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GodTube (神チューブ Kami-chūbu) is a website that allows gods to watch shows and events around the Multiverse.

Concept and creation

The concept of GodTube is based on the real life popular internet broadcasting video site, YouTube. Gowasu even claims that he wants to be a GodTuber (神チューバー Kami-chūbā), which would be the equivalent of a YouTuber in real life.


Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

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Gowasu watching Goku and Hit fighting via GodTube in the anime

Zamasu watching Goku and Hit fighting via GodTube in the manga

It is first seen when Gowasu shows Zamasu a replay of Goku fighting Hit during the Tournament of Destroyers.

In the anime, GodTube is displayed on an antique television. In the manga, GodTube is displayed on a device which resembles a cross between a laptop, a Crystal Ball, and a typewriter.

In the manga, the event Gowasu shows Zamasu on GodTube is how Zamasu comes to learn of Goku.

Universe Survival Saga

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Gowasu recording for GodTube

Gowasu recorded Kusu, Murichim, and his companions dancing a few hours before the Tournament of Power in his planet in order to get tons of views on GodTube.

Roh later mentions to Sidra that he learnt about Frieza from GodTube, saying that he can destroy planets without flinching.


  • There actually is a GodTube site in real life made for Christians.

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