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"You can't cheat in a fight to the death. Fool. Whoever's alive at the end of the battle is the winner and that's that!"
— "The Pirate Treasure"

General Blue (ブルー将軍 Burū Shōgun) is a powerful high-ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army and is the leader of the Blue Corps. He also has powerful psychic abilities. Blue is the only Red Ribbon officer with a confirmed age; he was 28 when killed by Mercenary Tao.

Blue is the main antagonist of the General Blue Saga.


General Blue is a tall, blond-haired (the shade of blond varying between golden blond in the manga and light blond in the anime), blue-eyed man with a handsome appearance. He also has a muscular build, even without his powering up. He usually wears a uniform composed of a brown double-breasted suit and red tie (black in the manga and The Path to Power), a brown double-layered officer's cap with the Red Ribbon Army logo prominently displayed (with the 1990s remake of Dr. Slump giving the bottom layer a blue color), a Red Ribbon Army logo patch on one of his shoulders (right shoulder in the anime, left in the manga) a black belt (brown in the manga) with a side-strap on the right shoulder as well as a gold (Silver in Path to Power and the 1990s remake of Dr. Slump.) circular belt buckle depicting an eagle alongside a smaller buckle colored the same (gold in the anime, silver in the manga and Path to Power, with the only exception being the 1990s remake of Dr. Slump, where the smaller buckle was colored gold instead of silver), blue horse-riding trousers, and black jackboots. He also possesses a blue armband on his left arm with his name on it. Unlike the other members of the Red Ribbon Army, General Blue does not wear a red bandana around the arm or neck. He also has slight eyelashes near the edges of his eyes, a subtle hint at his effeminate, homosexual nature.

Out of all the redesigns in the Path to Power, Blue's redesign resembles his anime counterpart the most. The only significant differences are that he was slightly slimmer than in the anime and manga, and his hairstyle is slightly longer. Coincidentally, the redesign also resembled Barry Kahn.

In Mystical Adventure, he wears a completely different uniform, owing to him being a member of the Mifan Army. The uniform in question resembles a cross between a samurai outfit and a Roman Centurion.



General Blue responding to an incoming dispatch while getting ready

General Blue is based on German militaries, more specifically those within Nazi Germany, as implied in the VIZ manga translation through his spoken line "Auf Wiedersehen" just before departing to leave Bulma and the others to die of an explosive, which essentially means "Goodbye" in German. It is possible that this character was based on Adolf Hitler's ideal men and belief that blonde-haired, blue-eyed people (Aryans) are superior to other races as seen in his feats of superhuman strength and psychic abilities. Even his sexuality (although never explicitly revealed) could be inspired by the Sturmabteilung (S.A.) "Brownshirt" stormtrooper division within the Nazi Party, seeing how his outfit was similar to an S.A. trooper (which was itself derived from uniforms originally intended for use by the Schutztruppe stationed in the African colonies belonging to what was originally Imperial Germany before the results of World War I had them being sold cheaply). His sexuality, in that case, may also stem from the fact that S.A. leader, Ernst Röhm was homosexual, and that the unit itself was known to have a high percentage of homosexual members. On a similar note, General Blue's unit being an implied maritime unit may be related to the SA-Marines, a division of the Sturmabteilung tied to maritime duties, and having an expanded uniform design to themselves. His physical appearance itself bore some resemblance to Gustaf Gründgens, a German stage actor who had a complicated relationship with the Nazis largely due to being a far-left radical who has contributed to Marxist plays as well as openly practicing homosexuality and such being an open secret in the German theater group, yet Hermann Goring protecting him from Nazi persecution for unknown reasons.


General Blue ordering the execution of a man for picking his nose

General Blue is very persistent and loyal to the Red Ribbon Army, and he tracked Goku through more than seven episodes of obstacles to obtain the Dragon Balls, even returning to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, so he could give Commander Red the Dragon Radar, despite failing to get the Dragon Balls themselves. While loyal, he also was shown to not be privy to the underlying reasons behind his orders, as made clear in the Japanese version where he replies to Bulma's demand to know why his group needed the Dragon Balls that even he doesn't know why Commander Red desires them, nor does he really care since it's "not in their place to know." Despite his loyalty to the Red Ribbon Army, however, he is not above doing mercenary work on the side, as implied in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 where he tells Mercenary Tao "If you're the best mercenary in the world, then I'm the best mercenary in the universe!". On a similar note, he is also not above trying to enrich himself, at least in the anime, as when the Pirate Cave was collapsing and he got a direct look at the full extent of the pirate treasure, he deeply considered hoarding the treasure solely for himself when he originally intended to gain it for the benefit of the Red Ribbon Army before being forced to abandon it after narrowly surviving being buried under rubble (in the manga, while he does still try to retrieve the treasure, he was mostly doing it to salvage something out of his overall failure in gaining the Dragon Ball in the cave, implying he still intended to provide it for the Red Ribbon Army ultimately.). In the Japanese anime as well as the manga, owing to his high rank within the Red Ribbon Army, he was firmly aware of Red's intolerance for delays and failure, as he warned a Tiger soldier under his command that Red will be very furious with him and his unit should they not find the Dragon Ball soon (the English dub tones this down by having him be personally annoyed by the lack of progress and berate his solders as lame while implying he's the only one capable of doing anything in the area without even mentioning Red.).

Blue's hobby is shown to be karaoke,[2] and he seems to be a flower lover, as evidenced by his staring at and eventually sniffing a jar of roses. He also at times uses flowers as a subtle method of threatening his soldiers, as when briefing them on their new mission to locate Goku and Bulma's submarine as well as the dragon ball, and also to capture Master Roshi's island, he proceeded to grab a rose and then crush its head in his hand before scattering the petals in front of them as a visual demonstration of failing their mission or any of his orders would immediately result in their execution. It is implied in the English Dub that he prefers to wear bikini trunks when having to go into the water, and otherwise wants to avoid getting wet (in the Japanese version and manga, he was actually concerned about whether it the water was clean or ocean water due to the latter proving hazardous to human skin, and his "admiring his reflection" was him sighing in resignation that he ultimately has no other choice but to dive in). Blue is also disgusted of vermin and rodents such as mice, which led to his downfall in his first battle with Goku. To lesser extent, he, at least in the anime, was also shown to be disgusted with bodily wastes, as evidenced by his being disgusted and terrified by Arale trying to give him poop on a stick after his stolen car ended up smashed by her by accident. Blue may have been a germophobe in at least the anime, as shortly after ordering for a soldier to be executed for nose-picking, he orders a nearby crocodile soldier to decontaminate the workplace of its former occupant.

