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"Gas Vs. Granolah, Part 2" (ガスブイエスグラノラツー Gasu Buiesu Guranora Tsū, lit. "Gas Vs. Granolah 2") is the 80th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Granolah and Gas continue their fight

The battle between Gas and Granolah continues, with the Cerealian continuing to overpower his rival who is growing more frustrated at losing. As this happens, Oil comments that at the rate things are going their wish was for naught but Macki says that Gas would never let himself be humiliated in this fashion. Gas soon blocks one of Granolah's moves, having become accustomed to his fighting and Vegeta comments because the fight drew out this was possible. Despite Gas's confidence, he is still overpowered and Granolah now has clones as his arsenal but each would meet their end by Gas who believes the act was foolish. However, he is left open for Granolah to deliver a devastating attack and be sent flying until he falls into the lake, forcing his siblings to rescue him.

Granolah collapses to his knees, as Vegeta states his body is taking the toll for the damage of his clones. Monaito tries to help his ward, but Granolah orders him back because he feels the battle is not yet done. Soon Elec arrives and questions the battered Gas on the sloppy display, while Granolah is enraged that Elec has made an appearance.

Gas' Instincts Unleashed

Macki questions on how Gas is losing because he should be the strongest, due to the wish. Elec reveals that he did make the wish but now there is another power that Gas needs to get under control before he removes the necklace on Gas's head, shocking his siblings who says this did not turn out well forty years ago. Gas starts to behave erratically while Elec orders him to endure it and let out his innate power, despite Macki stating they lose all reason in this state. Gas soon lets out a large scream and he is surrounded by a large rush of power and he grows into a larger size.

Vegeta and Goku wonder how Gas obtained another transformation, as a horrified Monaito tells the Saiyans that he had seen Gas in that form before. He reveals that when Gas first fought Bardock, the latter had him on the ropes and Gas resorted to using that form at the cost of losing himself. Gas proceeds to pummel Granolah who is unable to fend off his now larger and stronger opponent. Vegeta then asks Monaito how Bardock defeated Gas while he was in that state but the Namekian does not know, due to being unconscious.

Witnessing the sight, Macki comments that she knew Gas would lose sight of himself before she and Oil try to get through to Gas but he is unable to identify them as allies and knocks them aside. Macki and Oil complain to Elec on Gas being too lost but he is not worried and states as the universe's strongest warrior, Gas will gain control.

Bardock in the past

Continuing his rampage, Gas attacks Vegeta, overwhelming the Saiyan Prince before Goku attacks him but is blocked. Staring at Goku, Gas is reminded about his fight against Bardock and recalls being overwhelmed by the latter, causing him to repel from the memory. Gas soon begins to convulse in pain until Elec reminds him of his promise to never lose again, which gets through to him. Gas soon snaps out of his madness as his body undergoes a new form, which everyone watches intently. Regaining his wits, Gas takes control of his form while Elec is pleased that his little brother is officially the strongest in the universe, as Goku notes that Gas has had an awakening. Elec tells his younger brother to destroy all those who stand in his way, as Gas nods in compliance.

Major Events

  • It is revealed the Heeters have a special ability that allows them to undergo a powerful transformation.
  • A brief glimpse of the fight between Bardock and Gas is seen.
  • It is revealed Monaito was unconscious when Bardock defeated Gas.
  • Gas undergoes an awakening with both forms.


  • Granolah (Full Power) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)
  • Vegeta and Goku vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)
  • Bardock vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed) (Flashback)








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