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"Let's end this quickly."
Karoly before launching the attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Gigantic Spirit Bomb is a combination of Gigantic Meteor and Ultra Spirit Bomb used by Karoly.


Karoly charges a massive energy sphere in each hand before raising his hands above his head in the Spirit Bomb position, combining the two spheres into one Gigantic Spirit Bomb before flinging it down at his target with one hand, dealing an extraordinary amount of damage.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Gigantic Spirt Bomb is the fusion Special Move of Gigantic Meteor and Ultra Spirit Bomb which can be learned by Karoly and Freeform Fusions involving a Gigantic Meteor user (LSSJ Broly or LSSJ3 Broly) and a Ultra Spirit Bomb user (DBZ Goku, GT Goku, DBS Goku, Halda, Jajee, Maida, or Tirami). The more Ki Orbs the user's allies have the more damage inflicted by Gigantic Spirt Bomb.

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