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Gianfranco Gamba (Milan, February 18, 1949 - Milan, September 5, 2004) was an Italian actor and voice actor.

Actor theater training, Gianfranco Gamba soon became a professional voice actor for over twenty years. One of his most important voiceovers was to Ross Marler in Paths of which was the voice since 1981, but has voiced a long time even cartoons and feature films. He voiced the character of Jadeite , one of the first enemies in Sailor Moon. Gamba is remembered among the young audience for being the voice of the ruthless Freezer in Dragon Ball series and in the movie The origins of the myth on behalf of Mediaset.

Sick of AIDS, died at his Milan for a heart attack. Cremated, his ashes are scattered in the "Garden of Remembrance" of Lambrate Cemetery, a place where the dead ashes can be scattered to be absorbed by nature.


  • Like Paolo Torrisi of Goku, even Gianfranco Gamba was one of the few voice actors capable of giving a voice Freezer tone very similar to that of the original voice actor, Ryūsei Nakao.

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