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Gas (ガス Gasu) is part of the Heeter family. A fighting prodigy, he serves as the family's muscle and as one of the true main antagonists of the Granolah the Survivor Saga.

Concept and Creation

Gas and the other Heeters were created by Toriyama,[1] he helped Toyotarou with designs for them, putting special emphasis on getting their designs right.[1]

Gas' name comes from Gas.


Gas was originally the shortest of the Heeters family, lacking both eyebrows and nose, with cyan dark circles on his eyes, a long purple hair, pointy ears and turquoise skin. He wears a full body white clothing under a red suit with golden lines around it, a mind restraint similar to a headband with bones, a pair of blue boots with white soles and a golden buckle on each and a Heeters' symbol on his chest.

Forty years ago, he had a shorter loosened hair and lacked his headband.

After Elec wished him to become the strongest mortal in universe 7, he became more adult in appearance, having grown to be the tallest of the Heeters with a noticeable increase in muscle mass and a more mature face. Also the flaps of the red suit he wears now extend from his hips all the way down to below his knees. Upon awakening from his rampage and gaining control over his full power, his forehead grew and thickened slightly with horns sprouting downwards from his temples.


Gas is a quiet individual who lets his actions speak louder than his words. Focused and extremely loyal to his family, Gas is usually the first one to jump in to defend them at the first sight of danger, especially his brother Elec, whom he follows and obeys without question. His loyalty to his family was strong enough that not even Goku's attempt at talking him out of his actions as well as citing past experience regarding brothers deterred him from attempting to conquer the universe for Elec. Also, unlike previous foes in the series, Gas takes a very serious and pragmatic approach to fighting his enemies, usually trying to eliminate the threats as quickly as possible.

With that being said, Gas is a very prideful individual. Due to his prodigious strength, he likes to fight enemies when he wants and on his own terms. This was first seen by his displeasure of Granolah working for the Heeters as a bounty hunter, as Gas believed he already provided enough value as the family's muscle. He was also displeased when Elec barred him from fighting Granolah the first time. He was also less than enthused at the prospect of using the Dragon Balls to artificially boost his strength, as he believed he had more than enough power already and was initially very reluctant to use his newly gained powers, although he would ultimately agree come around.

In spite of all this, one of Gas' major character flaws stems from his loss against the Saiyan Bardock during the invasion of planet Cereal 40 years prior. Despite the fact that the Heeter far outclassed the Saiyan, Gas was defeated. This loss seemed to have mentally impacted Gas, who has held a grudge since then, causing him to obsessively train and refine his abilities to avoid the same situation. While in his berserk form, during a short scuffle with Goku, he had a flashback of the moment of his defeat at the hands of Bardock, which caused him to recoil in fear. However with some encouragement from Elec, Gas was seemingly able to overcome this trauma to some degree. Likewise despite his hatred for Bardock, he seems to hold the grit and determination he showed in their fight in high regards, something that he does not see in Goku, much to his disappointment.



The Heeters observe planet Cereal

Gas was with his siblings in the aftermath of the Frieza Force taking over planet Cereal. Upon encountering Bardock seemingly about to kill the survivors of the purge, Gas shielded himself and his siblings when Bardock turned on them, and then went to hunt him and the survivors down. Gas caught up with the group and battled Bardock. The fight resulted in Gas using his strongest form to have a chance. However, despite his strength, Gas was defeated by Bardock, despite his strength due to Bardock focusing entirely on victory to overwhelm him, forcing Elec to step in and shoot him, although not before both brothers strongly hinted at knowledge of a plan Frieza had in store for Bardock and the other Saiyans.

Gas came with Elec to see about the bounty hunter from Cereal who had been made a big deal about, with this turning out to be a young Granolah. Elec chose to recruit Granolah, much to Gas' disdain as he disliked the Cerealian and found him unnecessary.

Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga

Gas restrains Granolah

Gas is present upon Granolah's delivery of Seven-Three to the Heeters, when Granolah aggressively approaches Elec seeking information upon being told Frieza has been brought back to life, Gas swiftly incapacitates him and then lets him go upon Elec's order. Speaking of Granolah's hotheaded nature, Elec notes the Heeters would be in trouble where he to surpass Gas, to which Gas and Macki retort that such a thing could never happen. Gas and his siblings go on to watch the data that Seven-Three has stored within him in order to learn of Zuno's location, and reminds his family of the Namekians who used to live on Cereal when discussing the existence of Dragon Balls.

