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Ginyuman (ギニューマン Ginyūman) is the EX-Fusion of Captain Ginyu and Great Saiyaman.


Ginyuman has Ginyu's appearance but wears a hybrid version of Gohan's Great Saiyaman Suit fused with Ginyu's Battle Armor. Additionally Ginyu's Scouter fuses with the Great Saiyaman Helmet resulting in a helmet shaped like the Ginyu Force logo with a green lens scouter visor. Ginyuman's suit resembles Gohan's though its gloves are replaced by green armbands though Ginyuman wears his version of the Great Saiyaman Watch over top his left armband.



  • Metamo-Ring - As an EX-Fusion, Ginyuman wears a single Metamo-Ring formed by the fusion of the two Metamo-Rings worn by his fusees. Ginyuman can remained fused as long as this single Metamo-Ring is worn.
  • Ginyuman Suit - Ginyuman's costume formed from the fusion of Ginyu's Battle Armor and Gohan's Great Saiyaman Suit
    • Scouter - Ginyuman's helmet features a green lens scouter visor.
    • Ginyuman Watch - Ginyuman wears his own version of the Great Saiyaman Watch over his left armband.

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