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A part of Gengoro Island

Gengoro Island is the island on Earth, located east of Kame House and General Blue's Camp. It is where Penguin Village is located on. It is also Dragon World's version of the real world country Japan.[1]



Gengoro Island map

Gengoro Island is mostly composed by grassy plains, but some hills and small lakes can also be found here.

In the Dr. Slump special chapter "Kick the Can", Senbei Norimaki is seen running all over a map of Gengoro Island searching through the other towns of Gengoro Island for Arale and Gatchan. The various locations noted on the map other than Penguin Village are: Dumbtown, Needwife, Overthere, Mountain, Land I, Bigshore, Nowheresville, Bigtown, Poop, Station, Boonyville, Fartown, Harbor, and ABC.

After successfully escaping from the Pirate Cave, Goku pursued General Blue and they both ended up at Gengoro Island.

Associated Regions

Big City Island

Big City Island (also known as Metropolis Island in the Japanese version) is an island with futuristic city full of intelligent people and the original home town of Charmy Yamada and Skop.

Wonder Island

Wonder Island is a strange island where many creatures mostly based off Japanese fairy tails live. It is the primary setting of Akira Toriyama's first manga Wonder Island. Senbei and Arale once came here to obtain a tear from the ogre king Gyaska.


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