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Ghastel (ガステル Gasuteru) is the leader of Lucifer's ogre demons.


Ghastel is a large, red demon.



Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

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Ghastel attacks Krillin and Goku when the two are inside the Devil's Castle. He makes mention of the fact that the Sleeping Princess was not a person, and eventually chases them through the cavernous area. He is killed when they trick him into being eaten by a swamp monster.


Techniques and Special Abilities

Ghastel flies while wielding a trident

  • Flight – Ghastel can fly by summoning Nimbus-like dark clouds beneath both his feet.[2]
  • Bandage Throw – Ghastel can attack his enemies by throwing them the tough bandages that surround him.
  • Double Club Attack – Ghastel generally uses two clubs to attack his opponents.
  • Trident Attack – Ghastel also wields a trident to stab his opponent.

Video Game Appearances

Ghastel card in Dokkan Battle

Ghastel made his video game debut as a non-playable boss character in the Dokkan Battle Story Event "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle".

Voice Actors


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  • Ghastel vs. Goku
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  • Ghastel's name comes from the wasei-eigo term "gas table", referring to a kitchen appliance containing one or more gas burners.[3]
  • Based on Prince Nezha of Chinese mythology. Famous for his fight against Sun Wukong in the early chapters of Journey to the West. Particularly notable are his Wind-Fire Wheels which Ghastel's flight is a reference to. His bandages are also a reference to Nezha's Red Armillary Sash.



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