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"God's Miscalculation" (神の誤算 Kami no Gosan) is one hundred eighty-first chapter of Dragon Ball manga.


The cover show Piccolo standing, still wearing his weighted clothing.


Shen uses the Evil Containment Wave on Piccolo

Shen thinks of how he is borrowing a weak human's body, and Piccolo asks aloud about borrowing a human's body. Shen says, in some weird language, that Piccolo can read minds, and then Piccolo says, in the same language, that he now knows who he really is. They keep talking in this language for a while. Piccolo asks what God wants here in the lower world, and Shen says he should not have to say, since it should be obvious.

Piccolo laughs about him thinking he could beat him, Piccolo, and thinks God has lost his mind. If one dies, the other dies. Shen says he does not mind that, and Piccolo can not believe he would actually commit suicide. Shen says there is nothing to worry about, as he has taught a human to take his place. God and Piccolo stop talking in foreign language, and then God pulls a little bottle out of his shirt pocket and places it on the ground.

Piccolo reverses the Evil Containment Wave

Piccolo freaks out, as this bottle can obviously serve as a Denshi Jar, and Shen indeed announces a Evil Containment Wave. Magic waves begin to swirl toward Piccolo, but Piccolo smirks, and then announces his Reverse Mafuuba. The magical wave instead begins to swirl back towards Shen, and then God flies out of the human's body. God yells out to Goku to not worry about him dying, just rid the world of Piccolo. Then, Piccolo directs God into the little bottle, runs over, and plugs the top. Piccolo smirks and holds the bottle as everyone looks on in shock.





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