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"I'll never let my hatred take me hostage and make me lose sight of the path I'm on ever again. And no matter what happens, or whoever may stand in my way, I swear, for the rest of my life... I'LL ALWAYS STAY TRUE TO THAT BELIEF!!"
— Giblet's respective resolve in Dragon Ball Legends.

Giblet (ジブレット Jiburetto), also known as the Saiyan in Red (赤衣のサイヤ人 Akaginu no Saiya-jin) or the ​​​​​​Hooded Man (フードの男 Fūdo no Otoko), is a Saiyan from the earliest eras of Saiyan history[1] and was manipulated by Zahha to power the Omnificence Crystal.

Concept and Creation[]

Like his twin brother, Giblet was also designed by Akira Toriyama.


Part12giblet scar

Giblet's scar as a result of Shallot's final punch on his cheek.

Giblet shares features to Shallot, being his younger twin brother. He wears a long, red, hooded cloak held in place by three silver buckles. Underneath he seems to be wearing the same Sadala-style Saiyan armor as Shallot with a few minor differences consisting of his bang of hair being down to the right and with full-length sleeves and pants, grey gloves and grey boots with black soles and silver tips. Unlike his brother, Giblet seemingly lacks a Tail indicating he lost it at some point in the past as he is shown to lack at tail in flashbacks.

During his final battle with his twin brother, Giblet got a large scar on his cheek as a result of Shallot's punch.


Giblet despises weakness in others, as he thrashed Shallot around for his lack of strength. He hates the state of the Saiyans in the modern day and wishes to bring them back on "the right path", by committing genocide upon those he deems as failures. He also respects the gap between himself and stronger opponents, as he stated his own power was paltry to Super Saiyan Goku's at the moment.

During his battle with Shallot, Giblet revealed his fury over the death of their ancestors at the hands of evil Saiyans and that his resolve is to kill the descendants of the evil Saiyans in order to restore the "true" Saiyan way.[2] To that end, he refers to Shallot as a descendant of the good Saiyans by saying he possesses the "blood of the defeated", and Goku as a descendant of the evil Saiyans by saying he possesses the "blood of the tainted".

However, upon recovering his memories of his twin brother, Shallot though determined to stop his brother's genocidal mission, wonders if he really has changed so much due to his time spent in the present era or due the influence of the Dark Ki. There are several clues supporting this given Giblet seems to briefly resist killing Shallot during one encounter and is eventually revealed to be working with the Mastermind's group by eliminating both Turles and Babidi once they had outlived their usefulness preventing them from revealing anything to Team Beerus and their allies. However, Giblet's true personality seems to resist the Mastermind's manipulation, forcing him to force Giblet through the same process the Mastermind uses to get Super Buu (w/ Gohan Absorbed) to cooperate which causes his dark persona to gain almost complete control, though his defeat at Shallot's hands allows him to break free completely, though he loses consciousness soon afterwards. After revealing his true colors to Shallot, Zahha confirms he had been manipulating both brothers from the very beginning as it was he who Giblet was telling Shallot to flee from in the recurring memory which is eventually revealed to be their initial encounter with Zahha before he placed the fragments of the Omnificence Crystal inside them and erased Shallot's memories while using his illusionary Mastermind phantom to manipulate Giblet fostering his hatred of both Shallot and the Saiyans, proving his dark persona was a mixture of Zahha's manipulation as well as Dark Ki which was all done in order to get the twins to fight which would allow Zahha to merge the two fragments into the complete Omnificence Crystal.

According to Shallot's recovered memories, Giblet and him trained together in the hopes of achieving the Super Saiyan God form which they both saw as their birthright due to being descended from the original Super Saiyan God and being members of the righteous Super Saiyan God subspecies who opposed the Evil Saiyans to restore balance. Despite their failures against the Evil Saiyans, Giblet is shown to encourage Shallot as they train together. Additionally, Giblet is shown to be protective of Shallot as he orders him to run when they are first confronted by Zahha, which Shallot retains despite his amnesia as a vague memory which subconsciously drives him to grow stronger and his habit of refusing to run away.

Even after falling under Zahha's control, Giblet retains most of his memories. He is even shown to be aware of Shallot's appetite and love food, as shown when he mocks Shallot by saying he doesn't want to hear about what his brother had for lunch when he tells Giblet he has been thinking (with Giblet vaguely and condescendingly implying Shallot isn't one for deep thinking).