Along with his effeminate behavior and mannerisms, he was a perfectionist who was extremely obsessed with his looks; enough for him to qualify as a narcissist, being especially evident when admiring his reflection a few times, as well as his reaction when Krillin wounded him in the English dub. In the Manga and Japanese anime, similar to Nappa, he seems to react badly when he manages to get a lowly wound such as a nosebleed despite being a General due to it betraying his rank. Related to his narcissism, he also tends to get very angry whenever people mock or belittle him such as calling him weird, which can be inferred with his comment to Bulma and Krillin after the latter two deduced his sexual preferences, as well as his exchange with 18 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and to a lesser extent when he scolded a soldier in the Japanese version for praising him for being unhurt due to the implication that he could potentially be killed easily in combat. He was also shown to be extremely confident in his abilities, to the extent that, in the Japanese version before meeting his ultimate fate upon returning to the Red Ribbon Army HQ, he boasted to a nearby soldier who noted he was unhurt that he cannot be killed easily. Blue was also very strict and militant (although not to the extent of Commander Red), ordering his men executed for crimes very trivial (once executing a man for nose picking), and also implying another time that he'll kill anyone who fails to deliver a report about Goku on time. He also may be somewhat insane and sadistic, as evidenced when he privately tells himself how much he loves gunshots and people dying after he sent the soldier who picked his nose to be executed. His sadism is further demonstrated when having Goku at his mercy and preparing to kill him with a shotgun, where he deliberately takes his time in pulling the trigger for his shotgun in order to take ecstasy in Bulma and Krillin's fear, as well as later when trying to impale Goku, where he chuckles repeatedly when approaching with the sharpened log. He has another executed for missing a target twice with torpedoes, and he personally executes a soldier who hides from Goku and Krillin for cowardice (and possibly also for sleeping on the job, at least in the English dub). Because of his militancy, he also conducts actions during battle that would technically be considered unfair if it ensures his victory, as evidenced by his telling Bulma when she protested his paralyzing Krillin via staring at him that there are no rules to cheat in regarding a duel to the death. Likewise, at least in the English dub, he also does not believe in fighting fair due to believing it to be the "last resort of the weak", as evidenced by his response to Goku when demanding he stop complaining about a mouse and fight fairly.

Presumably, he is very abusive and disrespectful towards his underlings as, in the anime, he knocked a soldier who attempted to speak with him into a wall and declared that it is very difficult to sneak up upon a general and at the same time keep [the soldier's] teeth, as well as implied that this was not the first time this happened (though it should be noted that in the Japanese version, Blue, while still giving the same warning and insult, was slightly less threatening towards the soldier). When giving his speech before dispatching Company A to Kame House and Company B to pursue Goku and his friends, he also implied that he considers his soldiers failing Blue to be far worse than the soldiers failing themselves. In the English dub, just before meeting his ultimate fate upon returning to the Red Ribbon Army HQ, he also scolds a soldier when addressing him (with the specific reason varying between versions, with the English dub having him scold the soldier for fake sympathy and claiming he knew they wanted him gone from the start, and the Japanese version boasting that he cannot die easily.). Nonetheless, he was willing to support his troops and boost their morale for the Red Ribbon Army, as evidenced by his rallying speech to the soldiers under his command upon entering the Pirate Cave. In addition, he also had some degree of care for his soldiers, as evidenced by his being reluctant to see what befell the same soldiers when they were killed.

According to Commander Red, General Blue was also a brilliant strategist, which was showcased when he drew a fake arrow to draw Goku away from his friends so he could corner them, and earlier his deduction that the cave had another path when discovering via his men the arrow floor trap. Similarly, he also very quickly deduced from seeing Goku's sub approach a cave that the dragon ball was most likely located inside the cave, and also stole the radar largely because he realized its effectiveness due him being detected by Goku with the radar. Likewise, although he initially believed that he could handle Goku despite being given orders not to underestimate him, his witnessing the boy take out two of his officers had him heed his orders to not underestimate his abilities. He also held at least a degree of respect for Goku and Krillin's fighting abilities, at least prior to his first fight with them, as he noted that the two were "darn good" for kids after witnessing them put up a fight against the Pirate Robot, and even acknowledged that Goku specifically made a "very worthy opponent". In the manga, he was also shown to stutter when agitated. In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, during a special match against GT Goku, he oddly enough seemed to lack any hostility towards the newly de-aged Goku, and even seemed to be pleased by Goku denouncing him as not manly for resorting to cowardly techniques, and even seemed to like the idea of being beaten by him in his lose quote. Whether he is aware of his evil nature or not is ambiguous. When confronting Goku for the first time, he mentions in the Japanese version that Goku will soon learn how "terrible" he truly can be to others, implying he was to some level aware of how heinous he is. Despite this, in Dragon Ball GT, also in the Japanese version, he seems to think he might end up going to Heaven this time when waiting at the check-in station (causing a sarcastic retort from Black about how he'll be "God" if Blue gets into heaven). His loss quote in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has him saying it felt kind of nice before laughing himself unconscious, implying he may have had masochistic tendencies.


Blue rejects Bulma's advances.

He is implied to be homosexual, as evidenced by his fearful and disgusted reactions to Bulma trying to seduce him, and to a lesser extent his narcissism. However, when accused of being homosexual by Bulma and Krillin, he either twitch slightly at the remark and then angrily says "Wh-Who are you c-calling... You Know What? Do you know what happens if you anger me!?" (manga); or he has a shocked expression and briefly twitches in rage while saying "You said what you should not have said! Do you have any idea what happens if you make me angry?!" (Japanese anime), implying that he may have been closeted. On a related note, largely due to his implied sexuality, he also is shown to have slightly effeminate traits, such as chuckling effeminately, and, at least in the FUNimation dub, speaking in a very flamboyant manner. In the Japanese manga, he also uses phraseology that's generally reserved for women.

