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"Why did you decide to start walking rather than continue to crawl? And then why did you venture into space rather than continue to walk? Progress, my little friend. Natural evolution. Just as the inferior beings of this planet were replaced by our robot mutants, so too does forward progress dictate that this must happen throughout the galaxy. Dr. Myuu is the grand conductor of this orchestration, and there is nothing you can do to stop him! The strong must flourish and the weak must perish!"
— General Rilldo to Goku in "A General Uprising"

General Rilldo (リルド将軍しょうぐん Rirudo Shōgun) is an alien who was reconstructed into a Machine Mutant,[4] and is Dr. Myuu's general, as well as the commander of planet M-2. He is an antagonist of the Baby Saga and the Super 17 Saga.


General Rilldo is the largest of the Machine Mutants in the series at the time of his introduction and unlike his counter parts has a more humanoid face. In his second form he takes on some of the features from the members of the Sigma Force after absorbing their powers. In his third and final form, he takes on a more sleek appearance where his body is capable of turning into a liquid like metal.


General Rilldo is a stern and arrogant commander. He believes in the superiority of Machine Mutants to all biological beings, especially humans and Saiyans.



General Rilldo was formerly an ordinary alien, around Age 760 to 770 he was restructured into a Machine Mutant by Dr. Myuu[4] to be the leader of his Machine Mutant armies on M-2.

Dragon Ball GT[]

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga[]


General Rilldo kills Dolltaki

Rilldo is first seen when Dolltaki tries to inform Dr. Myuu of Luud's defeat. However, in Myuu's place is General Rilldo, who murders Dolltaki for his failures. Later, when Goku, Pan, and Trunks arrive on the planet M-2 with Giru, Rilldo sends the Sigma Force to capture them.

Baby Saga[]


Rilldo about to speak to an audience of Machine Mutants

The Sigma Force eventually manage to capture Goku and Trunks and bring them back to Rilldo.

While their power levels are being scanned, the Machine Mutants become concerned with Goku's power, and show this information to General Rilldo, who becomes surprised and concerned himself. The Sigma Force are eventually defeated by Goku, even after turning into the Super Mega Cannon Sigma, leaving the hot-headed Rilldo to take care of the two by himself.

Sensing his approach, Trunks becomes stunned by the almost impossible Ki that he can feel. Goku meanwhile is amazed too saying that Rilldo is even more powerful than Buu. Pan attacks Rilldo and to everyone's surprise knocks him down, when he fires back using his Metal Breath, Trunks intercepts taking the attack in place of Pan and is turned into metal and transported away. He informs them of Trunks' fate for study by Dr. Myuu and when Goku asked where Myuu is, Rilldo explains that he was in the tower behind him. Pan goes to save Trunks while Goku is left to battle Rilldo.

Goku vs General Rildo

Rilldo's fight with Super Saiyan Goku on Planet M-2

When attacking Goku, Rilldo turns the surroundings into metal when Goku dodges all of Rilldo's Metal Breath beams. He instead decides to fight Goku the old fashioned way and dukes it out over the skies of M-2 however it isn't long before Goku gains the advantage in the battle. After Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, Rilldo combines with the four members of the Sigma Force and powers up to his Hyper Meta Rilldo form. As Goku once again begins to gain the upper hand, Rilldo transforms again to allow him to fuse with any metal on the planet. Eventually, Rilldo succeeds in turning both Goku and Pan into metal.

Later, while the trio try to leave the planet M-2, Rilldo stops them by grabbing hold of the Grand Tour Spaceship. Trunks tries to reason with him, saying he was nothing but a pawn in Dr. Myuu's games, just an inferior being that would be shut down once his plans with the other creation Baby were complete. Rilldo refuses to listen, but the three fire a combined Kamehameha attack that easily kills the un-transformed Rilldo.

It is later revealed that Rilldo was in fact under the control of Baby during that time, who promptly leaves the dead vessel.

Super 17 Saga[]


General Rilldo battles with Gohan

General Rilldo, like other villains, escapes from Hell, thanks to Myuu and Dr. Gero. He is first seen chasing Pan and Mr. Satan, only for them to be saved by Gohan. The two end up fighting, with Rilldo easily gaining the upper hand. He is even successful in encasing Gohan's arm and leg in metal. He nearly kills Gohan, but is killed by a sneak Ki Blast attack from Majuub.