While the Heeters are enjoying entertainment, Granolah returns once again - having become the greatest warrior in the universe he seeks Frieza's location so he can kill him. With his new power Granolah easily beats Oil and then Macki, as Macki is tossed by Granolah via his scarf Gas intervenes to help his sister. However any further fighting is halted by Elec, much to Gas' dissatisfaction. Gas then watched Elec question Granolah on his power before they learned Granolah used the Cereal Dragon Balls to obtain it, at the cost of shortening his lifespan. Afterwards Gas has dinner with his siblings as Elec explains their plan going forward. When Oil and Macki are sent to Zuno, Gas expresses his belief that all of this is unnecessary just to deal with Granolah and believes he could have dealt with him, Elec reassures him, saying that while this might be true it could have been bad in the worst case scenario and Gas will have his moment against Frieza.

Gas, the strongest warrior in the universe

Later Gas heads to Cereal with Elec in order to meet Macki and Oil, who have obtained the Dragon Radar and set up Goku and Vegeta to fight Granolah. As Granolah begins to overwhelm Ultra Ego Vegeta, Gas reports that they are about to reach the location of the first of the Cereal Dragon Balls. After obtaining it they head after the second and during this trip Gas reflects on his encounter with Bardock 40 years ago, and his failure to kill the Saiyan. Macki tells Gas and Elec that Granolah and the Saiyans have stopped fighting, so Elec sends the two to join up with Oil to finish them off while he goes after the last Dragon Ball to wish for Gas to become the strongest in the universe. Elec is successful before Gas and Macki reach their foes. After Goku, Vegeta and Granolah react in shock to the immense power approaching them Oil and Macki proudly present Gas - now the strongest in the universe - to their foes. Gas fires off a beam that cuts the land and destroys Granolah's ship then quickly incapacitates Granolah and Goku with energy constructs. He soon recognized Goku as Bardock's son, something Oil confirms. After learning Bardock was dead, he settled for killing Goku and the remnants of the Saiyans. Before he can kill Goku, he is attacked by Granolah and the two battle, with Gas easily beating down his rival.

Having been healed by Monaito, Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to try and buy time, but Gas easily takes him down too.

Gas during his fight with Granolah

Thanks to Vegeta giving Granolah his Senzu Bean, the Cerealian returns to battle to face Gas once again. The two continue to fight with Granolah now able to hold his own with the aid of Oatmeel. However it is revealed that Gas is still merely relying on his own arsenal of techniques rather than the new ones that have been given to him once the wish had been granted. Gas eventually decides to use these techniques including Instant Transmission and Hakai and begins to hold a clear advantage over his opponent. Granolah removes his vest and leaps back in to action again to prove an even match for Gas with Vegeta noting that even though Gas boasts speed and power, his use of Instant Transmission is sloppy in comparisons to Granolah, allowing to still have a chance at victory.

Gas lunges at Granolah

As the battle continues however, Gas adapts to Granolah's tactics and gains the edge once more, easily taking down Granolah's clones. However this is revealed to have been a ploy by the Cerealian, who was discreetly charging a powerful energy blast, which he uses to knock Gas into the nearby river, as Macki and Oil go to Gas' side, Granolah recoils in pain from the accumulated damage from his clones. Elec suddenly arrives and takes off Gas' headpiece, having him unleash his instincts and transform into a powerful berserk state. In this state, Gas overwhelmed Granolah while his siblings noted on his madness. Macki and Oil attempted to stop him but he proceeded to knock them away before turning his attention to the Saiyans. He effortlessly beat Vegeta, forcing Goku to intervene. In the process, Gas had a brief recollection of his fight with Bardock and knocked himself away. As he raged in his form, Elec called out to him and snapped him out of his delirium by reminding him of his promise. Gas soon regained his wits and took control of his power, undergoing an awakening.

With his first display of power, he paralyses Goku and Vegeta, causing them to be unable to move just before breaking Granolah's arms after he attempts to kill his brother Elec. When Vegeta gives his last remaining energy to Goku due to being the only one left able to fight, Gas finds his next opponent.

Gas battles Goku once again

Gas attacks Goku with a multitude of special weapon-based energy techniques and puts him on the defensive. Following this he uses Telekinesis to throw buildings from the nearby ruined city at the Saiyan before striking him hard with a moving train. Goku flips up on to the top of the train and Gas joins him. Gas tells him that he was merely testing his power and didn't expect such techniques to kill him. Asking Goku to show his true strength, Goku charges once again with a barrage of physical strikes but fails to connect. Gas tells Goku that he does not seem to have the same fierce resolve that his father once had and questions if he really is his son. Goku is sent into the lake below and begins to suffocate underwater, however not satisfied by such a simple death, he returns Goku's counterattack right back at him.