Blue has shown himself to be extremely misogynistic, as evidenced by expressing annoyance at Arale's presence when scouting out her father's lab in the English dub, as well as his aforementioned reactions to Bulma's attempts at seducing him. In the Japanese version, Bulma implies that his misogyny was tied directly to his homosexuality.[1] On a similar note, in the manga, his threat towards Bulma was more severe, outright telling her that he intended to kill her slowly for her attempted actions towards him. On a related note, he freely admits during his first encounter with Arale in the Japanese version of the anime that he considers both girls and poop to be his top two most loathed elements. Due to his misogynistic attitude, he believes that women have no place within the Red Ribbon Army, despite the Army having female members like Colonel Violet and employing female mercenaries like Hasky. Blue also implies in the English dub while fighting Krillin that he had picked fights with girl scouts. Despite his revulsion towards females, however, he was at least capable of acknowledging them in-so-far as viewing them as a potential threat, as when being debriefed over the recovery of two Red Ribbon Army pilots who were shot down by Goku, when learning from one of the soldiers sent to recover them that they mentioned that a woman had been involved in their being shot down, Blue immediately took notice and demanded to know what capabilities she had, also making clear in at least the Japanese version that he was willing to risk killing the critically wounded soldiers as long as he got that intel. Similarly, in the Japanese version while scouting out the house, he explicitly notes that things could turn ugly if he's not careful after noticing both Goku and Arale [both of whom he encountered earlier], implying that he recognizes her as being a threat in combat against him. It should be noted that both instances only occurred in the anime. At one point, in the Japanese version, Blue also proceeded to crush on Obotchaman, implying that he was also a pedophile (although, as his spurn-induced telling off of Obotchaman has him merely refer to him as "shorty", it's also likely that he merely mistook him for a dwarfen man). Some games such as Budokai Tenkaichi 3 also further this implied pedophilia with some of his opening remarks to Kid Trunks, with the latter being creeped out by his comments. In the VIZ translation of the manga, he also implies that he's even more disgusted with men who possess androgynous appearances, as he responds to Bulma's false claim to being male that he deemed that to be "a freak of nature."

In certain video games, General Blue has demonstrated an attraction to Trunks and/or Future Trunks even noting in Dokkan Battle that Future Trunks is just his type. In Dokkan Battle, he is shown to be aggressive in his advances towards Future Trunks forcing Future Trunks to defend himself. Even after being defeated, General Blue refuses to give up on making Future Trunks his indicating he does not handle rejection well and will force his desires upon those he finds attractive, unless they are strong enough to resist. This was also highlighted in the Japanese version, where he explicitly refers to Obotchaman as being his type, and after Obotchaman fixes the car, Blue, in an obvious attempt at luring him away to be molested, offered to take the robot somewhere to eat or to get him "pretty clothes", and when Obotchaman, ever oblivious, left him in the dust, Blue bitterly stated he was just a country bumpkin anyway.

While there is not much of an addition to his role in the manga, his personality is slightly different in the anime. In the manga, Blue is portrayed not just like a flamboyant comical man, but as a far more serious, deceitful and clever villain. On a similar note, the FUNimation dub makes him slightly more flamboyant and effeminate as well as heightening his narcissism. The anime also tended to emphasize his perfectionist attitude and to a certain extent his sadism, such as the aforementioned incident where he backhanded a messenger into a wall for "sneaking up" on him or giving insulting further orders to Captain Dark to lose weight due to not tolerating obesity within his unit.

In Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Lieutenant Blue is shown to be harsh but fair individual, genuinely loyal to Emperor Chiaotzu.


Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]


General Blue contacting Scout 0-1, a Jet Chopper looking for Goku

General Blue is first seen getting a report from his superior, Commander Red, where he is tasked with assassinating Goku, also being informed of Colonel Silver and General White's defeats at the hands of the simian boy. Although he initially thinks Goku's not a challenge, he briefly witnessed Goku take out two of his soldiers and, knowing Goku's abilities and General White's defeat, Blue vows to not underestimate him. Blue when being debriefed on the recovering of the aforementioned two soldiers also learned that Goku had a female accomplice and demanded that they get any intel on her from them, making clear that he does not care if they end up killed from the resulting interrogation from their severe injuries or not. He also tasked to locate the inventor of the Dragon Radar and abduct him so the Red Ribbon Army could get the Dragon Balls faster, and he eventually resorts to spying on the Kame House with binoculars, due to Master Roshi being believed to have been its inventor. Blue orders Captain Dark and his troops to check the house, while insulting him because of his weight. Afterwards, he trails Goku and company into the Pirate Cave in search of Dragon Balls.

As Blue and his men go further inside the cave, they encounter an arrow room trap, where most of Blue's men could not advance past that point, however, Blue finds a secret passageway and manages to skip the trap. When Goku separated from his friends, Blue finds Krillin and Bulma with the Pirate Treasure, telling them he will take it instead. Bulma was instantly attracted to his handsome appearance, although he did not return the affection and if anything expressed horror and disgust towards the girl, causing her and Krillin to suspect his homosexual status, much to his chagrin. Krillin then challenges Blue and manages to give him a nose bleed after some effort, which frustrates Blue, embarrassed that he has actually been damaged. Blue in complete anger then uses his telekinetic powers to freeze Krillin. During the battle, Bulma tries to distract him by wiggling her buttocks at him, but it does not distract him in the slightest and instead resulted at his reacting in disgust at Bulma, hinting that he may be homosexual. Blue then yells at her for claiming to be a man (in the dub, this was changed to claiming to be a powerful Sumo Wrestler). He then implies he was considering letting Bulma leave, but that because of her attempts at seducing him, he will kill her (and possibly do worse things to her beforehand), although not before he "repays" Krillin's making him bleed by killing him first. General Blue then prepares to finish him off with a large rock, until Goku arrives and saves Krillin.


General Blue standing over a pile of rubble with Goku underneath

Goku starts to fight Blue (with Blue landing the first hit after a backfired attempt by Bulma regarding distracting him) and eventually overpowers him after a fight. Blue quickly realizes that Goku is too strong, and paralyzes him with his telekinetic stare. He then attempts to slowly beat him to death, although after realizing he has to do an "abridged version" due to the cave's imminent collapse, he releases a capsule containing a long-barrel Ithaca M37 pump-action shotgun, which he holds next to Goku's face, ordering Bulma to inform him of the Dragon Ball's location or Goku will get a bullet in his head. A terrified Bulma tells Blue where the Dragon Ball is hidden, but General Blue goes back on his promise and insists he will shoot Goku anyway. Luckily for Goku, just before Blue can pull the trigger, he spots a mouse and loses his concentration, startled and running around the cave in a frightened frenzy. When Goku breaks out of Blue's telekinesis, Blue attempts to regain control of the fight with his psychic powers, but Goku pokes him in the eyes and punches him into the cave wall, which knocks him out. He regains consciousness and considers stealing the Pirate's treasure, presumably for the Red Ribbon Army, but decides against it and escapes from the cave. He somehow survives the collapse of the pirate's lair and, after executing the sole remaining soldier at the camp for hiding from Goku, Bulma, and Krillin, trails the heroes to Kame House, where he is successful in stealing the Dragon Radar and collecting the Dragon Balls. He leaves a bomb with them at Kame House to ensure that the gang does not attempt to stop him in case they break free of the ropes he telekinetically brought to life to bind them earlier.


