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Garlic (ガーリック Gārikku) is a villain in the Dragon Ball Z universe. He is mentioned in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, and later in the Garlic Jr. Saga.

He is the father and original self[1] of Garlic Jr. (ガーリックJrジュニア Gārikku Junia, lit. "Garlic Junior").


Garlic is an incredibly large Serpent, towering over his demonic underlings.



Garlic competed with the Nameless Namekian for the throne of Guardian of the Earth. The Namekian was chosen over Garlic because unlike the Namekian, Garlic held evil ambitions that soon became apparent to the previous Kami. Garlic resented the decision and led an army of Demon Clansmen up to the Lookout in order to overthrow him. Garlic also stole the Aqua water from the previous Kami and converted it into the Black Water Mist.[2] According to Kami, his predecessor sealed Garlic and his demon clansmen.


Garlic's power being sealed

However, in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga, a flashback recaps the scene of Garlic forcefully trying to take the throne, revealing that Garlic was sealed in a dark crystal where he died. The crystal eventually came into his son's position.

Garlic's dying wish was for his son and reincarnation[1] Garlic Jr. to take revenge against Kami, something that Garlic Jr. would attempt 300 years later.[3]

Garlic Jr.'s end goal was to use the Dragon Balls to resurrect Garlic, so he could rule over the Earth.[4] However this plan never came to fruition.


Garlic was powerful enough to be considered for the position of Guardian, however he and his demon army were all quickly defeated by a massive blast from the Kami of the Previous Generation, and his power was subsequently sealed away.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Dead Zone – The most dangerous of Garlic's attacks, which he uses on people he hates, and not only wants to kill, but who he wants to torture too, such as Kami. He is never shown using the attack on-screen, but his son said the Dead Zone was created by Garlic.


  • Black Water Mist - Before he was sealed in the Dead Zone, Garlic had the Black Water Mist in his possession. With it he could corrupt the people, turning them into his evil followers, becoming his permanent demon slaves after 24 hours. This is likely how Garlic obtained his Demon army that he used to try to take over the position of the Earth's Kami. After his defeat, the Black Water Mist was taken to Kami's Lookout to prevent its use but was later found and used by his son Garlic Jr. after his takeover of Kami's Lookout.


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Voice Actors[]


  • While the original Japanese version keeps Garlic silent in Kami's flashback both in Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga, the English dubs depict him roaring in rage and fear during his attempted coup and subsequent sealing away.



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