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"I really love kids. They break so easily."
— "The Fall of Muscle Tower"

General White (ホワイト将軍 Howaito Shōgun) is the commander of Muscle Tower which is the Red Ribbon Army's northern fortress.



General White

General White is a large, muscular man with brown (manga) or silver hair (anime), and brown (manga) or blue/white eyes (anime). He usually wears a green sweater with a red neck bandana, jackboots and brown cargo pants. Underneath his sweater is a black muscle shirt. In Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, General White was designed differently showing him to be rather slim with short dark brown hair and wearing a brown sweater and a larger neck bandana.


White is the oldest of the known officers. While not a gifted strategist, he is observant and draws conclusions with surprising speed, and is the only officer to have ever found out Goku's primary weakness: his tail. He also seems to be a somewhat skilled fighter, as shown when he fought Goku. Trapped at the top of the six-level tower through status, General White spends his time either smoking a pipe, taking sips from his flask, yelling, or bursting out in laughter at Goku's attempt to climb the tower. In the English dub and manga, he is depicted as having a Russian accent.

While he is easily irritated and slightly impatient, White is surprisingly complementary, congratulating Goku when he reached the sixth floor and praising Ninja Murasaki for a job well done when he supposedly killed Goku.


Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

Both General White and Ninja Murasaki watch over Goku's battle with Major Metallitron, and White becomes extremely disappointed when Metallitron's battery runs out after almost killing Goku. White also watched over Murasaki's fight, constantly sighing after Murasaki's many failed attempts to destroy Goku. After defeating Ninja Murasaki, Goku and his new friend, Android 8, reach the sixth and final level of the tower, which is White's level, and he sends Goku and Android 8 down to the fifth floor to be eaten by Buyon.


General White takes advantage of Goku's weakness: his tail

After defeating the monster, Goku jumps back onto the sixth floor and fights General White. Although White is exceptionally built and muscular, it becomes clear that Goku is much stronger due to his training. White then grabs Goku's tail and tosses him around, hurting the young fighter. However, Goku manages to get back up and defeat him.


General White threatens to execute the Village Chief

He pretends to surrender and says he will free the Jingle Village Chief, but secretly swipes a Remington 1866 Derringer and holds the old man at gunpoint. General White then threatens to kill the chief if Android 8 does not comply to eliminate Goku. White proceeds to shoot Goku in the back of the head with his handgun. In retaliation, Android 8 becomes enraged and punches General White straight through the wall and out of Muscle Tower, propelling him into the distant horizon and to his presumed death.

Later on in the English dub, General Blue briefly references the late General White, mentioning he owes White an apology for underestimating Goku after his rocket crashed in Penguin Village.[1]

Fortuneteller Baba Saga[]


General White, Ninja Murasaki and Major Metallitron in a flashback

General White appears in a flashback when Bulma tells Grandpa Gohan about Goku's feats since they knew about the Dragon Balls.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Supreme Kai of Time Saga[]

"I can't do this anymore!"
— White after being defeated by Vegeta's surprise attack in "Begin! Super Space-Time Tournament"

Vegeta defeats General White

General White confronts Vegeta in the Super Space-Time Tournament

An incarnation of General White appears as one of the competitors in the Super Space-Time Tournament, along with Mercenary Tao, Ninja Murasaki, Colonel Silver, General Blue, Buyon, and Major Metallitron. In the manga, after seeing Goku defeat Murasaki with one hit, White attempts to shoot him with his Powered Gun but gets defeated by Vegeta's surprise attack.[2] As a result of his team failing to advance to the second round of the tournament, White and his space-time were erased.

Film appearances[]

The Path to Power[]

General white remaster

General White redesigned for The Path to Power

General White appears again, dramatically redesigned and remodeled as an Italian man. When Goku, Bulma and Oolong arrive at Muscle Tower, General White surmises that they are there for their Dragon Ball and threatens them into handing over the Dragon Balls in their possession. He watches as Goku defeats the soldiers outside and then makes his way inside the tower where he defeats Major Metallitron.