Gas lands a mighty punch on Goku

As Goku wonders how he is going to be able to defeat his opponent, Gas spots Monaito using his Healing powers to partially restore Granolah. Gas makes a bee-line for Monaito but before he is able to reach him, Goku grabs a hold of him and uses Instant Transmission to teleport them off of Cereal. On another planet, Jaco is doing his usual food shopping when Goku and Gas crash land nearby. After greeting Jaco, Goku confidently states that Gas has an inferior version of Instant Transmission compared to his own, a technique he has spent many years using. The two then continue to battle with Goku taking advantage of his teleportation skills, baiting Gas to teleport into embarrassing positions; getting a truck full of waste dumped on him, then dropping into a bath with the Galactic King.

Next, Goku and Gas are teleported into the Galactic Prison where Gas is mocked by villains from the past. Goku questions Gas's motives and his unquestioning obedience to Elec. Gas continues to attack Goku as he explains that he is grateful for Elec and plans to repay him by making the Heeters the universe's supreme organization.

Gas races back to Planet Cereal

On a volcanic planet, Goku appears nearby Whis and the Oracle Fish, followed shortly by a confused Gas. Goku reveals his ploy: he leaves using Instant Transmission back to the Galactic Patrol ship he just left. From there, he quickly chains together a sequence of Instant Transmissions before finally landing back on Cereal. Gas realizes that Goku has stranded him and is too far away to directly return to Cereal with Instant Transmission. Unable to follow Goku back along their route, Gas furiously asks Whis for the direction to Cereal, which he provides. Gas takes off into space at incredible speed.

Upon using Instant Transmission to return to Cereal, Gas faces Goku and Vegeta once more, making it clear that he intends to kill both of them before leaving Planet Cereal. Goku and Vegeta assume their Perfected Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms respectively, both filled with newfound resolve. While Gas is almost overwhelmed by their coordinated attacks. After managing to block and even repel a Beerus Ball from Vegeta, Gas pummels him, with Vegeta responding with a powerful counter attack, who is becoming more powerful from the damage inflicted.

Goku takes down Gas

Faced with this dilemma, Gas declares that he will kill Vegeta with one blow. Before he can, Vegeta continues to attack, leading to a brutal clash in where Gas manages to knock Vegeta unconscious. After this, Goku intervenes and transforms into his Ultra Instinct Sign form, having decided it to be the most appropriate for his power. After seeing a vision of Bardock within Goku's expression, Gas is quickly dominated after being pinned down by one of his own weapons.

With Gas on the ground, Elec bluntly reminds him that their goal is to kill Frieza, not the Saiyans, and that Gas should find the resolve to die in battle instead of the "pathetic showing" of Gas' power. As Elec leaves a cryptic comment regarding Gas' inability to fight again in the future, Gas rises once more with a burst of energy, now in a decrepit looking form.



While originally very weak and the weakest of the Heeters, he is praised by his older brother Elec, as a fighting prodigy that could one day surpass Frieza himself, soon enough becoming the strongest of the Heeters. Forty years ago, during the Saiyan invasion of planet Cereal, Gas fought against Bardock, however despite the tremendous gap in strength - to which Bardock was seriously injured even despite managing to block an attack from Gas', and with Bardock's own attacks being described as like "pinpricks against Katchin", Gas opted to use his first transformation stage due to Bardock's tenacity, to which he continued to beat the Saiyan down. However even after taking on his berserk second transformation in frustration at Monaito's interference, Gas was defeated as a result of Bardock's absolute focus on victory causing him to evolve and become far more powerful than before.

In the present day, Gas is far stronger than he was forty-years ago, easily able to defeat Granolah in an instant. Later on, despite Granolah having used the Cereal Dragon Balls to become the most powerful mortal warrior in all of Universe 7, and effortlessly defeated Oil and Macki, Gas still desired to fight Granolah. To which, Elec told Gas he thought he might have beaten or been equal to Granolah if they had fought.

