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"I'm a superhero!!"
— Gamma 1's battle cry.

Gamma 1 (ガンマ1号 Ganma Ichigō) is an Red Ribbon Army Android created by Dr. Hedo and one of the antagonists in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


Gamma 2, Gamma 1, & Dr. Hedo

Gamma 1 resembles his fellow Android Gamma 2 and wears a similar costume, though befitting his number designation Gamma 1 has a single fin upon his head. He also wears a red cape, carries a red Ray Gun, and the number one on his chest is colored red as well. Like Gamma 2, his belt buckle features Greek letter Gamma (Γ) (ガンマ ganma). He has a Red Ribbon Army logo on the left sleeve of his uniform.


Opposing from his twin, Gamma 1 possesses a loyal and calm personality.


Gamma 1 was created by the genius scientist Dr. Hedo for Magenta the president of the Red Ribbon Army front company, Red Pharmaceuticals.

Dragon Ball Super

Super Hero

Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


Statements by guidebooks and authors

The two Gammas are the mightiest androids.[1]

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Fighting Pose - Like Gamma 2, Gamma 1 likes to strike heroic poses.
    • Heroic Entrance!! - Gamma 1's fighting pose technique which he uses as his Special Quirk Skill Arts in Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Gamma Blaster - Gamma 1 fires a blast from his pistol. Gamma 1's super attacks in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • Energy Attack - The most basic form of energy wave used by Androis, which Gamma 1 can fire from his Ray Gun.
  • Gamma Impact - One of Gamma 1's super attack in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


  • Ray Gun - Gamma 1 carries a powerful ray gun that is apparently the same model as Gamma 2’s. Though, his model is colored in red instead of blue.

Video Game Appearances

Gamma 1 in Ultra God Mission 2

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Gamma 1 is introduced in the second mission of the Ultra God Mission series (UGM2).

Character Illustration of Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S) in Dragon Ball Legends.

In Dragon Ball Legends on May 11, 2022, Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S) (along with Gamma 2 (DBL46-04S) ) was added as a free-to-play unit for the game's collaboration campaign with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. By completing the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Collaboration Campaign missions players can obtain 100 Z Power for Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S) which will unlock him as a playable character if the player has no Z Power for Gamma 1 (DBL46-03S).

Alternatively, he can be obtained through the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Collaboration Campaign Summons. In Dragon Ball Legends, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are to initially be voiced by their Japanese voice actors, though the developers have noted there are plans to add their Funimation dub voice actors in a future update.[2]

Voice Actors




  • Gamma 1's name comes from the Greek letter Gamma (Γ) (ガンマ ganma).
  • In addition to being a Red Ribbon Android, Gamma 1 is fittingly associated with the color red as his uniform's number and cape are red as is his ray gun.
  • Gamma 1's head design bears a resemblance to the Japanese superhero, Ultraman. Particularly the original one.



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