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"That was an underwhelming performance... I was expecting a lot more out of you."
— Gamma 2 in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Gamma 2 (ガンマ2号 Ganma Nigō) is a Red Ribbon Army Android created by Dr. Hedo, along with Gamma 1. Despite his original purpose, he was designed by Hedo to appear and act much like a superhero. He serves as one of the misguided antagonists in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


Gamma 2 with Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo

Gamma 2 resembles his fellow Android Gamma 1 and wears a similar costume, though befitting his number designation Gamma 2 has two fins upon his head. He also wears a blue cape, carries a blue Ray Gun, and the number two on his chest is colored blue as well. Like Gamma 1, his belt buckle features Greek letter Gamma (Γ) (ガンマ ganma). He has a Red Ribbon Army logo on the left arm of his uniform.


Gamma 2 truly believes himself to be a superhero, despite being affiliated with the Red Ribbon Army, and much like other superhero-esque squads, has a habit of posing in and out of battle. He appears to be more relaxed and jovial than Gamma 1, and is well-acquainted with the Red Ribbon Army's workers. He also appears to be a bit morbid, having wished he could see the look on what he presumed was a dead Piccolo's face after their first fight. He has a positive connection with his creator Dr. Hedo, as well as his fellow Gamma (who he finds too uptight while #1 in turn finds him too lax). Despite his straightforward ideals, he is prone to being manipulated by proxy as he repeatedly refused to believe that he and his creator were being led on by Magenta. It was only until he witnessed Carmine shooting at Pan that he realized the Red Ribbon Army were the true villains all along. Gamma 2 is more than willing to put his life on the line to both protect him and defeat the forces of evil.



Gamma 2 was created by the genius scientist Dr. Hedo for Magenta the president of the Red Ribbon Army front company, Red Pharmaceuticals.

Dragon Ball Super

Super Hero

Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gamma 2 makes his first appearance in the film by attacking Piccolo during his training with a Gamma Blaster and addressing him as the "great Demon King Piccolo". Piccolo rebuffs that he only goes by "Piccolo" now, confusing Gamma 2. Not willing to go through the details, Piccolo instead inquires about his cheesy superhero outfit, to which Gamma 2 replies that he could at least call it "retro" and that he won't be revealing his identity. Despite this, Piccolo notices the Red Ribbon Army logo on his outfit and - recalling Kami's memories - asks him about it. Gamma 2 realizes his cover is blown and laughs it off, asking in return what Piccolo meant by recognizing the logo when he was a god. Piccolo again stops his interrogation, remarking that he should've done his homework and that the Red Ribbon Army dissipated long ago, even including Dr. Gero's schemes regarding the androids and Cell. Realizing Piccolo knows too much, Gamma 2 opts to take him out, but is again stopped when Piccolo in turn realizes Gamma 2 is some kind of android, and reaffirms he won't be revealing any of his secrets. Piccolo wonders if he really wants to try and fight him, and Gamma 2 responds that he will indeed both fight and eliminate Piccolo, since orders are orders.

The fight begins, and it quickly becomes clear that Gamma 2 has the upper hand in the battle, the android expressing his disappointment with Piccolo's power. Even after the Namekian discards his weighted clothing, Gamma 2 still has the advantage, his android body allowing him to handle Piccolo's physical attacks and his speed allowing him to easily evade his Continuous Energy Bullet before retaliating with another Gamma Blaster. Believing Piccolo to be dead via his scans and remarking that he wished he could've seen his corpse's face, Gamma 2 flies back to the Red Ribbon Army base, unaware that Piccolo survived and is in hot pursuit.