However, Zahha suggests that Giblet has an inner hatred for the evil Saiyans and as well as his and Shallot's inability to achieve Super Saiyan God during their own lifetime, which Zahha helps foster causing him to turn said hatred onto his brother and the modern descendants of the Evil Saiyans. However, Giblet is apparently unaware of the Saiyans of Universe 6 as he mistakenly assumes Cabba to be another descendant of the Evil Saiyans. Additionally, upon witnessing Goku's Super Saiyan God form for the first time, he is immediately shocked and enraged that a Saiyan with the "blood of the tainted" could achieve the same power that he and Shallot sought for most of their lives apparently refusing to accept that a descendant of the Evil Saiyans could possess a spirit righteous enough to attain the form. However, this seemingly only motivate him to achieve the form himself which he does though as of yet unrevealed means.

However, after being freed of Zahha's influence and saved from being killed by the Omnificence Crystal's Hakai by the intervention Whis (on behalf of Beerus), Giblet returns to his former self and though he decides to go off on his own, he gives Goku a message to give to Shallot. Giblet's message shows that Giblet trusts his brother to be able to handle things on his own and that he is able to finally see the good in modern Saiyans like Goku given that he trusted him with the message for Shallot.

However, while fighting Golden Frieza, in order to undermine the twins' teamwork, the tyrant reveals that Zahha told him that the Dark Ki only amplified existing negative emotions, revealing that deep down Giblet did hate his brother and by extension modern Saiyans. Giblet himself however doesn't deny it but is quick to point out that his battles with Shallot made him realize he became as strong as he did because of Shallot, and as a result resolves to fight by his brother's side. However, while Shallot is willing to forgive his brother, Bardock refuses to accept Giblet as an ally due to his past murders of various Saiyans participating in the Tournament of Time. However, Giblet understands Bardock's hatred of him and didn't try to defend himself from Bardock's retaliation.

Later during Shallot's rematch with Nuova Shenron, Giblet reminds Shallot that speed has never been his strong suit (as speed is more Giblet's speciality) and reminds him of their training, helping Shallot counter Nuova Shenron's speed by taking advantage of his resilience and strength to force Nuova to fight in close combat. However, as Giblet intervened to tell him said information and Nuova Shenron previously sparring Shallot cause Cheelai defended him, Shallot allows Nuova to live to settle their battle another time. When Syn Shenron shows up, Giblet convinces Shallot to rest before taking on Syn Shenron himself, though allows Shallot to join in after he had rested. Giblet is also shown to be good at calming Shallot down as shown when he trash talks Syn Shenron to give Shallot the opportunity to clear his head.




Giblet and Shallot discuss Super Saiyan God

In his original time, Giblet fought the evil Saiyans alongside his twin brother Shallot. At one point Giblet explained to Shallot that the power they needed to obtain to defeat the evil Saiyans was Super Saiyan God, explaining to Shallot that they both possess the potential to become Super Saiyan Gods, due to possessing the same righteous will, declaring them the rightful successors due to the blood of the Super Saiyan God running through their veins.

Eventually, It was revealed that Giblet's memories along with Shallot's were manipulated by Zahha, making Giblet turn against his twin brother, Shallot.

Dragon Ball Legends[]

Shallot vs Giblet SSG

Giblet and Shallot's "Battle of Gods".

Giblet is drawn from the past along with Shallot into the Tournament of Time. He is met by Zahha, disguised as the Mastermind, who alters his mind to amplify feelings of hatred for his brother. During the tournament Giblet arrives to kill Shallot but is stopped by Goku. Giblet acknowledges that he is currently weaker than Super Saiyan Goku and ends up retreating. Later Giblet finds Turles - weakened from earlier battles - and eliminates him, lamenting that the current state of the Saiyans is dismal and planning to bring them back to the correct path.

Part 7: Reaching Further Heights & Part 8: Approaching Evil[]

Eventually, Giblet goes to confront Shallot after he has achieved Super Saiyan God and reveals that he too can use the form. The two battle and prove evenly matched.

Part 9: Shallot and Giblet[]


Giblet gets beaten down by Shallot in Chapter 5 of "Worthy Opponent".

In Part 9, Chapters 1-6: A Worthy Opponent, Giblet faces off against Shallot despite the twins being both exhausted, after Shallot's speech of making their dream come true of changing the Saiyan's ways, along with the goal of saving Giblet, This gave Giblet a moment to realize all of the wrong he's done and that he can grow stronger by Shallot's side, as He relinquished himself of the Dark Ki's bind to his conscious Giblet blasted the aberration of himself that the Dark Ki took on, eventually falling unconscious.

