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"Wh-What in the...?! The enemy just unleashed a terrifyingly massive ki blast! This is a serious problem to say the least! When a Gigantic Ki Blast hits the ground, it creates a shockwave that inflicts tremendous damage. This may sound crazy, but try ramming into it. You can stop a Gigantic Ki Blast by hitting it with your own body."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gigantic Ki Blast Tutorial 1 description

Gigantic Ki Blast is a tremendously powerful Ki Blast used by enemies encountered in Expert Missions in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


"Your Ki will gradually increase while stopping a Ki Blast, but your Stamina will slowly be drained. If you run out of Stamina, the Ki Blast will overwhelm you. Additionally, you can press Weak Attack/Strong Attack while stopping a Ki Blast to attack it directly. Pressing Jump while you still have stamina will give you some breathing room. "The best way to stop a Gigantic Ki Blast is another Ki Blast. When someone is holding back a Ki Blast, help them by using one of your own. If your Ki is low, go in to hold it back to let your allies recover some Ki." A Gigantic Ki Blast can only take so much punishment, and anything more than that will knock it away. Now try to knock away a Gigantic Ki Blast!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gigantic Ki Blast Tutorial 2 description

During Expert Missions, Time Patrollers may come across enemies capable of using this technique. Basically the user fires a gigantic ki blast sphere made of dark energy that slowly moves towards the ground and creates a powerful shockwave when it hits the ground capable of causing tremendous amounts of damage. However, as this technique moves slowly, it is possible for Time Patrollers to stop the blast by dashing into it and catching it allowing them to hold it back as long as they have stamina and causes their Ki to gradually increase as they are holding it back. While a Time Patroller or multiple Patrollers are holding it back, their allies can help by firing powerful ki based attacks at it such as the Super Kamehameha (Ki Blast Ultimate Skills are generally the best to use though Ki Blast Super Skills work as well). Once the Gigantic Ki Blast is hit attacked enough times, it will result in a rebound and the blast be bounced back at the user causing them to take damage from their own rebounded attack.

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