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"The iconic wasteland in which Goku and Vegeta did battle for the first time. It is scattered with towering rock pillars, and no residences can be found anywhere across its arid landscape."
Gizard Wasteland Z-Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Gizard Wasteland (ギザード荒野 Gizādo Kōya) is a rocky wasteland on Earth, located northeast of Paprika Wasteland. It is where Goku led Vegeta to for their battle in the Vegeta Saga.



The battle at Gizard Wasteland

It is a very wide, rocky place located north of Paprika and Break Wastelands.

Video Game Appearances[]

In the Butōden series, it is called Rocky Area.

In Supersonic Warriors 2, it is called Wilderness.

Gizard Wasteland was named in Attack of the Saiyans. Enemies encountered here in this game are C. Sai, Saibaman, Dark Condor, Fire Dinosaur, Bandit King, and Bandit Queen. Vegeta is the only boss character in this location in this game.

In Battle of Z it is called Mountains and in the Xenoverse series, it is called Mountains or Mountains (Night) if it’s night.

In FighterZ, it is called Rocky Field (Noon) or Rocky Field (Evening) depending on time of day.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, it appears as a stage called Mountains and there is an alternate version of it called Mountains (Mechikabura's Ship Ver.) which features Mechikabura's ship.

In Kakarot, Gizard Wasteland is part of the Central Plains Area of Earth. It also has a Z-Encyclopedia entry in the World section under Landmarks. In addition to being the site of Goku and Vegeta's first fight, Gizard Wasteland is also the site of the battle with Android 19 instead of the Southern Continent. Additionally, previously Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo used Gizard Wasteland as a training ground during their preparations for the Android conflict. Additionally, it is where Piccolo can find the rare Durasaurus in Sub Story: " Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind".


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