Blue attacks Mercenary Tao

While flying in his aircraft, Goku, who had escaped from his ropes, chases after Blue on his Flying Nimbus, with Blue in great surprise. While Blue attempts to shake Goku off of his trail, he forgets to notice which direction he is flying, and crashes into a mountain, however, he survives. Eventually, he and Goku ends up in Penguin Village, in a cross-over segment combining Dragon Ball and Akira Toriyama's earlier manga Dr. Slump. After crashing in the village, Blue considers the possibility of using a tank to conquer it within a single day due to its backwardness. He then encounters Sourman, whom he easily intimidates into giving him his car by crushing a phone booth. However, the car ended up breaking down mid-transit, forcing him to stop and try to fix it up. He later has the car fixed up by Obotchaman, whom he ends up having an attraction to. Blue then attempts to lure him away to be molested by offering to "reward" Obotchaman to have a bite to eat, as well as shop for "pretty clothes" for him to wear, only for the robot to refuse twice due to not needing anything in return and promptly leaving Blue in the dust in order to get back to his delivery job before the latter could stop him, much to his irritation. Soon, he is nearly arrested by the police due to driving Sourman's car without a permit; his personal items having been left behind at the collapsing Pirate Cave. His superhuman strength and martial arts prowess prevents the police from successfully placing him in custody. He then steals a police car due to Sourman's car being damaged by him earlier. Shortly later, Arale Norimaki and the Gatchans manage to take out Blue by accident, also scaring him, especially after her offering him poop on a stick. Next, General Blue attacks Senbei Norimaki's house in order to steal a plane. He then encounters Goku by accident after the latter opened up the freezer, he had been hiding in. He then attempted to hold Arale hostage with a combat knife to ensure he got the plane (despite secretly being intimidated by Goku's insistence on letting her go). Senbei, however, attempted to warn Blue that using a knife to threaten Arale was a very bad idea, although Blue, misunderstanding what Senbei was trying to communicate, tells him that he's "full of bad ideas" before warning him not to seek them out (implying that he intends to kill Arale if Senbei or Goku made a wrong move on him), before Senbei stated he didn't mean that, causing Blue to wonder why no one takes him seriously. Just then, however, to Blue's shock, Arale proceeded to lick the blade, which had been what Senbei had been warning him of earlier. He then decided to settle an old score with Goku, eventually using his special technique again, paralyzing Goku. He then upended a palm tree and moved in to finish Goku off, but he ends up being headbutted in the abdomen by Arale instead and is sent flying and crashing into an Egypt-like land. Nonetheless, he supplied a report to mission control and informed him that, although the Dragon Balls are still at large, he nonetheless managed to steal the Dragon Radar. Mission control then congratulated him on this success and told him to immediately report back to base. However, Blue broke down in tears because he realizes he doesn't even know where he's at, let alone how to get back to the Red Ribbon Army's headquarters from there. As such, he then took his time to get back to base, including being forced to steal a plane and then a car before eventually somehow gaining a camel. On the way back, obviously due to the intense heat of the desert, he started complaining about his hair having "split ends" and vowed revenge on Goku for this.

When he returns to the army's headquarters (through the use of a camel and an umbrella), he is confronted by two guards at the main gate, not recognizing Blue, and thus threaten him to leave. In response, Blue elbows one of the soldiers into the wall, killing him. The other soldier finally recognizes Blue and opens the gate for him. His response varies between versions: in the dub, he scolds the surviving soldier for trying to fake eagerly awaiting his return, claiming he knew they wanted him gone in the first place; while in the original version, he merely stated that he can't die easily. Red then scolds Blue for even bothering to return for duty (although Blue initially misinterprets Red's outburst as him literally inquiring how he managed to return and attempted to explain the journey before Red cut him off) after failing to kill Goku and being "empty handed". Blue reminds Red that he did steal Goku’s radar and proceeded to explain its properties, and thus how it will make their finding the Dragon Balls far easier. When Blue hands over the Dragon Radar to Commander Red, Red congratulates him on finding the Dragon Radar, but notes his main mission was to collect the Dragon Balls and says that people are executed for failure.

Blue becomes terrified at the possibility of execution. However, he is relieved when he learns that, since Commander Red says that he had served the army well in the past, and that if he fought Tao and won, he would be able to redeem himself. When the fight begins, Commander Red and Staff Officer Black watch in horror as Tao easily dodges Blue's flurry of punches, with not even Blue's special ability having any significant effect on Tao. Tao eventually kills Blue by sticking his tongue on a pressure point on General Blue's temple. It should be noted that in the manga, Blue never got an opportunity to use his special ability due to Tao immediately using his tongue attack on Blue after the latter attempted to land the first strike.

Fortuneteller Baba Saga[]

Commander Red, Staff Officer Black, General Blue

General Blue in a flashback

General Blue appears in a flashback when Bulma tells Grandpa Gohan about Goku's feats since they knew about the Dragon Balls.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Supreme Kai of Time Saga[]

Hirudegarn defeats General Blue

General Blue being attacked by Hirudegarn in the Super Space-Time Tournament

An incarnation of General Blue appears as one of the competitors in the Super Space-Time Tournament, along with Mercenary Tao, Ninja Murasaki, Colonel Silver, General White, Buyon, and Major Metallitron. In the manga, Blue knocked away by Hirudegarn, who intruded in the tournament. As a result of his team failing to advance to the second round of the tournament, Blue and his space-time were erased.

Dragon Ball GT[]

Super 17 Saga[]


General Blue in his rocket ship in Dragon Ball GT

General Blue has a brief appearance when the portal to Hell is opened by Dr. Gero (a former Red Ribbon Army scientist) and Dr. Myuu, and most of the previous villains' escape.


General Blue with Staff Officer Black in the Check-in station in Dragon Ball GT

After he and several other Red Ribbon Army members are killed again by Pan with barely any effort on her part, he is seen speaking to Staff Officer Black in front of the Check-In Station while King Yemma is busy stamping villains back into Hell. The work load is heavily packed as all the villains are on a long line extending out of Yemma's domain. As Yemma announces his frustration, General Blue and Staff Officer Black are chatting while in line. Staff Officer Black declares that it did not take long for all of them to be defeated and sent straight back to Hell, referring to everyone in line as "losers". General Blue responds by reminding him that he's also in line with all those losers. They are all awaiting to meet their fate together.