Part 10: The Enemy Steps Foward...[]

In Part 10, Giblet remains unconscious as his brother regains consciousness and confronts the Mastermind. However, Zahha appears and convinces Shallot he will "watch his back" while Shallot takes on the enemy like aways, only for Zahha to literally stab Shallot in the back with his sword infused with Ki. Meanwhile Goku arrives with Ultimate Gohan (freed earlier from Super Buu) to deal with Zamasu who summons assistance from his own secret ally, Goku Black. After Shallot collapses due to Zahha's betrayal, the swordsmen remove an orb from Shallot and another one from Giblet which forms what he later dubs the complete Omnificence Crystal. Zahha then reveals his identity as the true mastermind to Shallot's friends. Meanwhile Bulma and Jaco are tasked with gathering up Shallot, Giblet, and their defeated allies in order to escape with them, but they notice Shallot is missing.

Shallot though still injured approaches Zahha to get some answers, though is skeptical that Zahha would betray him and suggests he is being controlled via the Dark Ki like Babidi. However, Zahha confirms he is the mastermind behind the Tournament of Time and that he had met Shallot before their so called first meeting rescuing Kid Gohan from Raditz, causing Shallot's reccuring memory of Giblet telling him to run was from when he and Shallot originally encountered Zahha as shown in a brief flashback. Zahha reveals he was responsible for manipulating Giblet as the phantom Mastermind along with some Dark Ki, helping him foster his hatred of both Shallot and the Saiyans. Zahha also reveals he was manipulating Shallot the whole time as he was the one who erased his memories and befriended him as the "heroic" warrior Zahha. Zahha then decides to convince Shallot of his sincerity by attacking him again with both blades causing him to collapse once more into unconsciousness. Despite the efforts of both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Beerus, Zahha is able to nullify their attacks with the Omnificence Crystal and then proceeds to perform Hakai using the Omnificence Crystal's power to grant any wish as long as supplied with large amount of Kili. This Hakai seemingly destroys Goku, Gohan, Beerus, Giblet, and Team Beerus' unconscious allies, though Bulma and Jaco manage to escape carrying the unconscious Shallot.

Eventually it is revealed that Goku survived said Hakai and while Shallot was on his way to check what remains of the Ice Continent, was busy gathering allies, hiring Hit to protect Shallot from assassins and other fighters allied or sent by Zahha, while leaving Giblet's fate unclear.

Part 11: Universe 7 in Turmoil[]

"I'll do what I gotta do. You too, give it all you got and do what you gotta do."
— Giblet's message to Shallot.

In the lookout, Shallot learns of Giblet's fate of surviving chaos that occured in the Land of Ice and left a message for Shallot through Goku, confirming he's alive and well. Like Goku and Shallot's other allies present when Zahha unleashed a Hakai using the Omnificence Crystal, Giblet survived due to the intervention of Whis. Having been freed from Zahha's influence, Giblet lost his hatred of the modern Saiyans as shown by relaying his message to Shallot through Goku.

"Giblet: He and I... we're twins after all.
Beerus: Heh... Interesting fellow... Then I won't say anything further. Go get 'em!
Giblet: Yeah...! This time, it's my turn to save him...!
— Giblet at the end of Part 11: Universe 7 in Turmoil.

After Shallot and Frieza started to battle each other, Beerus and Whis turn their attention to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, as it opens slowly, revealing Giblet who has been training inside for quite some time now, Whis proposes to have to restore Giblet's energy, but he soon claims that there is no time for that. Beerus wonders if He had known what's going on despite being in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a different plane of existence entirely. However, Giblet responds that he has, confirming Beerus' suspicion and then states that he and Shallot, are twins after all. Beerus merely was humbled by this statement and told Giblet he was an interesting fellow and then claims he won't say anything further and tells Giblet to go and save his brother, in which Giblet agreed and claims, that this time, he will save Shallot.

Part 12: Respective Resolve[]

DB Legends Part 12-Book 1-Chapter 3-The Twin Saiyans The Return of Giblet (Righteous Ancient Saiyan in Red)

Giblet arrives to aid Shallot in his battle against Golden Frieza with his newfound Unwavering Convinction.