Gamma 2 lands and enters the base through the secret cave entrance, greeting some of the army's workers. He enters the chamber in which Dr. Hedo and his fellow Gamma are meeting with Magenta and Carmine (a disguised Piccolo also sneaking in). Dr. Hedo congratulates him on a job well done, having observed the fight through Gamma 2's eyes. Gamma 2 expresses his gratitude and remarks that he might've gone overboard for a simple test run, but Dr. Hedo replies that he did fine, his only concern being that he could've struck a pose during his arrival as well as a big finish. Gamma 1 asks #2 if he located Piccolo's body, but 2 thought that his Gamma Blaster had blown his corpse to bits. #1 calls him lax, but 2 protests that there was no way Piccolo could have survived the attack. However, #1 replays the recording from #2's vision and shows him a zoom-in of Piccolo escaping the blast. Gamma 2 is still positive that even if Piccolo survived, there was no way they could find the secret base, and that they were too strong for them anyway. He calls #1 too strict, and #1 calls him too easy-going. #2 then practices his fighting pose, but #1 says it lacks flair. When Dr. Hedo asks him about Piccolo, #2 remarks that he was a pushover. The two Gammas continue to argue in the background while Hedo and Magenta discuss the production of Cell Max.

Gamma 2 is later shown with the rest of the army waiting for Gohan to arrive to save Pan. When Gohan blitzes past the other members, Gamma 2 quickly intercepts him by kicking him away, but steps back to allow Gamma 1 to fight Gohan instead. He then witnesses Piccolo and Pan's staged attempt to get Gohan to regain his fighting sense and tells Piccolo to unhand Pan, unaware that it is a trick. After Ultimate Gohan reawakens and begins easily overpowering #1, Hedo quickly asks #2 to step in, but Piccolo discards his army disguise and stops him in his tracks. #2 is surprised that "Demon King Piccolo" was there the whole time, but Piccolo again reminds him that it's just "Piccolo" now and unleashes his own Ultimate form. Gamma 2 is somewhat stunned that Piccolo survived, but remarks that it turns out one beating wasn't enough for the Namekian to learn his lesson. Piccolo retorts that he's not the same as before and Gamma 2 tells him not to run away again before initiating round two.

Ultimate Piccolo quickly separates their fight from Gohan's by sending Gamma 2 into a chunk of the mountain, which comes crashing down. Gamma 2 wonders how Piccolo improved in such a short time, or if he was hiding such power in their last battle. Piccolo says he won't be telling him anytime soon, and Gamma 2 replies that he's still stronger anyway. Fortunately for Gamma 2, his words gain evidence as he begins overpowering Piccolo yet again, claiming he is Hedo's masterpiece. Piccolo telekinetically flings a boulder of rubble at him, but Gamma 2 blasts it to bits. The Namekian says it's a real shame that Gamma 2 follows the orders of the Army, recognizing that Gamma 2 truly is a righteous individual. Gamma 2 blocks his Special Beam Blast with an Energy Shield, saying that it doesn't matter because orders are what he and #1 were made for anyway. However, Piccolo reminds him that Dr. Hedo was the one who gave him orders and suggests that Magenta may have misinformed the doctor.

Gamma 2 dropkicks Piccolo, saying that that's not possible and attacking him from all angles at blinding speed. Both fighters land on a passing train, where Piccolo tells him that he must at least suspect the truth. Still stubbornly refusing to think about it, Gamma 2 tells him to shut up before striking him with an intense combo that ends in a Double Axe Handle into a chasm. Just when he thinks it's over, Gamma 2 is shocked when Piccolo rises out of the chasm in a swirling inferno, boasting an unimaginable power. Despite a furious punching barrage, Gamma 2 can't even get Piccolo to budge a little, and the orange Namekian devastates him with one staggering blow.

The android is able to rise to his feet in time to witness Magenta and Carmine attempting to escape the fray, Pan in hot pursuit and dodging the bullets from Carmine's handgun. Realizing how wrong he was, Gamma uses his blaster to intercept one of Carmine's shots, angrily declaring that he now knows who the real villains are. Piccolo calls for Gohan to stop fighting with Gamma 1, saying that it seems like they misunderstood one another, to which Gamma 2 nods in agreement.

