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General Blue's Camp (ブルー中隊仮設キャンプ) is the temporary island base where General Blue and his soldiers were relocated to in search of a Dragon Ball that was at the bottom of the ocean. It is located on an island south of the Pirate Cave, between Kame House and Gengoro Island.


The base is shown to have a large reserve of soldiers (at least two companies), RRA planes and jet copters, weapons, battleships, and submarines. It had three buildings, a pink building to the left, a building to the right containing twin domes, and a multi-domed building with an antenna dish in the center. The last building acted as a communication/monitoring station for locating the Dragon Balls and also to receive new orders from the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, and also to maintain contact with any forces within the area regarding intel. Besides the radar monitoring/communication room, General Blue's personal quarters was implied to be located inside this building. Aside from the main encampment, a launch area for various aircraft, including at least twelve Jet-copters as well as one large green two-person jet that was helmed by Captain Dark, was located in close vicinity to the encampment, and a large part of the base was underground, featuring a dock with a false rockface that acted as a door to the main submarine dock as well as a briefing room.


General Blue's camp

After General Blue's defeat at the Pirate Cave, Goku, Bulma, and Krillin visited the base to find transportation and food (anime-only). Goku also released a mouse that earlier saved Goku from General Blue into the camp, and also toyed with a communication radio before destroying it when Commander Red's transmission hurt his ears. Bulma and Krillin then escaped via one of the jet-copters at the camp, while Goku utilized the Flying Nimbus (although not before raiding what was presumably the camp's mess hall to grab things to eat). General Blue returned shortly thereafter, and executed the sole remaining soldier, soldier 23, after he learned that the soldier both hid from Goku and his friends, as well as slept on the job. Blue then left for Kame House on a jet-copter to pursue the Dragon Ball Gang.

Afterwards, it is possible that the base remained on this island due to the fact that everyone in the Red Ribbon Army was defeated and could not move the base.

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