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Gelbo (ケルボ Kerubo) is a planet with intense seismic activity. It is also where the Six-Star Black Star Dragon Ball landed on.



The GT spaceship on Gelbo

Gelbo is populated by the Gelboians and a catfish monster called Zoonama. The planet's most prominent landmark is a large volcano known as Mt. Gelbo (ケルボ山 Kerubo-san). Trunks disguised himself as the princess of this planet, Leena, and was taken to Zoonama's lair, where he, Leena's fiancé, Doma, Goku, and Pan defeated the monster.

Gelbo is later seen when the Gelboians give energy for Goku's Super Ultra Spirit Bomb used to defeat Omega Shenron.

Known residents[]


Gelboians giving energy for Goku's Super Ultra Spirit Bomb

Video Game Appearances[]


Gelbo in GT: Transformation

Gelbo is the third level in the Game Boy Advance game Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Here, Goku, Pan, and Trunks must stop Zoonama, like in the anime. Enemies encountered here are Zoonamites, Machine Mutants, Geodes, and the boss is Zoonama.


  • The planet's name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "volcano" (ボルケーノ borukēno).[1]


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