After everything has temporarily settled down, Gamma 2 is seen next to Gamma 1, expressing that the situation has changed. The peace is cut short when Dr. Hedo's ship comes flying out of the inner chambers of the base and crashes. Dr. Hedo quickly calls the Gammas, telling them that Magenta activated Cell Max early, leaving the Gammas surprised. Right on cue, Cell Max flies out of the base and begins charging a massive sphere of energy around him that engulfs Hedo. The Gammas attempt to save him, but they are unable to reach him in time. Believing their creator to be dead, Gamma 2 cries out in anger, and joins Gamma 1 in a fruitless charge on the incomplete monstrosity. Despite their efforts, Cell Max is simply too strong, knocking Gamma 2 into an underground temple in the retaliatory process. As the present Dragon Team joins in, Gamma 1 reveals Cell Max's failsafe weakness to be the top of his head, but Gamma 2 adds that one must be willing to sacrifice themselves in order to capitalize on it, since it triggers his Unforgivable! technique and creates an explosion that will likely kill the attacker.

Everyone throws themselves at Cell Max again, but nothing appears to be working, ranging from a massive Gamma Blaster from Gamma 2 to a point-blank Explosive Demon Wave to the weak point from Ultimate Piccolo. Finally, a makeshift volleyball team attack (using fat Gotenks as the volleyball) makes a direct hit and causes Cell Max's head to crack, but the monster only grows angrier and begins razing the landscape with a cannonade of ki. It is then that Gamma 2 decides to live up to his superhero attitude and sacrifice himself for the greater good, ordering everyone to continue blasting Cell Max to keep him in place so he can deliver a last-ditch strike to try and end the battle. Gamma 1 tries to stop him, but #2 tells him it's too late, so #1 tries to instead join him in his endeavor but #2 tells him to instead go save Dr. Hedo, telling #1 to check his Life Scope and revealing that he is still alive. As a final remark, #2 tells #1 that he's too lax before unleashing his full power and telling everyone to begin the plan and run away as quickly as they can when he begins his own attack.

Gamma 2 begins to soar into the atmosphere, surrounded by a blinding blue aura. Watching Earth from space, he starts charging even more energy to the point where his eyes glow golden before rocketing back down. Everyone sees the light from his attack growing nearer and brighter, so Krillin uses a Solar Flare to blind Cell Max in place while everyone else flies away - except for Gamma 1, who rushes to shield Dr. Hedo. The clouds spin and split apart as Gamma 2 clears them in his descent, resembling a shooting star as he crashes directly onto Cell Max with stupendous force, enough to crack Cell Max's left arm as he tries to block it. Gathering more power, Gamma 2 begins burning red as his attack changes color, shattering the ground underneath Cell Max in the process. With one final scream, Gamma 2 gives his life up to slam into the titan. The attack is a partial success - while Gamma 2 lies on the ground, gray and motionless, Cell Max's entire left side has been incinerated and his left arm was shattered off. In rage over being injured so heavily, Cell Max attempts to stomp on Gamma 2, but Orange Piccolo intercepts the attack and catches it, allowing Gamma 1 to retrieve #2's body to lay next to Dr. Hedo.

Gamma 2 is later avenged when Gohan Beast kills Cell Max with Piccolo's help. Both Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo observe his body dissipate into golden ashes and dust, leaving only his cape behind. Piccolo asks Gamma 1 if #2 died, to which #1 confirms and regretfully expresses that he could not save him. Piccolo then asks what #2 did during his final moments, and #1 replies that he used up all his energy in a single burst. Piccolo then remarks that it was thanks to him that Cell Max's power took a dive and places a hand on Hedo's back, reassuring him that Gamma 2 was indeed a superhero. Gamma 1 tells Piccolo that his team were the real heroes, and Dr. Hedo thanks them for saving the world, but Piccolo again affirms that the only person he should be thanking is Gamma 2.



