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"God of Destruction Power" (かいしんの力 Hakaishin no Chikara) is the 75th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Vegeta grabs Granolah

Vegeta lets loose a burst of his newfound power at Granolah. As the Cerealian clears it away, Vegeta appears in front of him, grabbing him by his scarf. Vegeta claims that Granolah has let his power go to his head and he will knock him down a peg before striking him with a series of heavy blows. Granolah piles into Vegeta's stomach, though it seems to have little effect, with the Saiyan even saying that he is growing stronger by the second before proceeding to throw his opponent head-first into the old city below.

Granolah appears shocked at the new level that his enemy has risen to and wonders aloud as to what a God of Destruction is. Vegeta tells him that there are certain beings that are known as them, with one existing in Universe 7 and him being responsible for teaching him about his current power. Granolah asks if the God of Destruction was the one who granted him his new power, but Vegeta says the power is his own and he awakened it during their battle.

Vegeta kicks Granolah

The two continue to battle, with Granolah firing a volley of energy blasts at Vegeta, who defiantly withstands them before charging forwards. In a panic, Granolah summons up an Energy Shield which defends him from Vegeta's attack. Granolah asks why he does not dodge attacks like Goku, but Vegeta scoffs at the remark as he regards Perfected Ultra Instinct as a pathetic technique compared to his, telling Granolah that Goku's body may have a mind of its own but he is "all ego". He then tells Granolah to call his new state Ultra Ego and charges forward with a mighty double kick that breaks through Granolah's shield and through the city.

From a distance, Monaito watches the battle take place in the old city and wonders if Granolah is currently in battle against Frieza.

Becoming increasingly annoyed at being on the losing end of a battle, Granolah vows to never lose to one of Frieza's grunts. Vegeta tells him the truth of the situation, that Frieza was also responsible for wiping out his race's home world as well. Despite being shocked at what he hears, Granolah says that it is no reason to call off his revenge against the Saiyans, Vegeta, however, does not care and continues to overpower his opponent. When Oatmeel tries to point out the contradictions in Vegeta's words against the Heeters', Granolah decides to throw him away, claiming that he no longer needs his support now that he is the strongest being in the universe.

Granolah vows to become stronger as he fights just like Vegeta and uses Telekinesis to throw a building at him, though he destroys it using his Hakai ability. As the two continue to battle, Oatmeel remotely controls Granolah's spaceship to pick him up. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and begins his healing process.

Granolah evolves his left eye

The battle between Vegeta and Granolah becomes more evenly-matched as Vegeta realises that he has taken far too much damage and fires a powerful Double Galick Cannon, but Granolah continues to remain standing, taking aim at Vegeta. Vegeta is surprised to see Granolah upright and decides to put an end to the fight, powering up and throwing a Sphere of Destruction which he says will destroy anything that it touches. In order to combat this threat, Granolah evolves his other eye, giving him the power to destroy Vegeta's attack and rock the planet in the process.

As the smoke clears, a now-severely injured Vegeta is lying on the ground, shocked at how easily Granolah was able to repel his attack. Granolah sarcastically thanks Vegeta for helping him awaken his true potential and boasts that, with both of his eyes now evolved, he can counter anything Vegeta throws at him now. Elsewhere, Elec comments on the battle turning in Granolah's favor, glad that everything is going as he had planned. The Heeters then begin making their way towards the first Dragon Ball...

Major Events

  • Vegeta informs Granolah about God of Destruction.
  • In Ultra Ego, Vegeta overpowers Granolah.
  • Vegeta tells Granolah that Frieza was responsible for the destruction of Saiyan race.
  • Elec, Macki, and Gas search for the Cereal Dragon Balls.


  • Vegeta (Ultra Ego) vs. Granolah (Base/Full Power)






  • The Dragon Ball Official Website referred to this chapter as "The Power of the God of Destruction".[1]



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