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God Class-Up (ゴッドクラスアップ Goddo Kurasu Appu) is a special skill exclusive to the Hero Avatars characters in Dragon Ball Heroes. Using this ability, players can promote their Hero Avatar(s) from the Super Class.

It is superior to the Super Class-up but inferior to Super God Class-up.


The skill increases the abilities and attributes of the Hero Avatar and changes their appearance. When used by a Saiyan avatar for example, the Saiyan avatars gain the ability to become a Super Saiyan God, the other avatars gain their own transformation and an increase in power. In addition, they also gain new clothes or some differences in their outfits are provided for all the avatars. Upon reaching God Class, the Saiyan race Avatars acquires a version of G Kamehameha Mode as their Special Ability.

In-game the Super Saiyan God forms used by the Saiyan avatars are permanent upon reaching God Class and will remain in Super Saiyan God form as long as they remain in God Class.

God Class Saiyan Hero in his base form before transforming into a Super Saiyan God in the GDM7 trailer

However in the God Mission 7 (GDM7) trailer, the God Class Saiyan Hero is briefly shown in his base form when he, the God Class Supreme Kai Hero, and Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa go to the 75 Million Before Age to protect Kai Chronoa from Demon God Demigra who traveled back in time to aid his past self, Gravy, and Putine. After protecting Kai Chronoa when Demon God Demigra's attack overpowers her Energy Shield, the Saiyan Hero transforms into his Super Saiyan God form.

In World Mission, Beat's male or female Saiyan Avatars can lose God Class by changing races (Male and Female Saiyans are classified as separate races due to game mechanics) which causes the Avatar's class and level to be reset. Alternatively, upgrading to Super God Class will grant the Saiyan Avatar a permanent Super Saiyan Blue form as long as they remain in Super God Class. Note's Female Saiyan Hero Avatar achieves God Class upon reaching Bond Lvl 50, though she loses it when she upgrades to Super God Class and unlike Beat her Avatar's class cannot be reset as her class upgrades based upon her Bond Lvl. Beat can upgrade his Saiyan Avatar to God Class via a wish to Super Shenron after reaching Ultimate Class (Super Class-up is called Ultimate Class in World Mission due to Class-up being renamed as Super Class).


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