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Galena (ガレナ Garena) is one of the villains of Jump Force.[1]


Galena is a green skin, beautiful busty humanoid fairy-like creature with white spiky flowing hair, yellow eyes and translucent insectoid wings. She wears a red leotard, red gloves that stretch to her forearms and red thigh-high boots.  


From her quote and what little information is known, Galena appears to be a wicked and cruel woman who likes to punish people and inflict pain on them. She sees Prometheus as the power that could enable her to rule as a god.


Galena serves as one of the primary antagonists of the story mode of Jump Force. She a is an ally of Kane's and possibly a member of the Venoms. 

Piccolo senses some disturbance regarding Planet Namek and saw a mysterious woman during their travel and the woman is none other than Galena herself.

Over the course of the game manipulates and corrupts other Shonen Jump heroes such as Ryo Saeba in Hong Kong or also manipulating Rukia under the false pretense that she saw a fake Ichigo corrupted by the Venoms. And she also manipulate both Ichigo and Piccolo to fight against the main hero while she also manipulates Asta and Zoro too during their second expedition at Planet Namek as far as I recall while Galena enjoyed it in the distance.

Galena reveals that she manipulates Kane to release all of the hatred in his heart so that he could destroy the world and remake it in his own image.

During the heroes raid in San Francisco to capture Galena, she reveals the motivation for all the destruction she caused: It's because she was bored to see the real world is at peace and she wants to let people's negative desires out so that they could spread more misery which Galena enjoys to see and it was also revealed that she also works with a mysterious figure by fusing both real world and Jump World so that she could rule with him as gods.

During the final fight, she betrays Kane by beating him up and then try to destroy him and kicks Sanji while taunting him that she can't attack a woman. It was also revealed that as a last resort, she plays a sadistic Game of Cat and Mouse with the Heroes by sending her replicas across the world and threatens to destroy it. Fortunately in her last moments, she was backstabbed by Prometheus and finally got what she deserved.

Forms and transformations


In Galena's disguised state, she is known as Angela. She used this state in order to trick the warriors from the Jump Worlds. She was able to corrupt Sanji with an Umbras Cube and direct Kane's soldiers to Jump Force headquarters before being discovered.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Atsuko Tanaka



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