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Galick Impact (ギャリックインパクト Gyarikku Inpakuto)[1][2] is a Rush Attack used by Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Second Grade form.


As he shouts, "Follow this!", Vegeta charges at the opponent and punches them across the face, knocking them on to the ground. Then, he walks towards the opponent when they get up and puts his hand inches away from their back, charging an energy sphere. Finally, Vegeta shouts "You're out of here!" and blasts the opponent away on the ground with a Big Bang Attack, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Vegeta uses this attack during his battle against Semi-Perfect Cell. Semi-Perfect Cell powers up out of rage at Vegeta's fast improvement and complains that he could beat him if he absorbed Android 18. When Vegeta overhears Semi-Perfect Cell's complaining and insult of Vegeta being a powerless fool, the Saiyan prince retaliates by kicking Semi-Perfect Cell into a cliff. Vegeta then attacks Semi-Perfect Cell with the Galick Impact rush, blasting the creature into the ground.[3]

Video Game Appearances[]

In the Raging Blast series, it is named Galick Impact where it is one of Vegeta's Super Attacks in his video game-exclusive Super Saiyan 3 form. The Galick Impact differs from its usage in the anime to its usage in Raging Blast: when Vegeta uses this attack against Semi-Perfect Cell, he attacks with a roundhouse kick instead of a punch in the manga/anime. Also, the Big Bang Attack that Vegeta blasts Semi-Perfect Cell with is yellow, whereas in Raging Blast, it is bluish-white in color.


  • Despite its name resemblance to the Galick Gun, the Galick Impact shows Vegeta using the Big Bang Attack instead of the Galick Gun.