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"I have no use for a paralyzed Saiyan! You're dead-weight now!"
Vegeta to Nappa in "The Power of the Kaio-Ken! Goku vs. Vegeta!"

Galaxy Breaker (ギャラクシーブレイカー Gyarakushī Bureikā) is an Energy Wave used by Vegeta.


First, Vegeta generates electricity around his chest and converts it into a bluish-white aura around his body. Then, he thrusts his chest forward and fires a huge energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage as well as causing the opponent's body to violently contort.


Nappa die

Nappa about to be killed by Vegeta's Galaxy Breaker

Vegeta uses this attack to kill his former comrade Nappa. After watching Nappa's defeat by Goku and marveling at the latter's abilities, Vegeta is disappointed that Nappa, an elite, lost to Goku, a low-class warrior. As Nappa is begging for Vegeta's help, Vegeta deceives Nappa into thinking that he was going to help him: he throws him high into the air and destroys him with the Galaxy Breaker, much to the shock of Goku, Gohan, and Krillin.[1]

In the manga, during the Tournament of Destroyers, Vegeta used this attack against Cabba in order to make him access the Super Saiyan transformation, but Cabba managed to disperse the blast upon becoming a Super Saiyan.[2]

Similar Techniques[]

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.18

Goku using a similar technique

In the anime, Goku uses his aura to fire a Kamehameha-type wave from his body to blast a gigantic rock during a storm causing a great avalanche into a cordillera in a manner similar to the Galaxy Breaker, helping Piccolo to save a school bus full of children. Goku performs this attack while he and Piccolo learn to drive with Yuzukar and Cynthia.[3]

Video Game Appearances[]

In The Legend Saturn version, it is named Galaxy Breaker where it appears as one of Vegeta's special attacks.

It also appears in several other video games, in story mode cutscenes depicting Nappa's death.

In FighterZ, Galaxy Breaker serves as the DLC character Base Vegeta's Meteor Attack. He immediately launches the blast straight upward, thus it is best used for combo purposes or catching jumping opponents off guard. It can also be used as the follow-up to Vegeta's "You're no use to me!" special where he grabs his opponent by the leg and throws them straight upward, where he can then immediately unleash a certain-to-hit Galaxy Breaker in a perfect reenactment of him killing Nappa.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, it is SSGSS (Evolved) Vegeta's Super Attack starting with his UM10-050 card, as well as SSGSS Vegeta's BM8-056 card.