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Goku's Furious Roar! A Last-Minute Resurrection Wish! (悟空激怒の雄叫び!間に合え…起死回生の願い! Gokū Gekido no Osakebi! Ma ni Ae… Kishi-Kaisei no Negai!, lit. Goku’s Furious Battle Cry! Make it in Time… The Resurrection Wish!) is the fifty-first episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. The episode first aired on April 4, 2010. Its American air date was February 5, 2011.



Porunga is summoned

Shenron succeeds in resurrecting all those that fell to Frieza and his henchmen on Namek, and Grand Elder Guru, along with the Namekian Dragon Balls, are brought back. King Kai immediately contacts the Grand Elder and informs him of the situation. The Elder sends Dende to Porunga in order to use the final wish to teleport everybody on Namek to planet Earth, with the exception of Goku and Frieza. The combatants then prepare themselves for the final battle before Namek's explosion.


  • The title of this episode in the Nicktoons version is "Goku's Furious Roar! A Last-Minute Wish!".


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