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Ghastel (ガステル Gasuteru) is the leader of Lucifer's ogre demons in Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.


Ghastel is a large, red demon and has two orange eyes. He wears a black loincloth along with two golden wristbands and bronze armor, as well as wielding two clubs with orange spheres and a white bandage that floats around his body. He also can summon two yellow and blue dark nimbus clouds under his feet through the use of ki.



Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle[]



Ghastel attacks Krillin and Goku when the two are inside the Devil's Castle. He makes mention of the fact that the Sleeping Princess was not a person, and eventually chases them through the cavernous area. He is killed when they trick him into being eaten by a swamp monster.



Techniques and Special Abilities[]


Ghastel flies while wielding a trident

  • Flight – Ghastel can fly by summoning Nimbus-like dark clouds beneath both his feet.[2]
  • Bandage Throw – Ghastel can attack his enemies by throwing them the tough bandages that surround him.
  • Double Club Attack – Ghastel generally uses two clubs to attack his opponents.
  • Trident Attack – Ghastel also wields a trident to stab his opponent.

Video Game Appearances[]

Dokkan Battle Boss Demonic Ogre Ghastel card (Story Event Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle - Ghastel SSR)

Ghastel card in Dokkan Battle

Ghastel made his video game debut as a non-playable boss character in the Dokkan Battle Story Event "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle".

Voice Actors[]


  • Ghastel vs. Goku and Krillin
  • Ghastel vs. Goku
  • Ghastel vs. Goku
  • Ghastel and Devil's Castle Ogres vs. Goku


  • Ghastel's name comes from the wasei-eigo term "gas table", referring to a kitchen appliance containing one or more gas burners.[3]
  • Based on Prince Nezha of Chinese mythology. Famous for his fight against Sun Wukong in the early chapters of Journey to the West. Particularly notable are his Wind-Fire Wheels which Ghastel's flight is a reference to. His bandages are also a reference to Nezha's Red Armillary Sash.



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