Base form Gas matches Granolah's full power

Thanks to Elec's wish, Gas becomes the strongest in the universe, surpassing Granolah. He is able to easily beat down the injured Granolah, and then easily overwhelms a partially healed Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku, to which Macki remarks he may have not even needed the wish to defeat their foes. When fighting a fully restored Granolah, Gas initially struggles against the Cerealian as he was reluctant to use his newfound powers, relying instead on his original techniques. As the fight progresses he starts to dabble with his new powers, but remains at a disadvantage due to his lack of experience with them, notably being unable to keep up with Granolah's use of Instant Transmission. However as the fight continues the Heeter begins to refine his new skills, slowly regaining the advantage and fighting on even grounds[2] against Granolah, with their battle tipping towards a stalemate, forcing the Cerealian into a sacrificial gambit to land a critical blow on Gas. Eventually Elec steps in, taking away the headband that suppressed Gas' power, causing him transform into his berserk transformation, completely outclassing Granolah at this point and violently pummeling him across the battlefield with little effort, as well as Goku, Vegeta and even the other Heeters.

Transformed Gas takes on Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta

With further coaxing and manipulation from his older brother, Gas managed to regain control over his mind and powers, regaining his first stage transformation in the process. Elec noted that now Gas had truly become the strongest warrior in Universe 7. In this awakened state, Gas was able to cripple Granolah and then handle Goku who was using Autonomous Ultra Instinct and Perfect Super Saiyan Blue with little effort, while also using the fight to test out his new powers. Likewise he could fly across deep space at extreme speeds that surpassed that of spaceships, crossing from a faraway planet to Planet Cereal in a matter of roughly twenty minutes.

After Goku and Vegeta were healed by Monaito they teamed up against Gas with a new resolve to focus entirely on victory as Bardock had. Despite this and using both Perfected Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively, Gas still held the edge against the two, overwhelming the duo even when they both attempted to push Vegeta's Beerus Ball upon him. Elec believes this is due to the fact that Gas was granted his power after the Saiyan's acquired their most powerful forms.

When Vegeta continued the fight alone, Gas continued to hold the edge at first. But as the fight continued, he was losing his edge as Vegeta's rising strength due to Ultra Ego empowering him because of the damage shocked and worried Gas with him evening closing his eyes when Vegeta went to attack him again before the damage overwhelmed the Saiyan Prince, indicating that had Vegeta not passed out from the amount of damage he took, he would have been a serious threat to the Heeter. When facing Goku once more, who had opted for Ultra Instinct Sign state due to not having the peaceful mind and heart for his Perfected form, Gas struggled against Goku. Goku himself noted that with his new mindset and control of Ultra Instinct Sign, he was slightly stronger than Gas. This resulted in Gas being beaten down, though this alongside Elec's verbal abuse towards Gas afterwards caused him to evolve into a more decrepit looking form.


