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"Goku's Ascension" (最強!!悟空が超サイヤ人4に!! Saikyō!! Gokū ga Sūpā Saiya-jin Fō ni!!, lit. "The Mightiest!! Goku Becomes Super Saiyan 4!!") is the nineteenth episode of the Baby Saga and the thirty-fifth overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. This episode first aired in Japan on January 29, 1997. Its original American airdate was June 5, 2004.



Super Saiyan 4 Goku

After the recap, we find that Goku has indeed mastered his self-control again and become a Super Saiyan 4. Pan and Mr. Satan celebrate the return of Goku, and they prepare for the final showdown with Baby to begin as Goku tells Pan and Mr. Satan that he will find Baby and defeat him once and for all as he goes to Baby's lookout to confront Baby.

At Baby's lookout, Baby is trying to figure out why Goku could transform and he could not. Then he detects that Goku is coming for him. He tells Bulma she has a limited time to find a way for him to transform, and then Goku enters and attacks.

DragonballGT-Episode035 208

Super Saiyan 4 Goku elbows Super Baby Vegeta in the back

Goku plays around with Baby, and every time Baby hits him he barely feels anything. The Supreme Kais begin to get frustrated because Goku is not taking things seriously and it comes back to hurt him. Bulma finds a way to focus the Blutz Wave Generator directly onto Baby and it allows Baby to transform into a Golden Great Ape.

Goku realizes his mistake, but he does not begin to panic because he feels he still has more than enough power to handle Baby, but what new tricks does Baby have in store for our hero?

Major Events

  • Goku battles Baby once again, this time as a Super Saiyan 4.
  • Baby transforms into a Golden Great Ape.


  • Goku (Super Saiyan 4) vs. Baby Vegeta (Strongest Form 2/Golden Great Ape)








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