Piccolo believed that Gammas 1 & 2 were potentially on the same level of power as Goku and Vegeta (though he was visualizing the Saiyan duo in their base forms). He is able to easily defeat Piccolo in his base form, and upon releasing his full power even overpower him in his Potential Unleashed state. However he is no match for Orange Piccolo, being unable to faze him in the slightest and being knocked out in one blow, albeit briefly. By using up all of his energy in a sacrificial attack he manages to cut one of Cell Max's arms off.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

The two Gammas are the mightiest androids.[1]


  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of Ki.
  • Fighting Pose - Like most superheroes, Gamma 2 has a habit of making heroic and dramatic poses. He can use holograms to generate the cheesy effects for his poses in battle.
  • Gamma Blaster - Gamma 2 fires a blast from his Ray Gun. Appears as his super attack in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • Energy Attack - The most basic form of energy attack used by Androids which Gamma 2 can fire from his Ray Gun.
  • Gamma Impact - A series of physical blows used by Gamma 2 against Piccolo.
    • Energy Punch - Gamma 2 surrounds his fist with yellow energy, used as part of his Gamma Impact.
      • Unnamed Nova Strike-like charge - Gamma 2's final move. By ascending into the atmosphere and bringing forth all of his energy, Gamma 2 comes crashing down on the target in a humongous explosion.
  • Android Barrier - Gamma 2 produces a blue barrier to surround himself, used to defend against Potential Unleashed Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.

  • Life Scope - Scanning technology built into each Gamma's visuals that allows them to detect life and record scenarios, as well as providing Dr. Hedo a means of viewing the Gammas' battles from afar.
  • Holograms - Holographic technology that allows Gamma 2 to generate visual effects for his superhero poses.
  • Ray Gun - Gamma 2 carries a powerful ray gun which is apparently the same model as Gamma 1's, but Gamma 2's colored blue instead of red.

Video Game Appearances

Gamma 2 in Ultra God Mission 2.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Gamma 2 is introduced in the second mission of the Ultra God Mission series (UGM2).

Character Illustration of Gamma 2 (DBL46-04S) in Dragon Ball Legends.

In Dragon Ball Legends on May 11, 2022, Gamma 2 (DBL46-04S) was added to the game as part of the game's collaboration campaign with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S) appears as a free-to-play character as 100 Z Power for Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S) can be obtained by completing all the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Collaboration Campaign missions, Gamma 2 is currently only available via the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Collaboration Summon. In Dragon Ball Legends, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are to initially be voiced by their Japanese voice actors, though the developers have noted there are plans to add their Funimation dub voice actors in future update.

Voice Actors


  • Gamma 2 vs. Piccolo
  • Gamma 2 vs. Piccolo (Potential Unleashed/Orange Piccolo)
  • Gamma 2, Gamma 1, Gohan (Super Saiyan), Piccolo (Potential Unleashed), Goten, Trunks and Android 18 vs. Cell Max
  • Gamma 2, Gamma 1, Gohan (Super Saiyan), Piccolo (Potential Unleashed), Android 18 and Gotenks (Fat) vs. Cell Max
  • Gamma 2, Gamma 1, Gohan (Super Saiyan), Piccolo (Potential Unleashed), Android 18, Gotenks (Fat) and Krillin vs. Cell Max


  • Gamma 2's name comes from the Greek letter Gamma (Γ) (ガンマ ganma).
  • Gamma 2's head design bears a resemblance to the Japanese superhero Ultraman Zero from the Ultra Series.
  • The manner in which Gamma 2 dies resembles Majin Vegeta's own sacrificial attack, Final Explosion. Both fighters end up graying out (Gamma from the heat of his attack and Majin Vegeta from turning to stone) and disintegrate into the air afterwards. Neither fighter succeeded in completely destroying their enemies (Cell Max surviving albeit severely injured and Buu regenerating despite being blown to bits), though their deaths were later avenged.



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