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Giant Demon God is an advanced state of being that can be taken on by Demons who have become a Demon God.


In this state, the user takes on a monstrous form, their clothes merging into their body and their hair growing down their back.

Usage and Power


Demigra's takes on his final form to battle the Future Warrior

Demigra takes this form by using every ounce of his divine power. In this form, the user's power and physical strength increase greatly, however, they become much slower than before.

Demigra utilized this form to face the Future Warrior (and Goku in the game's normal ending) in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, he has apparently used it in battle before, as he stated that nobody who had seen him use the form had lived to tell about it.

When utilized by Demigra in Dragon Ball Heroes the form appears much larger, being the same size as a Great Ape.

Video Game Appearances

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