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki. Gas can fly through interstellar space at high speed, flying across the Universe in twenty minutes.
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense the energy of other beings.
  • Pure Progress - As Gas gains battle experience from fighting powerful foes and being pushed to his limits, his moves become sharper and his strength grows, akin to how a Saiyan's battle prowess grows from fighting. His growth rate and adaptability are quite impressive, as he adjusted to his new powers at a quicker pace than Granolah, who also gained the same powers from the Dragon Balls. It is unclear if he had this ability naturally from his prodigious talent or if it was gained as part of the powers wished from the Dragon Balls.
  • Magic Materialization - Gas' signature technique and primary method of fighting is his ability to conjure things out of thin air which he uses to produce a vast arsenal of melee and medieval style weapons including: a pitchfork-like weapon, a pike, a swordstaff, a jousting lance, a javelin, a large battle axe, a size-altering morning star, a giant mallet, a meteor hammer-like weapon, a wrecking ball, a scimitar, multiple kunai, as well as several wrist-mounted swords, claws, spinning blades and multiple types of shields. Gas can also create multiple large spiked walls which can use to crush his targets between. He is also able to manifest new clothing to replace his damaged ones.
  • Ki Transfer - When utilizing a weapon, Gas often opts to transfer ki into it for combat purposes, surrounding it in a purple energy.
    • Energy Blade - When utilizing a blade, Gas sometimes surrounds the weapon with energy to augment its attacking power.
  • Energy Shield - Gas is capable of quickly creating a domed barrier of energy around himself and others.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Energy Sphere - By raising both hands, Gas can generate a large sphere of ki to throw at his opponents.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - Gas fires a powerful wave of energy.
  • Finger Beam - From his fingertip, Gas fires a powerful beam of energy which slices through whatever is hit by it.
  • Eye Laser - A thin laser-like beam is shot from both eyes.
  • Ray Blast - Gas unleashes blasts of energy in all directions. After unleashing his instincts, this becomes a feature of his aura.
  • Electric Shock - Gas grips his foe and sends an electric pulse through their body.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind. After being gaining full control over the powers wished by the Dragon Balls, Gas becomes able to levitate much heavier objects than before such as several buildings and trains. He can also do this with a much higher degree of finesse for prolonged periods of time, as he did not require hand gestures to control the objects pathing, nor did his fight against Goku break his concentration at any point.
  • Spirit Control - After empowered by the Dragon Balls, Gas gained proficiency in Spirit Control.
    • Instant Transmission - After Elec's wish for Gas to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Gas gains the ability to teleport instantly but Vegeta notes that his initial usage of it was sloppy. However, in his fight against Granolah he managed to adjust his skill with the technique to that of the Cerealian's own in a relative short amount of time. Gas is able to teleport his target from one location to another by first pointing at them and then at the destination he wants to move them to. Later in his second fight with Goku, his skill seemingly grew even further to the point of being able to track and follow him across planets.
  • Cloning - The ability to evenly divide one's physical might to create tangible, self-thinking copies of one's self. While not displayed personally, Granolah gained this ability after wishing to become the most powerful warrior in Universe 7. To which, Gas gained all the same abilities with the same wish.
  • Hakai - After Elec's wish for Gas to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Gas gains the ability to reduce things to dust, as Granolah did. He can use it to create a powerful explosion, obliterating matter.
  • Magic - Upon becoming the strongest in the universe, Gas gained the ability to perform feats of magic. Notably, Gas is able to cast a spell that makes the target's body become heavy and slowly crushes them through sheer power.
    • Life Energy Manipulation - The magic ability to manipulate life energy. While not displayed personally, Granolah gained this ability after wishing to become the most powerful warrior in Universe 7. To which, Gas gained all the same abilities with the same wish.
      • Fire and Flames - The ability to manipulate the life energy of the planet for offensive and defense usage. While not displayed personally, Granolah gained this ability after wishing to become the most powerful warrior in Universe 7. To which, Gas gained all the same abilities with the same wish.
  • Ki Attack Alteration and Redirection – A technique where the user uses their ki to catch an opponents Ki blast, then alters it and fires it again as their own attack. Gas was able to turn Goku's Kamehameha into an energy sphere to throw at the Saiyan.
  • Vacuum Survival - Gas is proven able to fly into outer space unaided, not requiring air or protected gear.
  • Power Up - By rapidly aging himself up into an old man, Gas is able to increase his power.
  • Regeneration - By rapidly aging himself up into an old man, Gas is able to regenerate his damaged body.


Main article: Heeter's transformation

Gas in the first stage of this form

Gas is capable of transforming into a state which unleashes his primal instincts, two levels of this state appear: the first is a slightly more muscular version of his base state but with horns, which uses a portion of this state's full power. Even just this portion of power is difficult to control and so when Gas completely lost control in battle with Bardock 41 years ago, he lost control of this power from then on and had to wear a restraint to avoid unleashing it.

Gas in the second stage of this form

When Gas loses control of this power he immediately takes on the full extent of this power and transforms into a berserker. It causes his muscle mass to grow tremendously, his eyes to go blank, his incisors to become fangs, and horns to grow hanging downward from his temples. In this state, he becomes a rampaging brute who cannot discern friend from foe.

However, upon facing Bardock's likeness in Goku and hearing his brother's words of encouragement, Gas was finally able to control his true unleashed power, regaining his self-awareness and emotional control and regaining the ability to use the non-berserk level of this state.

Unlock Potential

Main article: Unlock Potential

Gas as the universe's strongest

Thanks to Elec's wish to Toronbo, Gas was instantly transformed into the most powerful warrior in Universe 7.

As a result of the wish making him fully developed rather than enhanced, Gas appears much adult-like, becoming considerably taller and muscular with a more mature face. In this state, he surpasses the likes of Granolah, Vegeta, and Goku. In just his base state his power and abilities are comparable to Granolah's Full Power state.


Pre-Dragon Ball Super
  • Gas (Base/Instincts Unleashed) vs. Bardock
Dragon Ball Super
  • Gas vs. Granolah
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Granolah
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Base)
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Granolah (Full Power)
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Vegeta and Goku
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue)
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) and Vegeta (Ultra Ego)
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Vegeta (Ultra Ego)
  • Gas (Instincts Unleashed) vs. Goku (Base/Ultra Instinct Sign)


  • Gas' ability to utilize Restraint Cubes is similar to Hearts' signature Gravity Cage ability.



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