When Goku reaches White, he unleashes Android 8 to defeat Goku. Android 8 rebels despite his orders and the angry General White begins kicking at Android 8 and threatens him by telling him of the bomb planted within him that he will detonate if he does not do as he is told. Regardless, Android 8 refuses and General White goes to destroy him but Goku is able to knock the detonator out of his hand with the Power Pole. He is last seen tied up with the rest of his men in the tower.

Super Hero[]

Super Hero - Red Ribbon Army 1

General White in Super Hero

General White makes a cameo appearance during the Red Ribbon Army recap.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

Attack of the Saiyans[]

General White survives his defeat and the subsequent destruction of the Red Ribbon Army by Goku. By the time of the Saiyan conflict, he manages to lead a faction of Red Ribbon Army survivors into rebuilding Muscle Tower and starts collecting the Dragon Balls once more - continuing the army's goal of world domination. He also manages to capture Android 8 when he comes to investigate, whom General White manages to brainwash/reprogram to serve him. However, the Z Fighters and Goku (who is brought back to life temporarily by Baba to help his friends locate the remaining Dragon Balls so he can be revived in time to confront the Saiyans) are alerted to the Red Ribbon Army's resurgence in the area by Suno and end up confronting the General and the brainwashed Android 8 in battle. Although Goku and the Z Fighters are stronger as they have been training for the arrival of the Saiyans, General White manages to put up a decent fight. Nonetheless, he is still not powerful enough to defeat Goku - even with the assistance of Android 8 - and is ultimately defeated once more, freeing Android 8 from his control in the process.


Manga and anime

While considerably large when compared to the average man, and confident in his abilities in defeating Goku in hand-to-hand combat largely because of his belief that Goku is worn out, General White proves to be no match for Goku at all. After punching Goku directly in the chest, Goku says that it was though a mere fly had landed on him, causing White to resort to more cowardly methods.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that White has a power level of 150.

Video Games

In Attack of the Saiyans, while fighting alongside the brainwashed Android 8, General White is shown to have gotten strong enough to put up a decent fight against Adult Goku and the Z Fighters who were still training for the arrival of the Saiyans. However, despite his power increase and Android 8's assistance, he is ultimately defeated, showing that while he had gotten stronger, it was not enough to defeat the combined power of the Z Fighters during the time they were training to fight the Saiyans, indicating that he would not stood a chance against either Nappa, Vegeta, or Post-King Kai's Training Goku.


  • Powered Gun: A handgun with an unusually large barrel which is quite powerful.[3]

Video Game Appearances[]


General White in Origins 2

In Attack of the Saiyans, during the one-year time period while the Saiyans are on their way to Earth, General White appears in possession of a Dragon Ball, having taken control of the Muscle Tower once more, along with Red Ribbon remnants. He reprograms Android 8 and forces him to fight Goku and his allies.

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • General White vs. Goku



The photo of General White's sisters

  • In "Ninja Murasaki is Coming!", Ninja Murasaki drops a photo of two women in their bra and Panties. In the Funimation dub, they are identified as General White's sisters who Ninja Murasaki had taken a picture of while they were putting on Ninja Suits when he was left in charge of showing them around Muscle Tower for General White. However in the original Japanese, the two women aren't related to General White and are just two unknown women in their underwear.
    • As a result, they are similar to the female Triclops in Other World, that was identified as Tien's Mom in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z thet are all minor female characters unrelated to said major character in the original Japanese.
General White (2nd Generation)1

The second generation General White from Dragon Ball Online

  • The baseball pitcher Rocky Rivers, who appears in Dragon Ball Z, resembles General White except he has red hair.
  • General White's redesign in The Path to Power bears some resemblance to Van Zant, the only notable difference being that his hair is yellow and has a long nose.
  • In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, there is a Bob-omb character by the name of General White who lives in a winter-like area, is implied to be of Russian descent and even shares the same name as General White in Dragon Ball. However, the General White in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is not villainous, and in fact helps Mario, albeit after he gets a signed permission form from Goldbob and after a wild goose chase.
  • In Dragon Ball Online, there is a human martial artist resembling Mercenary Tao who also bears the name General White Jr. Other than their similar name and General White Jr. being General White's successor/counterpart within the Red Pants Army, it is unknown if there is any relationship between the original General White and General White Jr. that appeared in Dragon Ball Online, like how the the Murasaki family sons are descendants of the Murasaki Brothers.


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