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"Go Ask Karin!" (カリン塔に会え!! Karin Tō ni Ae!!, lit. "Get to Karin Tower!!") is the one hundred forty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Yajirobe and a wounded Goku driving through a forest on their way to Korin Tower.


Demon King Piccolo kills Shenlong

Demon King Piccolo kills Shenlong

Having regained his youth, King Piccolo exults in his new power. On board the airship, Piano and the Pilaf Gang celebrate. Shenron prepares to depart, but Piccolo attacks him with a Mouth Energy Wave. The blast hits and kills the dragon, shocking everyone else. An angry Tien, still unable to move, finally loses consciousness. Goku notices that all of the signals on the Dragon Radar are gone, and concludes that Piccolo did indeed call Shenron. As Goku wonders what Piccolo could have wished for, he and Yajirobe arrive at the base of Korin Tower. Upa and Bora are both overjoyed to see Goku, but they are also concerned about his injuries.

Back on board the airship, Piccolo continues to celebrate his newfound strength. Emperor Pilaf timidly asks how much of the world Piccolo is willing to bequeath him, but Piccolo answers that he has no more use for him. Pilaf thinks that he is joking, but Piccolo opens a hole in the floor and drops Pilaf, Mai, and Shu out of the airship. At Korin Tower, Goku tells Bora and Upa that he wants to train with Korin again. Bora says that he'll never be able to make it up the tower in his state, but Goku responds that Yajirobe will carry him up. Yajirobe initially refuses, but Goku changes his mind with the promise of the holy Senzu Beans. Bora offers to help as well. The chapter ends with the Pilaf Gang, injured yet still alive after their fall.






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