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"Gohan Gets Mad!!" (悟飯怒る!! Gohan Ikaru!!, lit. "Gohan Gets Angry!!") is the two hundred forty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred forty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Spopovich continues to batter Videl. Despite the pleas of the crowd, Gohan, and even the World Tournament Announcer, Videl refuses to concede defeat, giving Spopovich a desperate kick to the face, which does little damage. Spopovich then resumes battering Videl.

Gohan is starting to get angry, while Goku tries to get him to calm down. When Spopovich threatens to crush Videl's head under his foot, however, Gohan can't hold back anymore and transforms into his Super Saiyan form, blowing off his bandana and ripping off his cape. Before he can charge out, however, Yamu intervenes, telling Spopovich to stop fooling around and end the fight already, since this isn't what they set out to do.

Spopovich proceeds to drag Videl out of the ring, mercifully ending the match at last. Gohan reverts to his base form, and runs out to help Videl, but not before warning Spopovich that he'll pay for what he did to Videl. Goku quickly uses Instant Transmission to head for Korin Tower to get some Senzu Beans. Meanwhile, Gohan takes VIdel to the infirmary, where Mr. Satan arrives shortly thereafter to check on her. Gohan promises to beat Spopovich for Videl. Hercule, hearing this, worries that his daughter is dating a "wuss" like Gohan.

At Korin Tower, Korin gives Goku a bag of senzu beans, and warns Goku that he has a bad feeling about what's coming next...



  • Videl vs. Spopovich



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