Later, Blue is seen in Hell, approaching Piccolo alongside Major Metallitron, Nappa, and Staff Officer Black.

Film appearances[]

Mystical Adventure[]


Lieutenant Blue in Mystical Adventure, bowing to Emperor Chiaotzu

Lieutenant Blue is one of Emperor Chiaotzu's loyal guards. He wears a Mifan Army uniform, and his role is of a supporting protagonist. Lieutenant Blue is shown in the beginning of the film harassing a trucker who refused to show his luggage, and then giving a quick apology upon finding out trucker does not have Chiaotzu's missing doll/wife Ran Ran. Lieutenant Blue warns Emperor Chiaotzu about Master Shen's plans to use his army to collect the Dragon Balls in order to take over the kingdom after discovering Ran Ran inside of Shen's bedroom. When Shen learns about this, he gets angry and sends General Tao to threaten Blue. Lieutenant Blue uses his psychic powers against the general, but they prove useless. Blue then charges with his sword to attack Tao, but he is quickly killed by a pressure point attack from General Tao (in the same way as in the original series).

The Path to Power[]


A redesigned General Blue in The Path to Power

General Blue first appears on a Red Ribbon Naval ship shortly before being blown away by Master Roshi's MAX Power Kamehameha. However, he manages to survive and captures Goku's group. Back at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, General Blue is executed on Commander Red's orders by some low-level privates who drag him in a room and shoot him to death; not even the fact that General Blue had just given Commander Red five of the seven Dragon Balls was not enough to make up for the fact that he missed one lying buried in sand nearby. However, it was implied the true reason for Red's execution of Blue was because the latter had unintentionally and unknowingly infuriated Red by approaching him and delivering the balls in person due to his significant height difference, due to Red's self-loathing of his own height and especially his hatred of much taller people than himself.

Super Hero[]

Super Hero - Goku punches General Blue

General Blue defeated by Goku in Super Hero

General Blue makes a cameo appearance during the Red Ribbon Army recap where he is defeated by Goku in the Pirate Cave.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

Dokkan Battle[]

Telekinetic Rampage

General Blue meets Future Trunks in Dokkan Battle

In Area 12, General Blue appears as a boss who can only be encountered on Z-Hard difficulty. He is found in a secret area along with Guldo, Shugesh, and a Frieza Soldier. Future Trunks and his partner find him apparently lost and trying to get back to Red Ribbon Army HQ to deliver something important, implying he was brought to the present time by the dimensional distortion that the Time Patrol is investigating for King Kai. Unaware of his affiliation to the Red Ribbon Army, Future Trunks asks if he is alright, only for Blue to become smitten with Future Trunks as he notes Future Trunks is just his type and declares the young man will be his. However, Future Trunks and his partner manage to defeat General Blue in self-defense. General Blue decides to retreat though declares he hasn't given up on making Future Trunks his. Future Trunks is left confused by his behavior.


Manga and anime

General Blue is a "Kenpō master".[2] He is considered the strongest Red Ribbon officer other than possibly Staff Officer Black. Aside from his accomplished martial arts, General Blue has special psychic techniques which allows him to temporarily paralyze people so they can't move. He used this to his advantage to temporarily immobilize Goku. However, at least in the anime, this technique seems to have little to no effect against stronger opponents, such as Mercenary Tao, who only felt some minor discomfort shaking off the technique. His psychic abilities made him a dangerous enemy for young Goku and Krillin. Blue was able to defeat Krillin, post 21st World Martial Arts tournament, with seeming ease, and also managed to hold his own against Goku (the anime even going so far as to have him land several hits on Goku, albeit with accidental help from Bulma, while the manga had him largely proving resistant enough to Goku's punching him in the gut to sarcastically compliment him and then attempt a counterattack via a leg-sweep kick), although the latter eventually forced him to use his psychic powers. He was also easily outmaneuvered and killed by Mercenary Tao. His psychic powers were also such that he can make ordinary ropes nearly indestructible and inescapable when bound to people without help as well as the effects being such that they last even while he was fairly far away, which is also further supported by Goku only being able to break out of Blue's paralysis after Arale forcibly launched the Red Ribbon General far beyond the horizon. Blue implies with his mentioning "enhanced mental capabilities" prior to telekinetically tying up the Dragon Ball Gang at Roshi's house in the English dub that his potent psychic powers were the result of artificial experimentation to draw them out, which fits with the army's other research projects to increase its military power such as the development of Androids. On a similar note, he was also implied to be capable of suppressing his ki to some level, as he proceeded to ambush Goku, Krillin, Bulma, Turtle, and Master Roshi, the latter being a master at Martial Arts, with the Japanese version even having Roshi mention that he couldn't even sense Blue beforehand.

He also possesses superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, as implied with his being able to survive being electrocuted by a Giant Electric Eel and then killing it with his bare hands, as well as apparently surviving/escaping from the Pirate's Cave's collapse despite being near the core of the cave, him jumping out of a jet-copter over Kame House at a massive enough height that he had to use binoculars to determine whether Kame Island was below and landing on his feet, surviving an aircraft collision into a mountain at high speed and later being knocked all the way from Penguin Village to Egypt with comparatively minimal injuries (namely, minor scratches all over his body as well as one wound on his forehead that was large enough to require a cross-shaped bandage). Other demonstrations of his superhuman strength are when he effortlessly crushes a phone booth in front of Sourman, manages to damage Sourman's car in a confrontation with the police, and picks up a tree with his bare hands with the intention of impaling Goku with it. General Blue is also capable of bulking up his body at will.

He was also shown to be a skilled pilot, due to his utilizing various flying maneuvers to challenge even Goku while he was riding the Flying Nimbus in pursuit.

By the time of his revival from Hell during the Super 17 Saga, General Blue was indicated to be vastly inferior to Pan, the granddaughter of Goku, to the extent that her merely flying by him was more than enough to vaporize him.

He was considered at least powerful enough to be included in the Super Space-Time Tournament and in the manga, he was able to last during Vegeta and Goku's fight (with his teammates Ninja Murasaki and General White being effortlessly wiped away by them). However, he was no match to the intruding Hirudegarn, being effortlessly knocked away by the Phantom Majin.