He is last seen waiting with the other villains on their way to King Yemma's Check-In Station in the Other World.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

Dragon Ball Legends[]

Hyper Meta Rilldo is among the fighters participating in the Tournament of Time created by the Mastermind Zahha. Unlike the other members of the Mastermind's group, Hyper Meta Rilldo is shown to be incredibly loyal to Zahha even to the point he is willing to sacrifice his own life to take down Shallot. Unfortunately for him, Goku Black interferes ironically saving Hyper Meta Rilldo from destroying himself.

However Hyper Meta Rilldo is given a second chance by Zahha and he confronts Shallot and his newfound ally Broly whom he befriended after rescuing Cheelai from Basil, Lavender, and their Combatant underling.



Though General Rilldo uses his first form to hide his true power; Goku first notes that Rilldo is superior to the other Machine Mutants he has encountered, and then goes on to say that Rilldo's ki is even greater than Buu's. Rilldo also refers to himself as the mightiest of the Machine Mutants.

Rilldo's true abilities lie in his transformations: he can transform twice, each time slowly showing off his true power. In his Hyper Meta form he has absorbed the power of the Sigma Force, and was able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Goku (though never actually inflicted damage on him). In his Meta form, he is a lot stronger and his full power is shown to allow him to fight on par with Super Saiyan kid Goku - even forcing him into Super Saiyan 2 at one point, he also has absolute control over the whole machine planet of M-2, making him one with the planet itself.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

Rilldo is not as strong as Luud.[4]

Video Games

In Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha - Ora to Omee to Scouter, General Rilldo's power level in his Meta-Rilldo form is stated to be 1,200,000,000, being a bit stronger than Kid Buu.

When first encountering Hyper-Meta Rilldo, Shallot defeats him using Super Saiyan 2. When Rilldo uses dark ki to empower himself, Shallot responds by turning Super Saiyan God and overwhelms him.


  • Flight – The ability to fly through his cyber powers.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. Rilldo used it to kill Dolltaki.
  • Rapid Movement - The ability to move so fast the user appears to vanish from sight.

General Rilldo's Shooting Knuckle

  • Shooting Knuckle – A technique where General Rilldo launches one of his arms at his opponent in the form of a rocket. Used while fighting Gohan on Earth, and named Shooting Knuckle in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Deadly Crush – A heavy punch used against Gohan, only for him to dodge at the last second. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Deadly Metal Needles – Meta-Rilldo's special technique, where he fires tiny pink lasers powerful enough to cut through metal. Named in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Shield – Used by Hyper-Meta Rilldo to deflect Goku's Continuous Energy Bullet.
  • Hyper Meta-Rilldo Punch – After calling the name of the attack, Rilldo's left hand changes into a drill that expands as it moves forward, tearing everything apart that it hits. Goku was still able to stop it by grabbing the tip of the drill and gripping it until it stopped. It is called Hyper Drill Smash in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Arm Cannon - Hyper Meta-Rilldo's right drill arm contains a hidden arm cannon which he attempts to fire at Goku after using Rapid Movement following his Hyper Meta-Rilldo Punch.
  • Metal Breath – In all of his forms, Rilldo has the ability to turn anything into metal by firing a green beam out of his mouth. Interestingly enough, this beam seems to negate the victims ability to use ki. As Goku when touched by the metal, loses his ability to maintain Super Saiyan.
  • Planet of Metal – In his final form, Rilldo is able to control metal on planet M-2 as a result of his functions being linked to the planet-type Machine Mutant.
    • Metal Mending – Rilldo is capable of absorbing metal into himself to regenerate.
    • Absorption – Rilldo can absorb the remains of the Sigma Force to take on his Hyper-Meta Rilldo form.
    • Liquefaction – The ability to liquefy and go through metal.
      • Metal Tsunami - Rilldo forms his surroundings into a giant wave of metal that he can control.[5]
    • Teleportation - Rilldo is capable of teleporting objects hit by his Metal Breath to Myuu's planet.
  • Prepped Attack – A yellow Full Power Energy Wave attack used in his Meta-Rilldo form. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Mystic Attack – General Rilldo has the ability to extend his arms. Used while possessed by Baby.
  • Super Explosive Wave – A powerful Explosive Wave technique. Rilldo uses this during his battle against Goku.

