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Global Dragon Radar is a Dragon Radar that takes the form of a giant map of the Earth and is capable of revealing the location of a Dragon Ball.


The Red Ribbon Army have one in their command room, which is where they are able to keep track of Goku. Theirs can only give a general idea of where the Dragon Balls are, rather than the exact location, unlike Bulma's radar. In the Japanese version, Red also orders Black to have the creators of their radar executed due to it being faulty especially in comparison to Goku's radar (the Funimation dub omits this and instead indicates that Red ordered Black make sure that General Blue understands that he is to apprehend the old man, referring to Master Roshi).

Also in the Red Ribbon Army Saga, the Pilaf Gang has a Global Dragon Radar in their flying fortress, but it is destroyed along with the fortress when they are attacked by Colonel Silver and his men. Later, in the King Piccolo Saga, Pilaf's gang has an upgraded version of the Global Dragon Radar in their flying base, which is shaped like a globe in order to minimize map distortion; they use this radar to help King Piccolo and his sons find the Dragon Balls.

Film Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Master Shen has Pilaf, Shu and Mai build one for him.


  • The English dub for "Bulma's Bad Day" makes a reference to the Global Dragon Radar and its shortcomings during the tiger soldier's debriefing towards Blue of their lack of progress to finding the Dragon Ball. In the Japanese version as well as the manga, the radar isn't mentioned at all, and the tiger soldier simply mentions that they can't find the Dragon Ball because it's underwater and they don't have a good fix of where it is regarding underwater depths.


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