In The Path to Power, although he doesn't seem to use his psychic powers at all and was taken out by a firing squad, he was still shown to have significant enough endurance to be hit by Master Roshi's MAX Kamehameha and survive (albeit with a largely destroyed uniform), which had been powerful enough to destroy his entire fleet, and was also shown to be sufficient enough in hand-to-hand combat to take out Yamcha (although it should be noted that a large part of Blue's ease in defeating Yamcha was because the latter was paralyzed with fear of Bulma due to his fear of girls, thus preventing him from ambushing Blue from behind).

Statements according to authors and guidebooks

The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Blue has a power level of 180.

Video games

In Xenoverse 2, aside from the reference to his and Krillin's fight, Krillin mentions that in the present day, should Blue still be alive and they fight, Blue would not have defeated Krillin as easily and implies that he has surpassed Blue which makes sense as Krillin is one of the strongest pure Earthlings alive and capable of defeating low class Saiyans like Raditz (as he could kill several Saibamen who all where equal in strength to Raditz) and soldiers of the Frieza Force all of which greatly surpass even the Red Ribbon Army's best soldiers (General Blue himself included). Krillin also refers to Blue as a psychic soldier for the Red Ribbon Army in reference to his psychic abilities. A similar reference was made in a special interaction between the two in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where Blue declares his intent to kill him this time, while Krillin makes clear he won't let Blue defeat him easily this time. In Dokkan Battle, Blue is shown to be inferior in strength to Future Trunks (albeit with some help from a partner), the latter easily fighting off his advances while overall being oblivious to Blue's attraction to him.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Flight – Used in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball Heroes, and World Mission.
    • Hikou - Used in Dokkan Battle
  • I'll Shoot You! – The user takes out a large Rocket Launcher or a shotgun, and fires it at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.
  • Skewer! – Blue uses his Psychic Eyes technique on his opponent, which leaves them paralyzed, and then he takes a sharpened tree and slams it into his opponent.

Rocket Engine Spark

  • Rocket Engine Spark – First, General Blue kicks his opponent into the air, and pulls out a capsule. He then gets into the Thunder Rocket and his opponent chases after him. He then says, "Ignite rocket engine!" and releases a stream of fire from the rocket, inflicting a great deal of damage.
  • Hypnosis Technique – Used in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.
  • Telekinesis – A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
    • Psychic Eyes – It allows Blue to temporarily paralyze people, so they do not move when he is attacking them. His aura is blue while using it, and his eyes temporarily flash. The effects of the paralysis last so long as Blue maintains significant concentration on his opponent. In addition, if he is to be blinded in any way before he can use the technique, it will not come into effect.
      • Two Shot Telekinesis - Like with Psychic Eyes, Blue's aura is blue while using it, and his eyes temporarily flash. Unlike Psychic Eyes, however, Two Shot Telekinesis does not directly paralyze the opponent. Instead, it is used to gain telekinetic control over objects such as rope and make them move about and tie people up on their own. It can also enhance ordinary binding objects such as the rope to become indestructible (and in the anime, changing the rope's color to blue) short of outside help, and even there it required a knife to cut through. According to Master Roshi, the effects of the ropes were also such that they also bound the pressure points, thus sapping anyone caught in them of their strength.
    • Psychic Rock Throw – Used in Advanced Adventure.
  • I'm The Worst! – Blue activates the ability by gripping his shoulders as if hugging himself, and then proceeding to scrunch down and tighten his hands.
  • Pump Up - A power up technique where the user pumps up their muscles.



General Blue's Shotgun

  • Ithaca M37 pump-action shotgun - It has a slow rate of fire but the shells it fires are incredibly powerful.[2]
  • Bazooka[2] - Colonel Silver's Bazooka, used by General Blue in several video games.
  • Jet-copter - A Red Ribbon Army-owned aircraft that were utilized by the Blue Corps.
  • Time Bomb: An old fashioned looking time bomb with high destructive power.[2] It was implied to be particularly heavy, presumably as a deterrent against someone simply lifting it up and disposing of it, as Launch when trying to dispose of it at the others request began to tire and struggle lifting it barely a few feet off the ground and considered simply putting it in the garbage can until Bulma said that's not going to work.
  • Thunder Rocket - Anti-gravitational aircraft designed for one person, not equipped with any weapons, it is used for long-distance travel.[2]
  • Knife - General Blue carries a combat knife that he uses to hold Arale hostage despite Senbei's warning General Blue it was a bad idea as Arale licks the blade without injury to General Blue's shock and horror (General Blue was unaware Arale is an Android).
  • Dragon Radar - General Blue was able to steal the Dragon Radar invented by Bulma which he later brought back to the Red Ribbon Army headquarters to give to Commander Red as Blue recognized the usefulness of the portable Dragon Radar over the Red Ribbon Army's Global Dragon Radar. He also implied that he intended to use it to find the remaining Dragon Balls when explaining its properties, but he ultimately never got the chance to do so, largely due to being forced into a duel to the death with Mercenary Tao due to his failure to retrieve the Dragon Balls themselves.
  • Jetpack - General Blue uses a jetpack to fly in battle in Dokkan Battle.

Appearances in other media[]

Dr. Slump remake[]

General Blue Dr Slump Remake

General Blue in the Dr. Slump remake

General Blue appears in the remade 1990s version of Dr. Slump. He teams up with Ninja Murasaki and together they manage to summon Shenron, but they end up fighting over the wish and ultimately causes them both to fail in getting the wish. Although his overall design in Dr. Slump was the same as in the manga and the anime, the bottom portion of his cap was recolored blue, and he was given a silver belt buckle.

Video Game Appearances[]


General Blue in Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen

In Gokuden and its remake, General Blue replaces General White as the boss of the Muscle Tower.

In Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Origins 2, Shōnen-hen, Advanced Adventure, and Revenge of King Piccolo, Blue is a boss. In addition to his role in the main story of Origins 2, Blue appears teamed with Colonel Silver in the Muscle Tower survival mode of Origins 2.

