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"Gas's Wish" (ガスのねがう Gasu no Negai) is the 78th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


The Heeters are notified that the Saiyans and Granolah have stopped fighting. Elec questions the sudden change as Macki informs him that an old Namekian intervened. Elec is annoyed that Monaito is meddling while Gas requests to simply kill them all and his siblings agree, with both parties exhausted from their conflict. Elec decides to go summon the dragon while they handle the situation. Macki hands him the radar and spell needed while Elec tells Gas that he will make sure his wish will be fulfilled, though his brother states he is fine the way he is. However, Elec states their plans depend on Gas who declares before he and Macki fly off.

On the battlefield, Granolah is enraged by the revelation that Elec was the one who murdered his mother, due to him serving the Heeters for decades. He questions Monaito on not telling him this news, as the old Namekian states it was to protect him. Goku stops Granolah from hurting the Namekian while Vegeta inquires if Bardock won against Gas. Monaito confirms that he did and declares Gas was powerful but before he can finish, the sky turns dark.

Gas as the strongest in the universe

The Saiyans compare this to the dragon being summoned, as Granolah and Monaito begin to worry. Indeed, Elec has summoned the dragon and is amazed by the sight. Toronbo asks for his wish and the wish is made off-screen. After Goku, Vegeta and Granolah react in shock to the immense power approaching them, Oil and Macki arrive while confirming their role in attacking the planet to Granolah. Macki sarcastically thanks him for all of his hard work but states he is now an obstacle because he became the strongest before she and Oil proudly present Gas - now the strongest in the universe - to their foes. Monaito realizes they used the dragon balls, as Goku and Vegeta are stunned to learn they are on the planet. Granolah subsequently explains that's how he got his power, as Goku remarks that it explains things.

Gas fires off a beam that cuts the land, causing everyone to dodge while almost being hit. The beam ends up destroying Granolah's ship then quickly incapacitates Granolah. Gas remarks he never liked Granolah and takes pleasure in getting the opportunity to finally kill him. Goku tries to intervene but Gas binds Goku with energy constructs. He soon recognizes Goku as Bardock's son, something Oil confirms.

Gas inquires if his father still lives but Vegeta explains that Frieza saw to the destruction of their race along with Bardock. The Heeters are not fazed and settle for killing Goku and the remnants of the Saiyans. Before he can kill Goku, he is attacked by Granolah and the two battle, with Gas easily beating down his rival. As this happens, Monaito frees Goku from the binds and heals him. Having been healed by Monaito, Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to try and buy time, but Gas easily takes him down too. Macki notes that their enemies are not very tough before her brother notices that Vegeta is missing.

Vegeta approaches Granolah

Vegeta finds his armor and locates the senzu bean and makes his way back to the battle field where Goku is wondering what is taking so long. Granolah lays unconscious before Vegeta wakes him and tells him to eat a Senzu Bean, which will replenish his power. Granolah is incredulous that Vegeta had this item and did not use it. The Saiyan Prince replies that he would not take the cowardly way out to win and tells Granolah that if he wants to take revenge against those who ruined his life he should do it by eating the bean and taking it with his own hands.

Major Events

  • Granolah allying with the Heeters is shown.
  • It is unknown what wish Elec made for Gas but the latter appears taller and more powerful. Unlike Granolah, Gas has more control most likely due to having superior combat experience than him.
  • Goku and Vegeta learn that Planet Cereal has dragon balls and where Granolah got his strength from.
  • It is confirmed Bardock defeated Gas, though there appears to be more to the battle.
  • Gas recognizes Goku as Bardock's son and learns Bardock is long dead.
  • Vegeta allows Granolah to have the last Senzu Bean to get revenge on the Heeter


  • Granolah vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Base) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)








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