Meanwhile, Shallow continues fighting Golden Frieza refusing to back down. Frieza knocks Super Saiyan God Shallot down, but he gets back up and swears he will defeat him. Frieza knocks him down again, hard enough to cause Shallot to revert to his base form. However, Shallot gets up and smiles noting that he is on his way. However, Frieza thinks Shallot has gone mad and prepares to kill him only to be attacked by Giblet. Shallot tells his brother it sure took him long enough. Giblet joins his brother, united as allies once more. Fresh from his Hyperbolic Time Chamber training, Giblet transforms into his Super Saiyan God form and Shallot did the same. as the twin Super Saiyan Gods face off against Golden Frieza to show each other's Unwavering Convinction to him. Throughout the battle, Frieza was caught off guard by their ability to coordinate attacks without communication. Shallot explains that he and Giblet had been training and fighting together since they could walk, thus are able to coordinate attacks without words.

However, Frieza attempts to disrupt their coordination by undermining Shallot's trust in Giblet. Frieza explains that Zahha told him that the Dark Ki only amplifies the negative emotions already present in its victims so Giblet's hatred for Shallot was genuine and not simply the result of manipulation. Giblet does not deny this as he explains how he had been jealous of his brother and that it is what allowed Zahha to manipulate him. However, following his loss to Shallot and being freed of the Dark Ki, Giblet realized the Super Saiyan God power he had obtained was because of his brother and resolves to continue fighting alongside him as long as he lives, having since seen the error of his ways.


In Part 1, Giblet is described by Jaco to be a “born killer”, as he is easily able to beat up Shallot. However, the hooded man admits to his power not holding a candle to Super Saiyan Goku’s power as is. In Part 3, he is shown to possess enough power to nearly kill Bardock. In his base form, he has an advantage over Super Saiyan Shallot. Babidi has stated that in terms of power, Giblet has the advantage over Super Saiyan 2 Shallot though his power is still under that of Super Saiyan 3 Shallot.

Giblet achieves the Super Saiyan God form and proves to be on par with Shallot in Super Saiyan God.

After training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after being freed of the Dark Ki, Giblet is strong enough to defeat Golden Frieza while fighting alongside his twin.


  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Twin Bond & Coordination - As the twin brother of Shallot, Giblet and Shallot share are inexplicable bond that transcends even dimensions as Giblet showed awareness of Shallot's situation despite having been training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Similarly, Shallot was able to sense Giblet was on his way and held out against Golden Frieza until he reached the battlefield. According to Shallot, both he and Giblet have fought together since they could walk, thus are able to coordinate their attacks without communication in addition to their ability to sense one another.
  • Rapid Movement - The use of high-speed movement to create an illusion of teleportation. Used by Shallot dodge Super Saiyan Goku's attack and get behind him.
  • Full Power Charge - Like every other playable character in Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot is capable of charging his Ki.
  • Saiyan Power - A genetic trait that continually lets a Saiyan increase in performance against adversity, either by recovering from great injuries or enduring great struggle in battle.
  • Wild Cannon - A green/yellow ki projectile fired with one arm, and Giblet's signature technique.
    • Twin Wild Cannon - Giblet & Shallot's team attack version of Wild Cannon.
DB Legends Rising Rush Twin Wild Cannon (Giblet & Shallot - Ancient Saiyan Twin Brother's Rising Rush) Screenshot 20220318-231529

Giblet and Shallot performing Twin Wild Cannon as the finisher for their Rising Rush in Dragon Ball Legends

  • Rising Rush - A combination rush attack used by all characters in Dragon Ball Legends, utilizing a normal combo, the four currently drawn Arts Cards, and finally a Special Move Arts by each remaining Team Member.

Dark Ki Second Stage
DB Legends - Dark Ki (Second Stage) Giblet

Giblet empowered by Dark Ki Second Stage in Dragon Ball Legends

Giblet is capable of using an improved version of the mysterious brainwashed technique on his own to increase his power. In this state, he becomes surrounded by a dark aura and red lightning and his power is on par with a Super Saiyan 3 Shallot, though it should be noted that Shallot was already tired from his fight with Majin Buu. Despite this form's power, it is still much weaker than Goku's Super Saiyan God form.

According to Frieza, the Dark Ki only amplified Giblet's negative emotions and Giblet confirms his hatred and jealousy of Shallot was real and that it was how Zahha was able to manipulate him.

Super Saiyan God
New God Giblet win screen

Giblet as a Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball Legends

Giblet attains the Super Saiyan God form through unknown means before Shallot did. In this state, he is powerful to match Super Saiyan God Shallot.