In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, General Blue has his own storyline where he is stealing Dragon Balls and hiding out at Penguin Village, where he fights Goku and Arale. Due to gameplay mechanics, he is shown flying when fighting opponents, despite not actually knowing how to fly without the aid of machines in the Manga or Anime. Blue also has several special interactions with several characters:

  • Like in the series, Blue has a disgust for women in Budokai Tenkaichi 3: when he is paired up with Fasha, Videl, or Zangya, he makes an outcry telling them to not come near him. Saying "Disgusting!!" as well, leaving the girls confused about him. He does not do this to Android 18 (though he has a different dialogue with her), Pan (however she makes a remark about him by calling him weird), or Chi-Chi.
    • Regarding 18, 18 mentions that she had heard about Blue from her husband Krillin (referring to Blue as "the weird guy", presumably referring to his homosexuality), with Blue evidently taking offense at her remark and stating she said something that offended him and asking her if she even realizes what happens if she angers him. If Blue beats 18, Blue will answer that it comes with severe consequences.
  • If Krillin is his opponent, Blue will recognize him and make clear he intends to kill Krillin this time, while Krillin vows not to let him be beaten by Blue again. If Blue wins, Blue will mockingly ask if he can pat Krillin's bald head. This win quote is erroneously reused against GT Goku.
  • If he and Future Trunks are paired up, there is a special dialogue with Blue saying "I'm back from the underworld, you can't escape" while chuckling in an effeminate manner. Trunks responds by saying "Why do I have to do this" in a creeped-out manner. Winning as Blue will have him laugh effeminately while declaring Trunks to be "his." Similarly, he also comments on Kid Trunks' appearance if paired up, leaving the latter creeped out to the extent of noticing that it got cold all of a sudden.
  • Blue fights Tao, depending on whether it's standard Mercenary Tao or Cyborg Tao, Blue will have varying dialogue with Tao. With the former, Blue implies that he does mercenary work on the side due to his claiming that if Tao is the best mercenary in the world, then Blue himself is the best mercenary in the Universe, while Tao sarcastically says it's nice to defeat him, and references the tongue attack he used to kill Blue in the anime. Beating Tao will have Blue state that he put the latter's mind at ease. The latter will have Blue saying that Tao's really done it that time, with Tao saying that Blue's come to be killed. Winning against Cyborg Tao will have Blue state that he intends to beat the cybernetic assassin "black and blue" now that he's getting serious.
  • If Blue fights GT Goku, the latter admonishes Blue for always taking the cowardly approach and says that fails to make him look manly. Blue then stated Goku said some nice words. As noted above, if he wins the bout, it erroneously reuses his win quote against Krillin. If he loses to GT Goku, he admits the defeat felt kind of nice before laughing himself unconscious.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, his Red Ribbon Army uniform and cap are one of the available clothing and accessory options for the Future Warrior. If the Future Warrior talks to Cell wearing General Blue's outfit while he is their current Master, Cell will recognize it as Blue's Red Ribbon Uniform through Dr. Gero's data on the Red Ribbon Army and will even mention Blue's odd manner of death, being pierced in the head by a tongue, which causes Cell wonder if Gero's data is accurate due to it failing to mention Mercenary Tao's role in Blue's death.

In Dokkan Battle, Blue appears as a secret boss alongside Shugesh, Guido, and a Frieza Force soldier in Area 12: "Terror Returns" - "Telekinetic Rampage".

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, General Blue's outfit from Xenoverse returns as a clothing and accessory options for the Future Warrior. Krillin will be startled if the Future Warrior talks to him while wearing it and describes General Blue as a Psychic Soldier of the Red Ribbon Army and mentions being beaten by Blue in the past, though points out that he has long since surpassed the Red Ribbon Army General and suggests he would defeat Blue if he ever fought him again.

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • General Blue, Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan), Hit, Jiren and others vs. Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation)
Dragon Ball GT
  • General Blue, Major Metallitron, Staff Officer Black (Battle Jacket), and Captain Yellow vs. Pan
  • Lieutenant Blue vs. General Tao
  • General Blue and his fleet vs. Master Roshi (Max Power)


