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"Ginyu Steps In" (ギニュー隊長おでまし!! Ginyū Taichō Odemashi!!, lit. "Captain Ginyu Takes the Field!!") is the eighty ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features the face of Captain Ginyu smiling menacingly, with his left side covered in shadow.


After taking down Recoome and Burter with ease, Goku is surprised that Vegeta still does not believe that he can defeat Frieza. Krillin agrees with Goku, but Vegeta tells them to fight Frieza if they do not believe him. He also says that Frieza probably has been granted eternal life by the Dragon Balls by now. Krillin disagrees, noting that the sky has not gone dark, as it does when Shenron appears on Earth. When Vegeta seems surprised that an actual dragon is involved, Goku realizes that neither Vegeta or Frieza will know how to activate the balls. He, Krillin, and Gohan begin to celebrate.

Back at Frieza's Spaceship, Captain Ginyu is stunned as Jeice delivers the news that Recoome and Burter have been defeated. Deciding not to tell Frieza (as it would humiliate the Ginyu Force), Ginyu has Jeice bury the Dragon Balls near the ship. After lamenting the fact that their fighting pose no longer looks good with only two people, the pair fly off. Back at the battleground, the heroes discuss what to do next. Goku suggests that they find the Dragon Balls and use them to wish their friends back to life, but Vegeta still wants eternal life for himself.

The conference is quickly brought to an end when Vegeta senses Jeice and Ginyu coming towards them. Goku also senses Frieza's ki farther off, heading in the direction of Guru's house. Gohan nervously realizes that Frieza will kill Guru once he learns how to use the balls, not realizing that his death will render them useless. Ginyu and Jeice arrive, and Ginyu quickly realizes that Goku has been raising his power in short bursts. He estimates Goku's true power level to be around 60,000. Goku sends Krillin and Gohan to fetch the Dragon Balls while he fights Ginyu. As Goku and Ginyu are about to begin, Vegeta flies away. This momentarily distracts Goku, and Ginyu takes the opportunity to begin to attack.





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