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Garlic Castle (ガーリック城 Gārikku-jō)[1][2] was once Garlic Jr.'s main residence. The palace rises to the surface of the Red Sea, south of Kame House.



Throne room

Garlic Castle was first seen in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. Inside the fortress, there is a garden, a fruit tree, a cuckoo clock and a story with a balcony.

Nicky was in charge of doing babysitting for Gohan when the child ate some fruit from the fruit tree and became euphoric. Goku fought Ginger and Nicky at the entrance room, while Piccolo fought Sansho on a higher story. Kami fought Garlic Jr. in the garden; it was also in the garden where Garlic Jr. opened the Dead Zone.

The ruined Garlic Castle is later seen in the first episode of the Garlic Jr. Saga, "The Heavens Tremble", when Garlic Jr. escapes from the Dead Zone and comes back to Earth with the Spice Boys.

Video Game Appearances[]

Garlic Castle is named in Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiyan where it is the location of the final confrontation with Garlic Jr. and the Serpents in the game.

It also appears as a battle stage in Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, the castle is named Garlic Jr. Castle (ガーリックJr.城 Gārikku Jr. Shiro), and it is referred to as Demon Clan's Castle (魔族の城 Mazoku no Shiro) in the title of a chapter in the game's story mode.



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