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God of Destruction's Ingenuity (破壊神の奇策 Hakaishin no Kisaku) is a technique used by Belmod in Dragon Ball Heroes and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.


Belmod charges a large orange energy sphere in his hand while holding his arm upwards. Small orbs of energy gather around the sphere and eventually build up into larger orbs along the sphere. When enough energy is gathered, Belmod throws the attack at his opponent, causing massive damage.

Video Game Appearances

God of Destruction's Ingenuity appears in Dragon Ball Heroes as Belmod's Super Attack.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, it's name is localized in English as God of Destruction's Ingenuity.

In addition to the Super Attack, it also appears as a CAA Super Ability Subspace Summon used by SH8-HCP8 Jiren (Base) that summons Belmod from Subspace to attack the enemy with God of Destruction's Ingenuity, when Jiren is an Attacker from R3 (Round 3) onward and the Hero Avatar is on his team. In addition to summoning Belmod from Subspace to deal massive DMG with God of Destruction's Ingenuity, it grants a permanent -50% to attacked enemy DMG reduction, though can only be used once per battle.[2]

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Belmod (as a boss unit) uses God of Destruction's Ingenuity as his Super Attack, performed in the same manner as he does in the Heroes game.