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God Fusion is a technique used by Goku after a wish to Shenron in Dragon Ball Z: Super Tenkaichi Budokai.


Goku gathering energy for the God Fusion.

Goku gathers energy similar to how he gathers energy for the Spirit Bomb. Once he has enough energy, Goku bends down to the finishing pose of the Fusion Dance. The result is a being whose power is greater than that of the individual fusees. Unlike the other fusion techniques, this can be used to fuse anyone, as Goku used this technique with the Earthlings inside the Capsule Corporation ship. Like the many fusions shown previously, this fusion is also temporary as Goku was seen unfusing with the audience after Broly's defeat.


Goku used this when he was severely injured by Broly God who sent him to the ship with one blast. Out of options, he summons Shenron and wished to fuse with everyone in the ship watching Goku. The fusion was enough to overwhelm Broly, and destroy his ultimate attack, as well as Broly himself, with a single God Kamehameha.

Characters created via God Fusion


  • God Fusion is the first fusion technique in the Dragon Ball movie franchise and the second in the whole Dragon Ball franchise that allows users fuse with multiple participants. The first being Five-Way Fusion.

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