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"Goku's Fight" (孫悟空の試合 Son Gokū no Shiai, lit. "Son Goku's Match") is one hundred eighty-eighth chapter of Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Piccolo and Goku fighting.


Kami wonders what has happened. Bulma screams that there are two King Piccolo when she sees Kami. Kami remembers his Evil Containment Wave got deflected, and Master Roshi explains that Goku freed him with a great plan. Piccolo shrinks back down to normal size, and then they rush at each other again, going too fast to see. Kami can not believe even his eyes can not see them.

Goku uses a Feet Kamehameha

Goku and Piccolo are up in the air now, exchanging blows, Piccolo then hits Goku with a series of quick strikes. Goku falls back down toward the ring, but then he comes back up by firing a Kamehameha down at the ground with his feet. It boosts him up into the air so that he can hit Piccolo in the face with both fists, and then both of them fall toward the ground.

Piccolo blasts Goku with Antenna Beams, and Goku falls to the ring even more busted up. Piccolo flies back to the ring and rushes over at the weakened Goku to punch him. Before he hits, Kami runs into the ring and stands in Piccolo's way, catching his punch. Kami tells Goku the two of them will defeat him together, but Goku refuses, since he be disqualified if Kami helps him. Goku allows Piccolo to continue his attack and Piccolo then punches Goku into the back wall.






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