the film it's more deliberate and mischievous (albeit as an adult, Goku would both taunt and admonish a foe when he held a dim view/hatred of them, like Frieza).
  • In the manga, he masters the Kamehameha extremely quickly, after simply watching Master Roshi do it. In the movie, he has a great deal of trouble mastering it, but finally succeeds in the end, just in time to defeat Piccolo with the technique.
  • In the manga and anime, even by the age of eighteen, Goku is capable of performing feats of strength, speed, agility, and ki power that are nearly god-like. In the film, while Goku's abilities are impressive, they are significantly less so and only become more exceptional through training by Master Roshi
  • In the manga, Goku defeats Piccolo with Penetrate!, but in the film, Goku defeats Piccolo with a Kamehameha, flying towards Piccolo using the attack.
  • In the manga and the anime, Goku's negative Saiyan traits are knocked out of him after a fall from a ledge. In the film, the incident never happened, as Gohan taught Goku the proper restraint himself. However, Goku does display some Saiyan-like behaviors such as arrogance (claiming Bulma was not even close to killing him after their initial confrontation), toying with the enemy (continually dodging Fuller's attacks, making him destroy his own car and knock himself out), and even sarcasm (directed towards Bulma when she was having trouble finding Roshi in Paozu's directory, claiming she should look up "Master" and then proceeding to spell it out for her).
  • In the manga and anime, he has a tail, but in the film he does not much similar to Goten and Trunks. As such, he does not require one to transform into Oozaru, rather a solar eclipse that emits a burst of green energies implied to be Blutz Waves.



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