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The Ghost Warriors (ゴースト戦士 Gōsuto Senshi) are a group of phantom fighters revived as ghosts[2] by Dr. Lychee's supercomputer, Hatchiyack.

The original group in its debut was composed of Dr. Lychee, Frieza, Cooler, Lord Slug, and Turles.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans[]


Ghost Lychee, the leader of the Ghost Warriors

Lychee's supercomputer is able to amplify the hatred of those who died with an intense grudge towards the Saiyans, and manifest them as Ghost Warriors. While they possess the same appearance (other than Ghost Lychee) and mannerisms of their original forms, their strength is independent of their actual power level. Despite this boost in strength, Ghost Warriors are still able to be "killed" by an opponent, but can instantaneously reform; the only way to prevent this is to overpower their ability to regenerate[3] or shut down the Destron Gas Generator sustaining them.


Turles and Frieza on Earth

The first Ghost Warriors encountered by the Dragon Team are Frieza, Turles, Lord Slug and Cooler, guarding the Destron Gas Generator at West City. In both OVAs, Gohan fights Turles, Piccolo fights Lord Slug, Vegeta and Future Trunks fight Frieza, and Goku fights Cooler. In the original game, the heroes are eventually able to drive them off, though not before Ghost Cooler destroys Bunbuku Island. In the OVA remake, Bulma is able to neutralise the Destron Gas Generator, and the Z Fighters individually destroy the ghosts.


Frieza and Cooler

In the original game, when the Z Fighters arrive on Planet Kuhn and have to search for a ring in order to help repair their spaceship, they encounter a renewed and further empowered Ghost Frieza, however the combined power of the Z Fighters is enough to defeat Frieza once more. An empowered Ghost Turles and Ghost Slug attack the Sea God on Planet Outa, but are defeated by the Z Fighters.

Once the Z Fighters reach the Dark Planet, the Ghost Warriors' hatred is absorbed into the Hatchiyack supercomputer, increasing the power of both it and Lychee.

Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Prison Planet Saga[]

Prison Planet Ghost Warriors

The Ghost Warriors on the Prison Planet

Hatchiyack invades the Chaos Area of the Prison Planet and attacks the Frieza Force soldiers located there with Ghost Warriors.

In the game, many Ghost Warriors face off against Future Trunks, Cooler and the Ginyu Force; most notably Ghost Cell, Ghost Turles, Ghost Slug and Ghost Bojack.

In the manga, Future Trunks and Cooler encounter Ghost Turles, Ghost Slug, Ghost Bojack, Ghost Cell, and Ghost Kid Buu after they have taken down King Cold and his underlings.

Video Game Appearances[]

Heroes ghost warriors

The Ghost Warriors in the 16th Dragon Ball Heroes promo

The Ghost Warriors and their allies are enemies in the Famicom game Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans and its Playdia adaptation Dragon Ball Z Side Story: True Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans - Earth Saga. After their initial defeats, the Ghost Warriors are upgraded by Hatchiyack, Turles becoming Phantom Turles and Mirage Turles, Slug becoming Mind Slug and Mental Slug, Cooler becoming Soul Cooler, and Frieza becoming Psycho Frieza.

As a reference to their appearances as Ghost Warriors, Turles, Frieza, and Cooler are enemies for Hatchiyack in one of his galaxy mode missions in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.

Certain cards of Frieza, Cooler, Slug and Turles in Dragon Ball Heroes have the ability "Ghost Warrior", which heals a percentage of lost health each round. The ability is also used by some of the enemies in the game. Medamatcha, Nicky, Misokatsun, Turles, Bojack and Cell during the Baby Hatchiyack Saga instead have the ability "Ghost Warrior Weakness", which causes them to take double damage from characters of the same type.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the "Ghost Warrior" Ability appears as a Normal Rarity Accessory that can be equipped to any card (official or custom) via the Custom Deck or added as the Ability 1 or Ability 2 to a custom card via Card Creation. When ability user is attacked, recover own team HP by amount equal to 70% of the attack DMG. Effect can be triggered only once per battle.[4]


  • Turles' inclusion among the Ghost Warriors is generally thought of as unusual given that he is a Saiyan; he even goes on to say that his hatred for Saiyans surpasses those of the other villains, which is at odds with the typical "Saiyan pride" he displayed in his debut movie. He does in fact states in the original OVA that he hates Saiyans because he was killed by a fellow member of his own race (Goku).
    • Similarly, Cell is also part Saiyan due to possessing Goku and Vegeta's cells though he has never shown any Saiyan pride due to only being partially Saiyan, as he has Namekian and Frieza Race cells. Cell is shown to possess a hatred for Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball FighterZ so his inclusion among the Ghost Warriors in the Prison Planet Saga makes sense.



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