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Gamelan is a Dark Vassal of the Dark Namekians. He is the right-hand man of Naraku and acts as the general of the Dark Namekians.


Giant Gamelan

Giant Gamelan

At some point Gamelan was made general of the Dark Namekians, he also named the Black Mashenlong "Mr. Poko Poko". When Chocolay Tower began producing ki, Gamelan was one of the only three who were allowed on the third upper level, the others being Naraka, and Naraka's elder.

Around Age 1000, Piccolo was investigating the movements of Gamelan throughout the Dark Namekians headquarters at Isuri's Lake. However, when the Time Patrol were sent by Piccolo to locate Gamelan, they found that he was not in Naraka's hideout, discovering that Gamelan was heading towards Chocolay Tower in an attempt to become Naraka's god.


  • Mutant Namekians identical to Gamelan can be spawned by Poko Priests, confusingly these mutant Nameks are also referred to as "Gamelan".


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