  • During the crossover episode "Strange Visitor", it is revealed that Blue has a long lost brother named Samue] when he confuses Obotchaman for his brother; this is only in the English dub, with the Japanese version having Blue be sexually attracted to Obatchaman. This change was made due to the original joke being seen as homophobic in the United States, as popular perception at the time the episode aired in Japan linked pedophilia with homosexuality. In the Latin Spanish dub for the same episode, however, Obotchaman was made into a girl while otherwise retaining the gist of Blue and Obotchaman's interactions, effectively to remove any hints of Blue being homosexual.
    • On a similar note, Blue's misogynistic interactions with Bulma, and to a lesser extent Arale (the latter in the anime only) as well as Bulma deducing he was homosexual from his reactions toward her was derived from a popular perception at the time the episode aired in Japan that linked misogyny to homosexuality in men.
    • One of the methods that Blue intended to "thank" Obatchaman in an unsubtle attempt at flirting with him in the Japanese version was offering to buy him pretty clothes for him to wear. This was most likely a reference to Max Bielas, a Nazi Concentration Camp official and one of the few open homosexuals within Hitler's regime post-Long Knives, who was notorious for keeping a harem of little boys and dressing them up like little princes and modeling their attire after princes, their barracks after dollhouses, and also doing a parody of the shepherds of Arcadia while doing their official job of tending to the Treblinka camp's flock of geese.
    • Similarly, the episode "The Pirate Treasure" had altered some dialogue from Krillin and Bulma to omit any references to Blue's sexuality (as homosexuality was a taboo subject at the time of the dub's recording). Specifically, Bulma and Krillin's first meeting with Blue had them calling him a prude and a big guy who scares very easily respectively shortly after Blue rejected Bulma's advances, with Blue's reaction being altered to simply being irritated at finding him "funny" as well as specifically challenging Krillin to be beaten first; Krillin, in the anime only, defiantly dares Blue give his best shot in response to Blue's threat towards Krillin's nosebleed (in the manga, Krillin never even gets a chance to reply to Blue before the latter uses his psychic eyes on him. The Japanese version specifically has Krillin attempt to bait Blue into recklessly attacking him by calling him a flaming Homo in reference to his sexual orientation); and as noted in the article above, Bulma states that she's a "powerful sumo wrestler" shortly after her second attempt at seduction failed instead of claiming she's male. Likewise, Blue's angry retort towards her after her aforementioned claim is toned down somewhat by demanding she stop declaring such nonsense (originally he yelled that Bulma's large breasts made it obvious she wasn't male.).
      • The VIZ translation of the chapter The Treasure! similarly toned down Bulma and Krillin's reactions to their discovery of Blue's tastes, and to an extent Blue's reaction to their comments. In the Full Color manga, Bulma specifically called Blue a fag (a slur used against homosexuals), with Krillin simply saying in shock "The Red Ribbon's Gay...", with Blue evidently taking offense at their remarks and warning them that what they said was something they shouldn't have ever said to him and asked if they have any idea what happens if he's made angry. The English version simply has Bulma speculate he may have been gay, with Krillin, in a manner close to fourth wall breaking, admitting this was the first he's heard of a gay villain, with Blue demanding to know what they called him while hesitating to use the term before threatening them the same way. Likewise, in Bright Blue Eyes, Bulma's failed seduction was toned down a bit by having Blue barely attempting to politely tell her to stop trying to seduce him (in the Full Color version, he uses far stronger wording by calling her an indecent girl), and Bulma, while otherwise keeping the gist of her remembering he's gay, does not mention that he was also misogynistic in a direct tie to his homosexuality. Blue's angered reaction at Bulma's attempt to fool him was also altered from his calling out her attempt at lying about her gender by citing her breasts to him denouncing with disgust her as a "sick freak of nature" for being a man with a feminine appearance.
    • The original 1989 Doro TV Italian dub of the same episode mentions Blue's sexuality in a mostly implicit way. In that dub, after seeing Blue's reaction to her advances, Bulma exclaims "Hey, who do you think you are?!" and Krillin calls Blue "a bit weird". Blue responds "I certainly didn't come here to discuss my preferences". After Bulma's second attempt Blue responds "Don't be a cretin, this doesn't work on me! You're just vulgar!". After Bulma tries to convince him that she's actually a man, he exclaims "WHAT?! You, a man?! Just who are you trying to fool?!"
      • On a similar note, the Doro TV dub has Blue implying he is gay in response to Bulma and Krillin's remarks, in contrast to the manga and Japanese episode where he if anything was offended by their insinuation that he was gay.
    • By contrast, the 1996 Mediaset Italian redub gets completely rid of any mention of Blue's sexuality. In this version, General Blue tells Bulma not to distract him, to which Bulma responds "He's afraid of me?!" and Krillin chimes in with "We'll teach him a good lesson!". To that, Blue responds: "I don't recommend you challenge me, as you'd regret it sourly!". Upon Bulma's second attempt Blue responds with "It's completely futile to play this card, you won't manage to seduce me!". Bulma doesn't even try to convince him that she's actually a man, instead she tells him "Alright, my tactic didn't work, but remember that I'm not afraid of you! I'm ready to fight, bring it on!", to which Blue responds "Very well then, come here so I can break you into pieces!"
    • The Greek dub, as noted below, also ended up going even further by initially depicting General Blue as a woman, although this ended up changed to him being depicted as male by the time of Beware of Robot (presumably because of a scene in that episode where General Blue is forced to ditch the top of his uniform to wade through the water, and thus made it very obvious that "she" was in fact a male.). It's unclear whether this was because the Greek dub initially mistook him for a woman due to his more effeminate traits or if they deliberately changed his gender in a failed attempt at censoring his homosexual characterization.
    • Additionally in several video games he is noted to find Trunks/Future Trunks attractive, even developing a crush on Future Trunks for being his type in Dokkan Battle as most localized video games retain references to his homosexuality (Dokkan Battle was also released in 2015). That being said, however, the localized games do not directly state he is homosexual (with characters such as Android 18 and Pan instead simply calling him "weird" or "the weird guy.").
  • In Dragon Ball Z, Murdock bears some resemblance to General Blue, except he has brown curly hair and black eyes.
  • What Commander Red says about Blue's service record (that he's served the army well in the past) is contradictory because earlier Staff Officer Black said that General Blue had a dismal record. However, Staff Officer Black's statement about Blue's record was also contradictory in and of itself, since he would have died far sooner if it really was dismal, due to very severe executions for failure.
  • General Blue, who was defeated by the main protagonist of Dr. Slump, Arale Norimaki, has the same character design as Dertze Kibalt, the final antagonist in Dr. Slump.
  • Isaza, from Akira Toriyama's later manga Kajika, bears a resemblance to General Blue. However, Isaza has sideburns and an altered hairstyle as a differential factor.
  • General Blue is the first villainous character to have a visible aura while powering up. In this case, however, it is not in the series's trademark buzzsaw style, but rather in a slow, flame-like style reminiscent of the battle auras in Toei's adaptation of Fist of the North Star.
  • He shares many personality traits with Zarbon as both have narcissistic personalities and known for perfectionism as well as both having good looks and a villainous nature. Additionally both men were found to be attractive by Bulma (though only Zarbon in his base form) and are both powerful high ranking members within their respective organizations. Additionally they are also both killed by another more powerful villain (as Vegeta was still technically a villain and enemy of the Z Fighters when he killed Zarbon as afterwards he forces Krillin to hand over the One-Star Namekian Dragon Ball).
    • The main difference between the two is that General Blue was homosexual and thus lacked any interest in the opposite sex, while Zarbon was implied in Xenoverse 2 to either be interested in the opposite sex, or at the very least was willing to play along with females' interest in him in order to succeed in his goals.
  • In the Dragon Ball Z 10000 promotional poster, both General Blue and Lieutenant Blue when encountering each other have a confused and slightly agitated reaction to each other.
  • Technically, General Blue is the only Red Ribbon Army member to not wear a red bandana around his arm or neck to signify membership to the group. Instead, he wears a red tie in at least the anime and video games, and has the Red Ribbon Army logo on his shoulders and hat in all appearances.
  • In the Greek dub of Dragon Ball, General Blue was introduced as a woman. They corrected this mistake after a few episodes and made him a man. In the films, General Blue is a man.
  • His attraction to Trunks/Future Trunks in several video games is most likely a reference to Otokosuki, since the latter is a homosexual man who is strongly implied to be attracted to Trunks.
    • On a similar note, his attraction to Trunks/Future Trunks in the games is extremely ironic, given that the latter's the son of the woman whose advances he rejected.
  • General Blue's redesign in The Path to Power bears a slight resemblance to Luke Skywalker, the main protagonist of the Original Trilogy for Star Wars. Coincidentally, his Japanese voice actor in the film, Bin Shimada, acted as Luke's dubbing voice.
    • Similarly, Bin Shimada also previously voiced The Dictator in Fusion Reborn, who like Blue was also modeled after elements of Nazi Germany (in the latter case, after its dictator Adolf Hitler).
    • Barry Kahn also resembles General Blue's redesign especially in Dragon Ball Super.
  • Toshio Furukawa, Blue's standard Japanese voice actor, admitted he had trouble voicing the character largely because of Blue's homosexuality.[4]
  • His starting dialogue in his Dokkan Battle bonus chapter heavily implies that General Blue was caught in time distortion around the time Arale knocked him to the far desert. Despite this, however, he was shown to be clothed in his full attire (he was forced to ditch his hat and the top of his uniform in order to dive into the waters of the Pirate Cave to pursue Bulma and Krillin).



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