Machine Mutant

Rilldo was restructured into a Machine Mutant by Myuu. General Rilldo's first form is used for hiding his true power. It seems that he only uses this form as his basic shape and level of power, though even his basic form is said by Goku to have ki greater than Buu.

Hyper Meta Rilldo

Hyper Meta Rilldo

Rilldo transforms into Hyper Meta Rilldo (ハイパーメガリルド Haipā Mega Rirudo, lit. "Hyper Mega Rilldo")[6] after Goku had beaten and destroyed the Sigma Force for the second time; the General pulls their pieces into himself from the ground and takes on a suit of armor reminiscent of Commander Nezi. Once in this form, his power grows enough for the transformed General to last a while against Super Saiyan Goku, and Hyper Mega Rilldo gains an attack he calls the Hyper Metal-Rilldo Punch, but Goku eventually defeats Rilldo and forces the latter to transform once again.

In Dragon Ball Legends, General Rilldo is playable only in his Hyper Meta Rilldo form.



When it was apparent that Rilldo was incapable of defeating Goku as he was, he transforms once again and assumes his Meta-Rilldo ( メタルリルド Metaru Rirudo, lit. "Metal Rilldo") form. Now a being of pure liquid metal, Rilldo proves to be a fearsome opponent.

While in this form, Rilldo's footsteps sound identical to that of Broly's, Janemba's, Nuova Shenron's, Eis Shenron's, Syn Shenron's, and Cell's and his voice also gains a metallic tone similar to Meta-Cooler's.

M2 Rilldo

Rilldo fused with M-2

Being one with all metal and possessing the power to reshape and liquefy any metal around him, Rilldo has absolute control over the whole Machine Mutant planet of M-2, effectively making him one with the planet itself. This ability is called "Planet of Metal".[7] In the end, Rilldo proves to be too much, and he manages to trap a distracted Goku and Pan by encasing them in metal and sending them to Dr. Myuu.

  • Ray Gun – Hyper-Meta Rilldo is able to fires a pink blast from a cannon in his arm.

Video Game Appearances[]

3 Rilldo Heroes

Rilldo, Meta-Rilldo, and Hyper Meta-Rilldo in Dragon Ball Heroes

General Rilldo is a boss in GT: Transformation and Ora to Omee to Scouter, an assist character in Bakuretsu Impact, and a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, Ultimate Mission, and World Mission.

In Dragon Ball Legends, General Rilldo is playable in his Hyper Meta Rilldo form.

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball GT
  • General Rilldo vs. Pan
  • General Rilldo (Base/Hyper-Meta Rilldo/Meta-Rilldo) vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • General Rilldo (Baby Infected) vs. Goku, Trunks, and Pan
  • General Rilldo vs. Gohan
  • General Rilldo vs. Uub (Majuub)


  • During his battle with Goku, in the dub he remarked that if Goku were to become a Machine Mutant, he would most likely turn out like him.
  • Rilldo's shiny metal appearance in his Meta form looks similar to Meta-Coolers (both were voiced by Andrew Chandler in the Funimation dub as well). Both villains have several similarities as they both can regenerate, have Metal bodies, are effectively one with a machine planet (Big Gete Star and M-2), and manage to overwhelm and capture Goku briefly, only to be killed later on with an energy attack.
  • Early in the Baby Saga, Rilldo says that the only way he can be killed is by destroying all the metal on the planet since he can use it to recreate himself. However, he is killed later by a single blast by Trunks, Pan, and Goku when he is under the control of Baby.
  • General Rilldo closely resembles Bon Para.
  • Rilldo's metal, liquifying body in his second form is somewhat similar to the T-1000 from the Terminator series.
  • Rilldo's name is an anagram of the Japanese pronunciation for "drill" (ドリル).


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