Super Saiyan God (Dark Ki Third Stage)
DB Legends Part 9-Book 4-Chapter 7-Giblet Super Saiyan God Giblet (Dark Ki Third Stage)

Super Saiyan God Giblet (Dark Ki Third Stage) in Dragon Ball Legends

Thanks to the Mastermind, Giblet is capable of utilizing both his Super Saiyan God form and the most powerful version of Dark Ki which not only increases his power but also causes the space around him to become warped. In this state, he proves to be a formidable challenge for Super Saiyan God Shallot. However Super Saiyan God Shallot is ultimately able to break through the brainwashing by overpowering his brother which in turn helps remind Giblet of who he truly is allowing him to finally break free of the Mastermind's control. Unfortunately, the mental strain of doing so and the damage from the battle causes him to lose consciousness.

Super Saiyan God (Dark Ki: Unleashed)
Giblet's new mastered Dark Ki God form

Super Saiyan God (Dark Ki: Unleashed) Giblet in Dragon Ball Legends

Giblet unveils this transformation after struggling to master his Dark Ki-imbued Super Saiyan God form while in his time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

In this form, Giblet appears very similar to the Super Saiyan God form combined with the Dark Ki's third stage with some subtle but notable changes; Giblet's hair becomes spikier and stands up more than the Super Saiyan God form and is not too dissimilar to the Super Saiyan form. This form's aura is similar to the original Dark Ki-imbued form but lacks the afterimage effect and causes him to emit black or dark bioelectricity.

This transformation allows Giblet to seemingly overwhelm Syn Shenron, but with the significant power boost comes with consequences to his body. with Giblet seemingly unable to maintain the transformation for long periods of time in polar opposite to the original Super Saiyan God which can be easily maintained.

DB Legends - SSJ God Shallet

The twins' fusion, Shallet.

Shallet is the resulting Metamoran fusion of the twin brothers, Shallot and Giblet when they perform the Fusion Dance properly.

They fuse into Shallet in a desperate attempt to battle against the two rogue Gods, Future Zamasu and Goku Black.

Voice Actors[]

List of characters killed by Giblet[]

  • Several Tournament of Time participants from different eras- As the Saiyan in Red, Giblet kills several fighters participating in the Mastermind's tournament, such as Frieza Force Combatants. Additionally, it is also noted by Bardock that the Saiyan in Red is going around eliminating various Saiyans participating in the tournament. Giblet later reveals to Shallot that he seeks to wipe out all modern neo-Saiyans due to them being descended from the Evil Ancient Saiyans responsible for their people's historic extinction (Giblet is seemingly unaware of the Saiyans of Universe 6 given how he assumes Cabba to be another neo-Saiyan). It is eventually revealed his genocidal actions were due to the influence of Zahha's Dark Ki.
  • Turles (Post-earth's arrival) - Killed Turles sending him back to his proper time with no memories of the tournament.
  • Babidi (Pre-Majin Buu's awakening) - Killed for outliving his usefulness in the Mastermind's plans.
  • Syn Shenron (Pre-Dragon Balls' absorption) - Killed in the Mastermind's hideout after Giblet revealed his new Dark Ki-powered Super Saiyan God.


  • Giblet's name presumably comes from chives or "Ciboulette" (シブレット Shiburetto), an edible herb closely related to shallots.
  • Prior to his identity being revealed, Whis suspects this may be Shallot from another time, but with his memories intact. Beerus also suspects that he is a being in a situation similar to Goku Black.
  • Giblet's relationship with Shallot mirrors Raditz relationship with Goku, as both are abusive towards their amnesiac brothers for their weakness. Also both Raditz & Giblet are genocidal (for different reasons) as Raditz sought to exterminate the Earthlings and his Saiyan-Earthling hybrid nephew Gohan, while Giblet seeks to eliminate the descendants of the Evil Saiyans responsible for the genocide of the Super Saiyan God (race).
    • Interestingly, both Giblet and Shallot appear to be mirror twins (identical twins who are like a mirror image of one another) as shown by the position of their bangs. However, besides their hair, it is unknown if their organs are mirrored like human mirror twins do in real life.
  • Giblet is the first Saiyan known to have achieved the Super Saiyan God form without first possessing the Super Saiyan form.
  • Giblet is the second known member of the Super Saiyan God subspecies to achieve the Super Saiyan God form after Yamoshi, as he achieved it before Shallot who achieved his via the Super Saiyan God ritual like their ancestor, Yamoshi.



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