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"Goku's Greatest Crisis!" (そんくう さいだい!! Son Gokū Saidai no Kiki!!, lit. "Son Goku's Greatest Crisis!!") is the one hundred fifty-eighth episode of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover feature King Piccolo and Goku fighting each other, King Piccolo is blocking an elbow from Goku, and preparing to throw a punch.


Goku survives King Piccolo's Explosive Demon Wave

The chapter begins with a very confident King Piccolo, boasting, thinking he had defeated Goku with his Explosive Demon Wave. Suddenly, King Piccolo stops boasting, due to still being able to sense Goku's ki. It is then seen that Tien Shinhan used the last of his energy to save Goku from the monstrous blast.

Goku then goes back to continue his fight with Piccolo. Goku taunts King Piccolo in attempt to get him to charge his Explosive Demon wave again, due to it being his one moment of weakness. A very arrogant King Piccolo accepts, and begins charging the beam. With this one free moment, Goku hops using all of his energy on his good leg, and delivers an extremely hard punch to King Piccolo.

The blast knocks Piccolo backs a couple of steps, but has nowhere near enough energy to do him in. King Piccolo then fires another Explosive Demon Wave, this time a direct hit on Goku. The impact creates a giant crater one the ground, and injures Goku greatly. Goku then calls his Kinto'un to pull him out. Piccolo is surprised to see Goku survived the blast, and even becomes slightly nervous at his strength. As a last ditch effort, Piccolo grabs Tenshinhan and promises to crush his head if Goku does not obey him.





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