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"Gas Vs. Granolah" (ガスブイエスグラノラ Gasu Buiesu Guranora) is the 79th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Aboard the Heeter's Spaceship, it is suggested to Elec that they move their ship further away from the battlefield though he says not to until the battle is over before saying that he has one more errand to handle. Meanwhile, Oil and Macki start to threaten Monaito on where Vegeta went.

On the battlefield itself, Granolah takes and eats the Senzu Bean given to him by Vegeta and recovers from his wounds instantly. He uses Instant Transmission to intervene in Oil and Macki's threatening of Monaito and uses a Kiai to send the two hurtling into the cliff. Monaito passes him over Oatmeel with Granolah apologizing for his previous mistreatement of him and thanks him for his support.

Gas defeats Goku

Powering up, Granolah challenges Gas to another fight. Intrigued, Gas throws a beaten Goku to the ground and the two begin their battle. Gas continues to use his Alteration-type ki manipulation technique to form a multitude of energy based weapons while Oatmeel assists Granolah. Goku asks Vegeta how Granolah is doing, with Vegeta telling him that he is doing as well as Gas if not better than him. He further points out that Gas has only just achieved the title of strongest so can not make full use of his power yet.

Gas during his fight with Granolah

As Granolah and Gas continue their fight, Granolah demands to know why he is only relying on his own abilities and not the ones granted to him by the wish and proceeds to attempt to land a might blow. Just then, Gas accepts that he must use his new found strength and effortlessly blasts Granolah away. Gas states that this is a failure for him as he had hoped to kill him with his own techniques. He goes on to dodge an array of blasts using Instant Transmission and strikes Granolah in the stomach with a blast of Hakai.

Granolah removes his tattered vest, remarking that he knew Gas would not go down so easily as he continues to fight a high speed, teleport-laden aerial battle with Granolah proving he is still very much in the fight. As the two Saiyans continue to watch, Vegeta points out that though Gas boasts speed and power over Granolah, his use of Instant Transmission is sloppy and so the Cerealian still has a chance.

Major Events

  • Granolah regains his full power and battles Gas.
  • It is revealed Gas has always used energy projectiles in his fighting style.
  • Elec decides to watch the battle's outcome.
  • Goku and Vegeta notice Gas is not used to his new powers.


  • Granolah vs. Macki and Oil
  • Granolah (Full Power) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)








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